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I'm going to focus on division breakdowns and "draft stock". If a player's number is this color, it indicates they "dropped" on the draft board. If a player's number is this color, it means their stock is "rising".

Please join in.
2/4/2014 10:15 PM (edited)


M. Jordan (1), S. Ibaka (20)                 

I'd rather have 5 other players taken later then MJ if building an ODL team. Wonder if Ibaka would have made it back to 44, but better safe then sorry. If he is you guy, you better get him now the way this draft has been going.

A.Mason (53 R. Rondo, A. Drummond

I like Mason, but I think it's too early and ,currently, a bad fit. I'll reevaluate when you add another piece.  Rondo and Jordan are a good backcourt, but you need ed more then Jordan's 245 3's. That Drummond season is a good one, but not a lot of minutes.

M. Eaton, P. Griffin

Are Eaton and Ibaka going to platoon at the C spot? Griffin adds some ast% for a big. Some really great defenders,  but this might be the worst REB team in the ODL. 

T. Duncan (5), S. Marion (1)             

I think I finally figured out what Duncan season we are suppose to use in the ODL (97?), but I'm usually wrong. Shawn Marion is a very steady player.

E. Jones (Not Drafted), S. Nater (8) G. Johnson, 

I'm a believer their is a place for Eddie Jones in the ODL. I would imagine you would want a "100" def season from Duncan so Swen is too exposed. they could fit really well together. I enjoyed my time overall with Gus Johnson. I think I should of have taken Pau Gasol instead, but I think he will continue to be drafted.

J. Terry, A. Dantley

I really like the 05 Terry season, but you have options. I was killed on taking Dantley a couple years ago. (mostly because I took him too early) I lucked out with that shorted season and found him to be a useful player.

B. Wallace (2), T. Chandler (10)        

I went with two low usage guys early. To quote Ash, "I plan on doing some weird stuff if you guys let me".

C. Drexler (7), A. Stoudermire (7) 
M. Jackson, 

I haven't used Drexler before. Won't be able to use that most expensive Amare season, but I am playing him at the 3. As far as my version of "weird stuff", I was actually thinking about taking Baylor. Thanks Smokey, you saved me from myself. I can't help myself, I seem to end up with Mark Jackson a lot. Only guy returning for what will most likely be a team sitting at home come playoffs.

R. Gay (), D. Jordan

Always want to give this Gay season a chance. I like DeAndre as the 3rd piece of my low usage front court.

K. Bryant (4), D. Mutombo (7)            

I am not excited about Smokey getting to use Kobe. Even more upset he stole Mt. Mutombo from me.

E. Baylor (Not Drafted), M. Cheeks (57) A.  McDyess ()

I'm excited to see Baylor in the ODL. Very curious what season you are using with your current roster though. Cheeks will be welcome with open arms by Baylor and Kobe.  Like what McDyess brings to this team. Most seasons allow him to play 3-5. 

C. Dudley, C. Edge 

Two classic Smokey guys, Edge more then Dudley, but both really solid. This, IMO, is the most interesting team to watch in the ODL. This could be Smokey's masterpiece...or a huge mistake. 

S. O'Neal (Even), O. Robertson (16)              

I like both of these players in a vacuum, but not sure how they fit together.

B. Jones (11), D. Buse (23) 
J. Williams, 

Starting to see a strong team now. Two role players is what this team needed. I don't think this is too early for Buse. Williams can really make a difference on the boards and change a game adding another strong role guy. 

J. O'Neal, A. Brooks

I get the logic here. You need low use/3's  and a backup for Shaq. Good job getting the usage you need for Shaq, but that's going to be a rough substitution.

K. Malone (1), J. Lucas (14)

My ODL Draft Board has Karl Malone 4th overall. Lucas seems to be one of those overperformers unless he is on my PPL squad.

S. Nash (5), Y. Ming (Not Drafted) T. Kukoc ()

Still some question marks, but Ben added to more quality players. I assume a lot of people will disagree, is Yao planning on backing up Malone at the Center spot? Kukoc, while  not a "special" player, allows your superstars to shine by helping a bit everywhere.

