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In the past 30 seasons (and probably more) no mid-major team has made the D1 Championship Game. That's telling me that if you do not coach in a major conference (BCS) you have no chance to even get to the NCAA D1 Title game. Is that something that is built into the SIM at this time? Can it be that hard. There are a lot of great coaches that have come up the ranks in mid-major programs. Not good.
3/10/2014 4:53 PM
I'm talking SMITH world. and the actual seasons is 44.
3/10/2014 4:55 PM
Not sure if this post is meant for a specific world, but Marshall and girt25 in Rupp would disagree.

EDIT: I see you mean Smith now.  Posted my response as soon as you clarified.

3/10/2014 4:55 PM
This isn't breaking any new ground here. Besides the CUSA-Rupp situation the only relatively recent non-BCS title participant I can recall is mm_harmon taking an A10 school to the a title game.

I believe if you dramatically reduced the postseason money and less reliance on conference/baseline prestige, you'd see more non-BCS teams have a shot at advancing further in the tournament.
3/10/2014 5:11 PM
The fact is the schools that people want to coach are the BCS schools, so you're always going to have to the best coaches, gravitate towards those conferences. But if a group of great coaches (as proven in Rupp) gets together in a small conference, they can compete with the best.
3/10/2014 5:32 PM
Sorry I don't agree with that.  With baseline prestige and conference prestige there is no way you get all the great coaches to mid majors and one of them win a NT championship.  I for one hate BCS, I love the mid majors and I'm sure other coaches like the mid majors just won't win a championship there.
3/10/2014 5:38 PM
Well considered it's been pointed out several times that it's actually happening in Rupp right now. Girt has been to the Final 4, 4 of the past 5 seasons with Marshall, and if I'm not mistaken Conference USA is usually the #1 conference in the world. Girt has only won 1 title, but once you get to that point it's generally about a coin flip on who is going to win. So his two title game losses, and 2 semifinal losses in the last 5 seasons really isn't an indicator that Non-BCS schools can't win.

Sure there is a disadvantage to baseline prestige, but a great group of coaches can overcome that. i think it's silly that people act like Mid Majors should always compete with the bigger schools. If the better coaches are at the bigger schools why should the mid majors be able to compete?
3/10/2014 5:51 PM
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Posted by stinenavy on 3/10/2014 7:31:00 PM (view original):
I think it's silly that you need to get a group of people together in a conference in order for a single team to have success.

If I want to build Idaho St, James Madison, or Samford into a dynasty I need to have humans fill up the other schools in conference because of the stacks of cash acquired from postseason tournaments. That's stupid.
I have never played D1, and this is a contrarian question: Would the Big 6 BCS conf be as dominant if there were only 1 human team, and the Mid Majors were filled? Could the Sim compete as well just because they are BCS?

It seems to me the BCS conf have baseline advantages, but they also have full human conf advantage as well.
3/10/2014 8:01 PM
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Several years ago, back when I coached Jacksonville State in Phelan, I remember 4th-seeded Air Force winning the title. Granted, the world was fairly new (20th season or so), but I HAVE seen it happen.
3/11/2014 2:35 AM
the D1 worlds are basically dead past the BCS conferences with one or possibly two exceptions. That is a shame.
3/11/2014 3:58 AM
Posted by tianyi7886 on 3/10/2014 8:08:00 PM (view original):
No, the bcs team would suck under that scenario, which is why I think the argument that only bcs teams can win is stupid.
3/11/2014 7:03 AM
One needs to consider how much of this is game design and how much of this is coach behavior

As noted, folks tend to aspire to the BCS schools - we are mostly - not all - fans of BCS schools.  Even if we are fans of a non BCS school as well, we mostly have a BCS school that we think it would be cool to "coach"

The game is underpopulated - what if Fox did a better job of marketing and the non BCS levels of DI were more populated - what would happen?  I expect there would be more non BCS teams in the NT and more would get deep in the NT

This is a dynamic game in which participants make key decisions.  With different decisions, results would differ.

None of this means that things could not be better.  Increase firings a bit.  Create a small percentage of recruits with A and B IQ so a freshman can be a game changer.....etc
3/11/2014 8:13 AM
I used to be a big believer in BCS superiority until Lostmyth2 arrived at St. Bonaventure. In 23 seasons, he had 18 20 win seasons, 2 sweet 16 finishes, 6 elite 8 finishes, 1 final four, 1 runner-up, and 5 national championships. It can be done.
3/11/2014 11:58 AM
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