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Dirt is just completing its World Series and will be moving into its 27th season within the next few days.  This is a great league with a core of committed owners.  We have MWR of 53/135/207.  It appears we will have 7 openings.  5 have been claimed so far.

Bonus Challenge: New owner that earns the best win % increase from season 26, will win their choice of a Hoops Dynasty team or Gridiron Dynasty team. 

Added Playoff Challenge for Trenton and New Orleans franchise openings:  In addition to being eligible for the bonus challenge, an owner that joins by end of day Tuesday by taking the Trenton or New Orleans franchise will also earn $10 of HBD credit if they can make the playoffs this season (season 27). 
Update- Trenton taken.

NL South
New Orleans Knights- Fun Fact: Franchise has won 3 World Series in last 10 seasons. 8th Pick in the Draft. 

NL West
Salem Savages - Fun Fact: Had the same owner for the first 25 seasons of the league - TAKEN

AL North
Hartford Whalers - Fun Fact: Despite a 77-85 record, missed out on the playoffs by 1 game.  14th pick in the Draft. Taken.

AL East
Cleveland Fighting Capybara - Fun Fact: 5 World Series wins (3 in a row) - TAKEN
San Juan Reds - Fun Fact: After 18 seasons without making the playoffs, made it for 5 straight seasons culminating in its first World Series win in Season 23.  11th pick in the Draft.  - TAKEN
Trenton Swamp Dragons - Fun Fact: Made its first World Series appearance in Season 24. 12th pick in the Draft. TAKEN

AL South
Houston Colt .45's - Fun Fact: Has won its division 50% of the time. 13th pick in the Draft. TAKEN

Please sitemail me your interest in these teams or reply in this forum. 
3/2/2014 11:05 AM (edited)
Inside look at New Orleans Knights:

After a 12 year playoff streak (including 3 World Series rings and a 4th W.S. appearance), New Orleans took a 21 game step back (although still managed to finish 2nd in the NL South).  In the NL, New Orleans had the 6th most runs scored (3rd highest batting average; 2nd in homeruns, 1st in walks, 3rd in SLG and 2nd in OPS). Unfortunately, the team's pitching and defense were at the bottom of the NL.  This team is in rebuild mode with a couple hefty contracts to some of its pitching talent.  If you are looking for a rebuilding challenge, this could be the team for you.

As stated above, if you join by Tuesday, March 4th and make the playoffs in season 27, you will also earn $10 of HBD credit. 

Key ML Players:
2B Francisco Bolivar (ML)
SP Mat Aldred
2B Ronn McIntyre
SP Clarence Smalley

Key Minor League Talent:
Ronald Lawrence
Richard Kelly
Andrew Mills
Quinton Knight
Al Brown
Sammy Moya
3/2/2014 2:52 AM (edited)
Inside look at Salem Savages: TAKEN

This franchise has made the playoffs 50% of the time. Over the last 4 seasons, they have floated around .500.  This team did not lack fire power, finishing 4th in runs scored (1st in homeruns, SLG and 4th in Ops).  However, Salem struggled in pitching and fielding, finishing 3rd from the bottom in runs scored.  Overall, Salem is ready to make a stronger push for the playoffs or could go the rebuilding route.  The ML roster is deep with loaded talent in the minors, especially on the offensive side. 

Key ML Talent:
Esteban Romano (ML)
Orlando Tatis (ML)
William Baker (ML)
Robin Stroud (ML)
Troy Shelby (ML)
Frank Heathcott (ML)
Julio Santos (ML)

Key Minor League Talent:
Ricardo Guardado (AAA)
Dave Pisciotta (AAA)
Denny Sprague (HiA)
Jason Morgan (AA)
Kenneth Einertson (RL)
Sid Schneider (AA)
2/18/2014 12:44 AM (edited)
Inside look at Hartford Whalers: TAKEN
After winning the AL North for the second time in franchise history, Hartford went 13 games in the wrong direction but still finished a single game out from repeating as division champs.  This speaks to how most of the division is in a similar position (top 3 teams all finished with 77 or 78 wins).  In the AL, Hartford finished 5th in runs scored (3rd in HRs, 2nd in 2Bs, 4th in SLG and OPS). However, pitching and fielding has proven to be a weakness as they finished in the bottom half of runs allowed. Hartford led the AL with 137 errors.  With some of the best young pitchers in the league (Maybin, Easley, Franco),  Hartford is well positioned to improve on its runs allowed and catapult back into the playoffs.  
If you are looking for a team with all the components to consistently play in October, this is the team for you.