J. Barry, F. Hoiberg

Two more helpers to let Malone/Yao, and to a lesser degree Nash, do their thing. I predict they will be in the playoffs.

2/12/2014 11:45 AM (edited)

Even if this Elgin thing is a disaster, I think this is Smokey's to lose. God help us all.
2/14/2014 10:07 AM (edited)


K. Abdul-Jabbar (5) Joakim Noah (29)

Not a huge fan of Roger Murdock going first, but he is easier to build around then Wilt IMO. Noah is, hands down, my favorite player in the league right now. With that, don't like him here.            

S. Curry (13),

Solid pick.

C. Maxwell, J. Harden, D. Lee, S. Novak

 Pretty sure I reach for David Lee next year. I like noah at the three, but the addition of Lee creates some options. Not doing the 12-13 Harden, right? just checking. I go back and forth on Novak. The efg and threes are great. Low t/fouls, but can really mess up a team's Usage/rebounds/ast/def really quick. The Maxwell pick may help your team navigate through those concerns since he does a bit of everything.

J. Stockton (4), S. Pippen (4)          

Stockton and Pippen are a nice start and while rebounds are going to be tough to find, this division hasn't made boards the priority the other divisions have.

C. Webber (43), A. Kirilenko (45)

 Still looks to be a little light on the glass. This both feel like reaches at this point, especially Webber.

C. Weatherspoon, J. Van Breda Kolff, C. Lee

I guess the offensive glass was addressed. besides that not sure what these guys add.

A. Gilmore (1), G. Wallace (34)               

I was really surprised Gilmore didn't go earlier after his success this last season. Wallace is a key player, but this feels a bit early.

T. Brandon (25), D. Nowitzki (82)

Two solid players. Really like how Dirk can fit with Wallace. The Dirk Store called, their running out of you! It may seem crazy, but I don't see either of these as "reaches". I think Dirk was looked over last year because too many teams had spent money elsewhere. I'm ready to shoot, Jack!

J. Tinsley, B. Outlaw, GT Johnson

For someone who says they have been away from the ODL for awhile, you seemed to really take advantage of your draft location. Too many times you see a draft fall apart at the end, but you kinda nailed it, IMO.


L. James (2), R. Allen (3)    

I think LeBron should be the 1st pick every year. He can take a average owner (me) to the Finals. Not sure I love pairing Ray Allen with LeBron here.      

T. Boerwinkle (11)  AC Green, E. Okafor    

Good value here to start the front court, really helps LeBron. I usually would like to see the 93 season of AC used, but that might be too much usage. I think we all like the Okafor pick.

K. Irving, M. Landsberger 

I wonder if, even with his flaws,Baron Davis would have been better here. Still brings the usage to keep the back court balanced, but brings more AST. Landsberger is another solid rebounder. Defense down low has yo be a concern.

B. Russell (5), K. McHale (9)      

I was hoping to build a team with Russell (ugh). I understand Mchale at the 3, but I've never been able to make it work.     

A. Mourning (22), J. West (19)

That is a lot of defense and, for an older guy, West takes some threes. Some of these new owners aren't messing around. Try not to run out of money.

D. Johnson, G. Hill, S. Lowe

Johnson/Low platoon the point with west at the two? I think I can get behind that if that is the plan. My championship in the Open League came with a Grant Hill, Magic Johnson, Lebron lead team. I don't hate it, which is what I assume the highest praise you should expect for that pick. The big red flag for me is where do West/Mourning/McHale/ Hill get their minutes? 

M. Johnson (4), M. Camby (8)

Magic can give you a big advantage. Camby, even after taken 8 spots higher then last year, is a steal. Great example on why "closer to 24" can be great.

Mq. Johnson (Even), Mel Daniels (22)

Still need a top dog to lead the offensive charge, but these are all better the role players. Should be very balanced, tough team.

D. Harper, A. Sabonis, A. Jamison

Really like the first two, not sure what the plan for Antawn. Sabonis is crazy value for where you got him.

