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Season 69 Recruiting

Recruit # 6 - John Friedman

This is by far the greatest recruit that I have signed in my 2 seasons in HD. He will either start at PF or SF since he has a great overall rating and some great ratings at that. he is a Junior but could develop in the next 2 years into a great all around player. He is already a prolific defender and will be a great asset to my team that needs defense. I am excited to see where this athlete goes while on the court at Chadron State. 

Friedman became a starter immediately upon getting to Chadron St. in season 69. Became the second leading scorer early and eventually fell to third leading scorer out of all the scorers on the team this season. As a senior this next year, he will log major minutes in a very difficult if not the most difficult non-conference schedule I have ever seen or will see. He will be a Senior leader for my team. 
Recruit # 5 - Christopher Barnard

This recruit was kind of a crap shoot and more to just fill a spot on my roster for the next 4 seasons and still not give up much of anything as he can defend is a great athlete and has some great potential in crucial areas. One problem is that he has low work ethic. If his work ethic improves while he is at Chadron State I can see him being a great all around player, but that is yet to be seen. 

Barnard actually turned out to be a diamond in the rough and is going to be a great player off the bench and partial season starter this season and last season. he has great attributes in the core areas, only problem is the work ethic. He ended up being a great fit ending the season with 4.6 points per game coming off the bench mostly. Will see more minutes this season as he will probably start over the Senior that I have with less attributes.
Recruit # 4 - Ronald Dejesus

This again was a difficult recruit to land but has some great potential for a PF. I was thinking he was going to be my backup option this coming season and he probably still will be my back-up option as far as PF goes. He will dvelop into a great defender and has great upside in terms of his durability, stamina and low post play. 

Dejesus did not really get much playing time due to some great talent ahead of him on my team and depth chart. Unfortunately for him it will be much of the same this coming season. I should have redshirted this player instead of the player that I did end up redshirting. Might redshirt this season just to see if I can get some more improvement before he logs a ton of minutes the following season. 
Recruit #3 - Jeffrey Morgan

This recruit was a little more difficult to land, but is a great transfer athlete that will log some major minutes at Chadron this season. He has some growing to make but will be a solid D2 player by the time he is finished at Chadron. 

Decent player for me with terrible players at SF. he is alright ended the season with 3.5 points per game coming off the bench to support my Big Man Presence this past year. Will probably see more minutes this year due to the crop of talent that I have. He did improve quite a bit this season and will still improve as the seasons progress. 

Recruit #1 - Harold Bowen

This was an interesting need on my team. Was looking all over for a decent SF, not finding anyone. Not a prolific SF but will fit in nicely with a Triangle System that I am running and will be a decent overall player at the D2 level. 

Bowen really did not show much of anything for this season. Ending with 1.5 points per game average and coming off the bench just to spell players when they were fatigued. He will eventually be a decent player but not a player that I am proud to say is on my team. 
Recruit #2 - Brady Simone

This was an easy recruit to get since he is more of a D3 player, however his High potential in many areas make him a great threat in the future at Chadron State and quite possibly the best to ever come depending on how he progresses. he will redshirt his freshman season in an attempt to get his potential up before he sees major minutes. 

Redshirted - no minutes, went down in work ethic because of it and is now going to be the lonely senior unless I find some talent during recruiting. He will not see a ton of minutes but I am hoping that he will blosom this year and get some great improvement. 

3/15/2014 8:05 PM (edited)
In season 69 I was able to recruit 6 players to chadron state to fill the needs that were left by the previous coach. It sucks replacing so many seniors but I was able to recruit and create class balance with 4 Freshman, 3 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, and 2 Seniors. With 1 of the Freshman redshirting this season I will have 2 open scholarships next season and should be able to keep a 3,3,3,3 for my team. I feel that I will be competitive this year with my team and compete for a conference title in what is a decent conference in Rocky Mountain. My conference mates have some great teams coming out at the beginning of the season, but I think I can show them what Chadron State is all about this season with some great returning talent along with some backups that can log some major minutes and bring in some great energy. Looking forward to the season and hoping to make it to the NT and at least the PI 2 seasons in a row and for the first 2 seasons being in HD. I feel that I have gotten some great help from other members and the forums so I would be happy to pass along what I have learned and help those new players with their teams year in and year out. I am still very new to this and have a ton to learn but am willing to learn and willing to pass along anything that I can. 