Key ML Players:
Paul Maybin (ML)
Philip Easley (ML)
Ramon Kawakami (ML)
Stubby Franco (ML)
Brutus Miller (ML)
Pat Haynes (ML)

Key Minor League talent:
Charlie Mills (AAA)
Kevin Chen (HiA)
Richard Burroughs (HiA)
2/22/2014 3:53 PM (edited)
Inside look at Cleveland Fighting Capybara: TAKEN

This franchise has been one of the most successful in Dirt with 5 rings. After a 3 year playoff drought, Cleveland increased its wins by 20 and made the playoffs before getting swept out by its division rival Buffalo.  Cleveland is well balanced with the 7th most runs scored in the AL and 6th least runs allowed.  Not since the days of Willie Mays Hayes has Cleveland seen so much speed on the base paths (188 SBs).  One of the more interesting storylines this year was the 32 homers in 62 games for young Herb Doyle (ML).  Cleveland is young and is well positioned to make the playoffs for years to come. 

Key ML Players:
Clarence Stein (ML)
Yunel Canseco (ML)
Junior Valent (ML)
Ugueth Andino (ML)
Geraldo Iglesias (ML)
Benny Baez (ML)

Key Minor League Talent:
Kila Satterwhite (RL)
Santo Cruz (AA)
2/18/2014 12:45 AM (edited)
Inside look at San Juan Reds: TAKEN

After winning the World Series in season 23, this team has gone the way of the Florida Marlins and focused on rebuilding over the last three seasons. Based on its talent accumulation, the franchise is on the verge of breaking back into the playoff picture. To do so, it will need to improve on its offense (2nd worst in AL for Runs Scored) and make some additional tweaks to its defense (middle of the pack for runs allowed).  

Are you the owner to bring San Juan back into the hunt after its 3 year rebuilding effort??? 

Key ML Players:
Yeico Henriquez (ML)
David Rasmus (ML)
David Frieri (ML)

Key Minor League Talent:
Wayne Mahoney (AAA)
Chance Miadich (AA)
Slim Cassidy (LoA)
Jorge Barcelo (HiA)
Jarrod Garcia (AA)
John Foster (HiA)
Earl Tomko (HiA)
2/23/2014 4:00 PM (edited)
Inside look at Trenton Swamp Dragons: TAKEN

Trenton took a fifteen game slide back this season after back to back division titles.  Trenton's offense was at the middle of the pack and they were in the bottom third in runs allowed. A bright spot was that Trenton's batters had a knack for getting on base through HBP.  Between this and a low strikeout rate, put them in the top 5 in OBP.  And once they get on base, look out for the speed. Trenton led the way with 194 stolen bases.  Not a fun day to be an opposing team with a weak armed catcher.  The team has some budding position players but suffers from a lack of strong pitching.  If you enjoy building up pitching talent to match a good offense that looks like it will only get better, this could be the franchise for you. 

As stated above, if you join by Tuesday, March 4th and make the playoffs in season 27, you will also earn $10 of HBD credit. 

Key ML Players:
Ted Jones (ML)
Wascar Gomez (ML)
Rickey Terry (ML)
Al Wyatt (ML)

Key Minor League Talent:
Che-Bang Wang (AA)
David Johnson (HiA)
Al Hamill (AAA)
Jon McCoy (HiA)
Dillon Edwards (AAA)
Red Buckley (AA)
3/2/2014 11:05 AM (edited)
Inside look at Houston Colt .45's: TAKEN

Houston broke its streak of 5 straight playoff appearance with a tough Season 26. While 4th in runs scored, Houston allowed the 3rd most runs in the AL.  The team is well positioned to look at this last season as a bump in the road and get back to its playoff consistency. Behind one of the best young shortstops in the majors, it will be tough for this team not to get back in the postseason. Most of its top ML players are under 25.

Key ML Players:
Jose Barajas (ML)
Luis Garrido (ML)
Esteban Cruz (ML)
Austin Bullinger (ML)
Luis Beltre (ML)
Jumbo Molina (ML)
Cliff Lidge (ML)
Todd Priest (ML)

2/22/2014 5:38 PM (edited)
I like the Salem team.
2/17/2014 9:22 PM
It's yours.
2/18/2014 12:42 AM
Five spots left.
2/18/2014 9:34 PM
We should roll later today or early tomorrow.  
2/20/2014 10:33 AM
We rolled. Let me know if you have interest. Great league.
2/20/2014 9:53 PM
Excellent league.  Great commissioner.  I anticipate a fast rollover. 
2/20/2014 10:53 PM
Just 5 teams left.  Let me know if you are interested. 
2/22/2014 12:18 PM
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