2/14/2014 10:02 AM (edited)

This is the hardest division for me to predict. Kareem should run wild. I also like what Postage and Mikee are up to. I'm going to give it to Postage. I think this is the most dynamic slash balanced team in the Central. 
2/14/2014 10:16 AM (edited)

C. Paul (Even) , H. Olajuwon (18)          

Besides LeBron, Paul is the best PG in the sim, right?  The problem is the mentality seems to be grab your bigs and then get your guards later for the most part. I've always liked Hakeem, but find it hard to justify a 1st or 2nd pick on the season I'd like to use.    

W. Unseld, J. Calderon, C. Ceballos 
I like all 3 of the players. My favorite add here is Calderon, but have some major concerns on how he fits. If Paul and Calderon play alongside each other, that's ideal. If Calderon backs him up, I have some Usage concerns. Otherwise, it looks like a good balance. 

C. Gatling (), J.Moon ()

This should be enough usage to cover for Calderon and Moon. Always fun to see who ends up with Gatling.

K. Durant (3), A. Hardaway (10)        

Remember all that talk about "bigs first"? Not in the midwest I guess. Some NBA talking head, I don't remember who, said this basketball is a "GAWRD'SGAME", and it seems like the midwest agrees. Good start with these two guys.

B. McAdoo, M. Miller, B. Bridges

Durant and Penny feel like such a freat start, and they are, but I think these guys my have a tough time on the glass. Penny can play the point, but it might make more sense to back up Durant with him leaving a lot of PG minutes to be found.

B. Bowen (), R. Beaubois ()

Penny maybe, i guess,  now has a backup and Bowen and Miller should be a cost effective platoon.

C. Barkley (1), J. Kidd (10)          

Really like how ash Is drafting in this division so far. No "bigs" yet, but a nice REB advantage with these Suns.

P. Pierce, A. Bynum, S. Dalambert
Glad this team is far away from me. Bynum is a stud. Pierce is a great fit here. Dalambert has a couple of seasons that could help any team in this league.   Really solid, as expected.

D. Gadzuric (), N. Mohammed ()

That 04 Gadz season really leaps off the page. Interested to see what Nazr season you are using. Lots of choices with great OREB.

K. Garnett (13), L. Nance (27)         

Not to pick on Robocoach, but I don't love the Nance pick, but we will see how it shakes out.

M. Blaylock, Z. Beaty, P. Stojakovic

As the previous Mookie owner, I like the Peja pick here. I think that really frees you up to choose which Mookie season you want, rather then feeling forced to take the heavier 3's season. Beaty should be fine, but really starting to put big rebound expectations on "cagey"

A. Robertson (), G. Oden ()

Good job finding two more guys to fit your team needs. pretty balanced overall.

D. Howard (1), B. Walton (3)              

While I don't love Nance after Garnett, this Howard/Walton tandem is going to cause a problem for this division. Scary to think one of these guys will be on the court the whole game, if not both. 

H. Grant, K. Faried, D. Walker 

Love Horace Grant. I think he is a great value. If I get a high draft pick next season don't be surprised if I get Rodman early then come back and grab Grant in the 40's. I remember people going nuts for these Faried season and the I feel like people forgot about him. another solid pick that leaves Nate wiggle room to take the player he wants next. Then we get to Walker. That top season does provide more DREB. IDK about that pick, its important, I think, to have an identity, but maybe could have gone somewhere else with that pick.

R. Westbrook (), D. Scott ()

It's really tough to mess up the first two rounds, almost impossible. These late rounds is where you make or break your team. With that, I think both these guys are what this team needs. Some people may scoff at the Westbrook pick, but it really reminds me of the T-Mac season. I think he will a stud on this team.

M. Ginobili (14), S. Kemp (28)    

They both look like reaches at first take, but I like Kemp;  he belongs in the 2nd round. Another team i'm keeping an eye out for.     

B. Barry, M. Price, C. Andersen,

Barry and Birdman are both great small usage guys. Mark Price is a guy that seems to slip through my fingers or change my mind about each year. Great picks, but we will now have to wait and see if Kemp and Manu is enough to carry a team. I really wanted Kemp this year and just lost game 7 in the finals against a Manu, so it is possible.  

R. Tarpley, P. Milisap

I don't have much experience with Tarpley, but have really found Millsap to be a nice ODL player.
2/10/2014 8:03 PM (edited)
2/4/2014 9:25 PM

D. Robinson, (2) J. Erving (15)

2 great Usg% guys fell right onto this team, but now looking for the role players.