GL in Season 69 to all Division Teams. 
2/13/2014 4:40 PM
With Season 69 behind me, things can only go up from here. Redshirting Simone was a bad idea. He did not take the redshirt well and thought that he should have played. He would have improved immensely last year and come in this year a great starter. Now I am sitting with a decent guy that will probably not start but come off the bench with a PF starting instead at that position. I have some great talent returning, but will need to make a splash with 2 open scholarships for this coming year.

Returning team leading scorer for next season my SG and teams third and 4th leading scorers as well. This team will have some talent at the senior level along with Junior levels. With hopefully some great Freshman talent coming in with those scholarships. This season is going to be intense with some great teams that I am going to be playing in the MUSDUC. Going to have to play the reigning national champions and teams that are almost consistently in the top 25. Looking forward to a great season and will be updating the recruits that come in this season. 

More to come once recruiting starts. 
3/10/2014 12:32 PM (edited)
Season 70 Recruiting:

Recruit  #1 - John Walls

As I have learned more about recruiting and Hoops Dynasty I feel that this student-athlete will be the best that I have recruited thus far in Hoops Dynasty. he will be coming in with some solid ratings, good enough to be placed second string in my eyes, behind a great PF who is playing the 5 position for me just like last year. He will come off the bench and hopefully improve immensely before he sees quality playing time as a sophomore or junior. He has great potential in key areas and I am excited to bring him to Chadron State. 

John Walls had a good Season 70 as a Freshman. He backed up my Junior PF at his position to get him some more playing time. He is a terrible defender at the moment but improving immensely a total of 45 overall this season. Which is the best for any of my recruits in any season thus far in HD other than the 2 guys that improved more than him this season. He averaged 12 minutes per game, 34.8% shooting, 81.2% Fre eThrows, 2.2 points per game as a freshman. He will most likely start and be a position that will lack in defense at first unless I can figure out how to hide him in my man to man by changing the gameplan a little. Overall I feel that he was a great recruit for Chadron and will make for a great addition this next season. Recruiting this season to balance out John's talents and lack therof will be interesting. 

4/5/2014 5:14 PM (edited)
This season was a let down. I started off great and beat #3 in the country in non-conference in the MUSDUC. I ended the season and non-conference in a ton of let downs and close losses. My team took that to heart and ended up not making the PI or NT. On the flip side 3 teams from the RMAC went to the NT and 1 to the PI. This helps for recruiting next year and things are looking up for Chadron with most of the team starting to be my team with the Juniors and Sophomores being my recruits and some of the top recruiting classes in DII. My team has a long ways to go and John Walls is going to be a force to recon with in the RMAC and Nationally within the next year possibly when he starts his Junior Season. Overall lots to look forward too and lots to change and advance. 
I might look to move up to a terrible DI school if I am eligible however I might stay with Chadron until my dream team Opens up at Wyoming. 
4/5/2014 5:09 PM
Season 71 Recruiting

Recruit #1 - Larry Pernell

This is one of my better recruits in recent seasons and going to be second string until he surpasses my current PG and will start before the end of the season as my backcourt needs a lot of work this season and he will fit nicely into my system and perform well over the next 4 years. Great recruit with great cores and great potential. Looking forward to seeing him grow into a great player. 

Recruit #2 - Tony Porter

This recruit was said to be all american caliber by the time he is done at Chadron. He will probably red shirt behind 2 sophomore Centers in which he will eventually be number 2 next season and help balance out my classes as much as possible. Since I am stacked at PF and C this season he will be great addition for the future of Chadron State. 

Recruit #3 - Robert Taylor

He will fill a void that is in need of filling as soon as possible. My current SG is not very good and is only on the team to fill a spot. He will be seeing playing time sooner rather than later in order to fill the area of need as soon as possible.

Recruit #4 - Paul Zamostny

He will fill a void next season behind some great PF that I have right now and will see playing time more next season than this season. He will be okay and is not going to be a great player but will fill and be a role player for me this coming season.

All in all this season will be a growing season and hopefully end up being a great season if I can make some key wins. I think I should have a better season and improve since my first year of players are now Juniors I should have a solid team this season and will be a unique year. 

4/18/2014 7:26 PM
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