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I'll lock that answer in for the million dollars.
2/24/2014 12:07 PM
I'm pretty sure LT demands increase.    Perhaps it's an overall thing but, like a player who doesn't play much might ask for min in arb, perhaps performance/usage plays into it. 
2/24/2014 12:23 PM
Posted by shobob on 2/24/2014 12:00:00 PM (view original):
So, you are saying that by signing him to a LT deal right after his second arb, you'd get the guy for cheaper than if you were to wait till next preseason.
That's been my observation, yes.
2/24/2014 12:23 PM
OK, I have a team in a world waiting to fill, and I have two players in arb who have the same overall rating -  Jude Aardsma and Theo Summers.  Aardsma is asking for a 4 year deal @ 6.5 per season, Summers is asking for a 3 year deal @ 6.5 per.
2/24/2014 12:42 PM
Salary demands are directly tied to overall rating.  Demand lengths seem to be determined by something else or are random
2/24/2014 12:48 PM
I'm not sure that proves what you're arguing.   Powell, mentioned earlier, went from 8.3 to 9.2 per after 1 arb.   But he gained a point so maybe that's why.  However, it does seem to me, purely anecdotal, that LT demands go up after every arb.
2/24/2014 2:52 PM
I didn't mention, but it's there to see if you look, that Aardsma is in his 3rd arb, and Summers his 2nd, yet they are asking for the same amount per season.
2/24/2014 3:02 PM
Still not proof.   If Summers asks the same next season, that's proof. 
2/24/2014 3:05 PM
Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Aramis Padilla  78 overall, 5.7m per
Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Emmanuel Welch  77 overall, 6.3m per

Neither was arb'd but Welch has an extra BL year of service time.
2/24/2014 3:11 PM
Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Juan Almonte  78 overall, no arb, 6.25m per.  

Probably the best example as he makes almost as much as Welch but has same overall as Padilla who makes less than Welch.
2/24/2014 3:20 PM
Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Ryan Lyons  76 overall, no arb 7.25m per

It's all over the place.
2/24/2014 3:21 PM
Yeah, salary demands are NOT tied to OVR rating.  At least not tightly/exclusively.  I'm pretty confident about that.
2/24/2014 3:24 PM
I'm not sure salary demands increase between 2nd and 3rd arb years.  I was curious, so I jotted down Khoury Long's LT demands going into his 2nd arb year.  I still arbed him, but checked again the 3rd time.  His LT demands were exactly the same ($ and years).
2/24/2014 3:27 PM
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Abitration/Long-term bug Topic

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