Based on stats posted on Between 1969-70 and 2013-14, the average league SH% was 11.20. From 1983-84 to 2013-14 (when the league started keeping the stat), the average SA% was about .88.

I'm hoping to put together a league that best represents what are considered the stars in the NHL and some of our favourite players that rarely get used in the SIM. Well, who hasn't tried a league like that?

Based on the average SH% from 69-70 to 13-14 and based on the average SA% between 83-84 and 13-14, the following rules apply:

1. Choose an exclusive franchise between 1969-70 to Present
2. Draft any player that played for that franchise, twisting allowed - see below twist rules
3. Here's the kicker - your team's average SH% must be 11.20 or lower. Not each player, but the entire team as a whole
4. Each goalie must have a SA% of .88 or lower (if your franchise does not have enough goalies that adhere to this rule, sitemail me)
5. $125M Cap
6. No trades
7. No ML
8. No Inj
9. No Clones
10. SCRUBS - must be 165,000 and will not count against the 11.20 team SH%

Franchise Twist Rules
1. Franchises in existence from 1969-70 to Present are NOT allowed to twist
     Atlanta/Calgary Flames
     Boston Bruins
     Buffalo Sabres
     California Seals/Cleveland Barons/Minnesota North Stars/Dallas Stars
     Chicago Blackhawks
     Colorado Rockies/New Jersey Devils
     Detroit Red Wings
     Los Angeles Kings
     Montreal Canadiens
     New York Islanders
     New York Rangers
     Philadelphia Flyers
     Pittsburgh Penguins
     St. Louis Blues
     Toronto Maple Leafs
     Vancouver Canucks
     Washington Capitals
2. Expansion teams from 1979-80 season may twist 3 players
     Edmonton Oilers
     Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes
     Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche
     Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes
3. 90s expansion teams may twist 5 players
     - Anaheim Ducks - San Jose Sharks (combined into one franchise)
     - Tampa Bay Lightning - Florida Panthers - Nashville Predators (combined into one franchise)
     - Ottawa Senators
4. Millenium teams get to twist 10 of their players (All 3 of these teams may be combined into one franchise)
     - Columbus Blue Jackets
     - Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets
     - Minnesota Wild


3/25/2014 11:33 PM (edited)


LEAGUE #29963

1. Montreal Canadiens - chuckinrlp
2. Chicago Blackhawks - chuckinrlp
3. Los Angeles Kings - the_jsa
4. Vancouver Canucks - kiteport
5. Edmonton Oilers - yzermans4
6. Boston Bruins - Poddy
7. St. Louis Blues - gollum
8. Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche - bb_icetime
9. Millenium Combo - sabres211
10. New Jersey Devils (et al) - tjeman
11. Pittsburgh Penguins - asher413
12. Detroit Red Wings - chucky74
13. Toronto Maple Leafs - nuck_habs
14. Washington Capitals - glen87
15. Buffalo Sabres - blanco44
16. New York Islanders - winnie
17. Ottawa Senators - oc3lus
18. Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes - robroy
19. New York Rangers - EasyE7273
20. Philadelphia Flyers - winnie
21. Atlanta/Calgary Flames - tidealer
22. Anaheim/San Jose - gbagger
23. Tampa/Nashville/Florida - lazybeaver
24.Minnesota/Dallas - glamontaine

3/28/2014 2:25 PM (edited)
I'll jump in with Montreal and St. Louis Kite! Just let me know when you get a league number.
3/3/2014 12:10 PM
Welcome. And thanks. I may have to a league number up to get this kickstarted. I'm hoping more owners are doing research before they sign up. I think this will be a cool league.
3/3/2014 2:24 PM
Can I have the LA Kings?

3/4/2014 10:54 PM (edited)
umm... sure.
3/3/2014 11:23 PM
I will take Boston
3/4/2014 12:42 PM
cool. welcome.
3/4/2014 2:58 PM
Cap raised to $125. Help attract more owners.
3/4/2014 9:45 PM
Posted by chuckinrlp on 3/3/2014 12:10:00 PM (view original):
I'll jump in with Montreal and St. Louis Kite! Just let me know when you get a league number.
I have been threatened with bodily harm if I do not allow Gollum to have the St. Louis franchise. Rather than risk embarrassment by getting my butt kicked by a senior Saphead, I will begrudgingly relinquish St. Louis and take Chicago. So it is Chicago and Montreal for me.
3/6/2014 1:30 PM
if it's one thing we do not want in SIM hockey it's definitely bodily harm. thus, i will oblige your request.
3/6/2014 3:24 PM
Well, since Chuck took Chicago, I'll go with option 2, Quebec/Colorado.
3/6/2014 4:19 PM
Amazing how my age and status gets results (along with threatened exclusion from the Sapheads).  LOL  Thanks Chuck.  Let's see, that knocks the "you owe me" list down to under a dozen.  keep up the good work!    You can erase the "?" after my name, Ben.
3/6/2014 9:13 PM
I'll take a Millenium combo team.
3/6/2014 10:38 PM
thanks, gents!
3/7/2014 9:24 PM
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