habs User Name League- MLB Player Edition (13 IN) Topic

habs User Name League- MLB Player Name Edition
(an original habsfan production)

Take any WIS MLB PLAYER NAME. Your starting lineup must read your PLAYER'S NAME from top to bottom. So, in the instance of JOE JACKSON, my leadoff hitter's last name must start with J, batting second: O, third: E, and so on. If you have a PLAYER NAME that is too short for an 8-man Lineup, start over again from the top. If your user name is too long...you cut it off after the 8th batter. So for JOE JACKSON my lineup last names would spell J-O-E-J-A-C-K-S (hitters 1-8). ALL PITCHERS on your Pitching Staff & any bench players last names must also start with the letters of your Player. So in the case of JOE JACKSON, my pitching staff & Bench Players last names would all have to start with either J, O, E, A, C, K, S, O, or N.

(1) Your lineup must follow this pattern for the first 5 innings. The only exception is in the pitchers spot. So, if you make a double switch with your pitcher before the 6th inning, you need to ensure that the spots in the 1-8 order remains consistent. Again, this is for the first 8 batting order spots. Failure to follow this as your starting lineup will result in you forfeiting the game. Once the 6th inning starts- you can substitute anyone & scramble up the batting order however you see fit.

(2) Obviously, the first 5 innings is only controllable in live games, however your starting lineup must read your names for all simmed games to start with.

(3) Lastly- YOUR PLAYER Must be on the roster somewhere. Joe Jackson doesn't have to be in my starting lineup, but he has to be on the roster.

** (Exemption: If your PLAYER'S NAME has a U, X, or Z in it, you can skip the U, X, or Z in the batting order) **


• $120 million cap
• 40 game minimum live play to make the Playoffs.
* You can pick your player later after you sign up. Just sign up (TBD).
• 6/4 average AAA (fictitious names) to help fill holes. AAA players should be renamed with your user name letters in mind.
•Clones NO; DH NO; WW YES (within theme) Trades- Yes- Within Theme- must have the same last initials of your team
•BACK-UP PLAYERS AND PITCHERS. The only letters that you may use are the letters in your Players Name. It is that simple.
•Ballparks: Stadium must start with a letter from your user name. (Plenty of choices...Joe Jackson could play in Jefferson Grounds, Jacobs, Jarry, Olympic, Enron, Edison, AT & T, Astrodome, Angel, Atlanta Fulton County, Comiskey, Citizen's Bank, Candelstick, Shibe, Sicks, Safeco, ect, ect)

•Team Names: Use some form of your Player's Name in your Team Name.

1/26/2014 2:30 AM (edited)
Interested Owners & PLAYER NAME (or TBD)
* Would be awesome to have a full 24 team League, but will settle for a good 16.

(1) toddleduc- JOE JACKSON
(2) ratedpg_13- PAUL GIEL
(3) zumaya103- TRIS SPEAKER
(4) blaisebbss8- CAL RIPKEN
(5) dahsdebater- KERRY WOOD
(6) jmc44- HARRY WALKER
(7) bublooo- GREG MADDUX
(8) Yaz_Benders- ARKY VAUGHN
(9) braveboy73- PEDRO MARTINEZ
(10) testify0205- BABE RUTH
(11) joshkvt- CARSON BIGBEE
(13) teddywienah- TROY TULOWITSKI


Sitemail List- toddleduc; ratedpg_13; zumaya103; blaisebbss8; dahsdebater; jmc44; bublooo; Yaz_Benders; braveboy73; testify0205; joshkvt; XYZG; teddywienah

2/6/2014 5:58 PM (edited)
For the sake of eight letters, going with Paul Giel.  Thanks for starting this up!
1/25/2014 3:56 PM
Tris Speaker
1/25/2014 4:09 PM
awesome! glad to have you guys! yeah- this version was fun
1/25/2014 4:18 PM
I'll Try Cal Ripken (tentatively)
1/25/2014 5:19 PM
Kerry Wood, also tentatively.
1/25/2014 6:37 PM
awesome- welcome fellas! feel free can change names at any time so no worries
1/25/2014 8:45 PM
I'll try Harry Walker
1/25/2014 10:06 PM
awesome jmc- glad to have ya !
1/26/2014 1:56 AM
I'll try Greg Maddux
1/26/2014 11:03 AM
welcome bublooo- you got 'em !
1/26/2014 11:10 AM
I'll try it. Gimme...

Arky Vaughn
1/26/2014 5:33 PM
awesome- glad to have ya Yaz !
1/26/2014 6:02 PM
I will take Pedro Martinez
1/27/2014 1:38 PM
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habs User Name League- MLB Player Edition (13 IN) Topic

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