T. Porter (), K. Humphries (), T. Tyler

Well, that's about as good a job you can do to build around The Admiral and Dr. J. Each of these guys has a job to do and they really seem to compliment each other. My only concern is finding backups for your two superstars.

P. Ewing (), C. Anthony ()

TheYard keeps proving me wrong. These two are just what the Doctor (and the Admiral) ordered. Tough thinking of a way this team misses the playoffs.

M. Malone,(1) B. Williams (1)

This is another great start. Have to wonder who will join them. Banditon and Scud will be battling each other on the glass all season, and don't forget about DH and his Rodman team.

W. Frazier, C. Mullin, R. Larusso

Don't really care for these picks. Completely possible I'm missing the big picture though. 

J. Dumars (), J Green ()

I like Dumars and Mullin together on a team, just not this one. Not sure what Johnny Green season you are planning on using, but this is a team that confuses me. Not to fear, that is often a great sign.

W. Chamberlain (2) , K. Love (8)

Such a crucial error some many Wilt teams usually suffer is forgetting to get more rebounders...Scud won't need to worry about that.

D. Williams, S. Moncrief, R. Anderson

Great job adding Three's and rebounding. Love all of these picks, but that Anderson season is really special and a great fit here.

D. Wade (3), E. Brand (27)

TRB has a on again/off again relationship with Wade, and unfortunately for all of us, they seem to be on again. I heard this two are going to Vermont to finalize their Gabrielle "Civil" Union! I'll be all week folks, tip your waitresses. While Brand may look like a "reach", he can be a bad, bad man.

G. Payton, T. Rollins, O. Miller

TRB asked to compare Payton to Penny. I think they are both great, but have to give Payton the advantage because he was able to get him in the 3rd. Rollins and Miller seem to fit in my mind mostly in a platoon. Great job so far, but needs more rebounders

L.Powe (), M. Bol ()

Bol is a 3rd defender to guard Wilt, but doesn't help much on the glass. That Powe season is interesting. Might become a staple in ODL in the next couple of seasons.

D. Rodman (1), C. Billups (8)

I mean, if you want to trade teams right now, I'm listening...Please? Two of my favorites. Really solid start.

T. McGrady, P. Gasol, D. Davis

Oh boy. This is really a division that is going to be tough. Still wondering if I'd be celebrating a championship if I would have grabbed Gasol instead of Gus Johnson.  T-Mac is a dream fit and Davis is solid. 

L. Bird (4), D. Marshall (33)

You may think I would be coming to support Tar's decision to play Bird and Marshall at the 3 and 4 since I have LeBron in the Finals right now as my starting PF, but you would be wrong. 

R. Parish, C. Ward, N. McMillian,

Parish is what this team needed. Just need some bigs. Ward and McMillian...Okay...good players...need two bigs in the sixth then.

B. Roy, JR Smith

2/10/2014 11:22 AM (edited)

A lot of very good teams here, but I think Scud will earn the bye.
2/10/2014 11:10 AM (edited)
(not Final) Playoff Predictions

Central- Postage
6- sea

Staying home in no order

Pacific- Scud

Staying Home
2/15/2014 7:21 AM (edited)
I really like how your formatted it by division.  Keep it up!
2/5/2014 1:32 PM
Someone stole Wade from me last year, so I ended up with his slightly-less-attractive cousin, Kobe. It was like walking around with a Folex. Just not the same. Now we're back and ain't nobody gonna hold us down.
2/5/2014 5:29 PM
First time using Dream. Is he that much worse than DRob?
2/5/2014 9:59 PM
every season i see hakeem in the top 5 mvp race... he is currently 5th in the 52m league (take that for what it's worth). i'm using him now and he's a very consistent performer. not sure why he takes such a hit from the owners on his numbers... on the flip side, you will see his effective defense on opposing high% big men. he does shut them down frequently. he has fouled out of 2 games (in 37), but nice to have those extra minutes he creates for himself, haha. good luck with him.
2/5/2014 10:19 PM
First two rounds are posted. Hoping to get "live" by the end of the 4th round.
2/5/2014 11:17 PM
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