BOTTOM DUMP - V.2: Round 3 - League 5: DONE Topic

Okay, here's what we're doing...

FIRST AND FOREMOST:  If you have two teams in any of the six leagues in this round, YOU MUST have one in the A.L. and one in the N.L.  For those of you who will end up with three teams in one or more of these leagues, you have to make sure you still have an A.L./N.L. split - one in one and two in the other.
Each owner will select (1) whether they want an A.L. team or an N.L. team, and (2) which roster they would like to choose to help build their team with. In this set-up, each owner will get two "hitting" squads and two "pitching" squads with which to build your team's roster. For example, you may end up with the 1906 Cubs Hitting, as well as the 1971 Pirates Hitting. Then, you could end up with the 1923 Reds Pitching along with the 1969 Mets Pitching. When you're finished drafting, you'll have two teams that you can build your pitching staff with and you'll have two teams to build your position player roster with. YOU MUST HAVE SIX PLAYERS MINIMUM FROM EACH OF THESE FOUR SELECTIONS. The 25th player can come from any of the four selections.
REMEMBER THIS: You can't take a pitcher from one of your "hitting" selections and you can't take a hitter from one of your "pitching" selections. All pitchers must come from your two pitching selections and all hitters must come from your two "hitting" selections.
ALSO: No mixing and matching A.L. and N.L. Once you make your first selection, it will determine whether you're going to be all N.L. or all A.L.
ALSO (and here's where it can get tough): You must have four position players from each of your hitting squads achieve 550 PA's during the course of the 162-game regular season. That will make sure that no one just uses their second hitting choice as "filler." Also, that will allow you to platoon one player should you decide to go that route. ALSO (again): You must have two Pitchers from each of your two pitching squads achieve 180 IP's during the course of the 162-game regular season.
The draft order for each league will be set up as such: 1-24, 24-1, 24-1 and 1-24. There are 25 selections in each grouping so even the person who picks last in each draft will at least have a choice of two different selections.
Alignment will be in the order the teams are selected. The first four N.L. squads selected will make up the N.L. East, etc. etc.
Here are some other items of interest:
YES:  Clones. Even though they're allowed, I don't see where they're going to be in play very much.
YES:  Designated Hitter
NO:  Waiver Wire, Trades or A.A.A.
NO:  Injuries – They’ll Be Turned Off.
You may use either full or partial players seasons in this round.
CAP –$110
Stadium – In this Round, everyone is going to use WhatIfSports Stadium.
3/12/2014 10:29 PM

The Draft Order:

01) MARKEKING:  1932 Yankees Hitting
02) MLLAMA54:  1909 Cubs Pitching
03) CONTRARIAN23:  1909 White Sox Pitching
04) NOCOMM999:  1907 Cubs Pitching
05) BARRACUDA3:  1968 Indians Pitching
06) BUDDHAGAMER:  1986 Astros Pitching
07) PMARS2001:  1966 White Sox Pitching
08) CONTRARIAN23:  2005 Astros Pitching
09) COACHGREAT1:  2013 Braves Pitching
10) WINTERHAWK:  1968 Cardinals Pitching
11) TOYSBOYS:  1965 Dodgers Pitching
12) MLLAMA54:  1954 Indians Pitching
13) DEWELCH71:  1996 Indians Hitting
14) CHISOCK:  1929 Athletics Hitting
15) THEJUICE6:  1996 Rockies Hitting
16) KSTOBER:  1913 Giants Pitching
17) URBAND:  1963 White Sox Pitching
18) CHISOCK:  1953 Dodgers Hitting
19) RIZITOS:  2004 Cardinals Hitting
20) DARTHDURRON:  1999 Braves Pitching
21) THEJUICE6:  1941 Yankees Hitting
22) ZEPHYR1949:  2003 Athletics Pitching
23) DARTHHOOSIER:  1971 Orioles Pitching
24) CHISOCK:  2001 Mariners Hitting

20) DARTHDURRON:  1925 Reds Pitching
19) RIZITOS:  1971 Mets Pitching
18) CHISOCK:  1994 Expos Pitching
16) KSTOBER:  2001 Astros Hitting
15) THEJUICE6:  1944 Cardinals Pitching
11) TOYSBOYS:  1929 Giants Hitting
10) WINTERHAWK:  1916 Braves Pitching
09) COACHGREAT1:  1980 Astros Pitching
08) CONTRARIAN23:  1921 Cardinals Hitting
06) BUDDHAGAMER:  1969 Reds Hitting
04) NOCOMM999:  1949 Cardinals Hitting
02) MLLAMA54:  2008 Dodgers Pitching
24) CHISOCK:  1978 Yankees Pitching
23) DARTHHOOSIER:  1982 Brewers Hitting
22) ZEPHYR1949:  1911 Red Sox Pitching
21) THEJUICE6:  1917 White Sox Pitching
17) URBAND:  1921 Indians Hitting
14) CHISOCK:  1935 Tigers Hitting
13) DEWELCH71:  1961 Tigers Hitting
12) MLLAMA54:  1937 Yankees Pitching
07) PMARS2001:  1951 Red Sox Hitting
05) BARRACUDA3:  2008 Blue Jays Pitching
03) CONTRARIAN23:  1993 Tigers Hitting
01) MARKEKING:  1905 Athletics Pitching
20) DARTHDURRON:  1964 Braves Hitting
19) RIZITOS:  1977 Dodgers Pitching
18) CHISOCK:  2009 Phillies Hitting
16) KSTOBER:  1993 Giants Hitting
15) THEJUICE6:  1909 Pirates Hitting
11) TOYSBOYS:  1990 Expos Pitching
10) WINTERHAWK:  1926 Cardinals Hitting
09) COACHGREAT1:  1977 Phillies Hitting
08) CONTRARIAN23:  1950 Phillies Pitching
06) BUDDHAGAMER:  1960 Pirates Hitting
04) NOCOMM999:  1931 Cubs Hitting
02) MLLAMA54:  1938 Reds Hitting
24) CHISOCK:  1943 Tigers Pitching
23) DARTHHOOSIER:  1913 Naps Pitching
22) ZEPHYR1949:  2004 Yankees Hitting
21) THEJUICE6:  1988 Athletics Pitching
17) URBAND:  1977 Twins Hitting
14) CHISOCK:  1983 Rangers Pitching
13) DEWELCH71:  1957 Yankees Pitching
12) MLLAMA54:  1915 Tigers Hitting
07) PMARS2001:  1930 Senators Pitching
05) BARRACUDA3:  1962 Yankees Hitting
03) CONTRARIAN23:  1994 White Sox Pitching
01) MARKEKING:  1999 Red Sox Pitching
02) MLLAMA54:  1974 Dodgers Hitting
04) NOCOMM999:  1939 Reds Pitching
06) BUDDHAGAMER:  1904 Giants Pitching
08) CONTRARIAN23:  1943 Dodgers Hitting
09) COACHGREAT1:  1958 Giants Hitting
10) WINTERHAWK:  1983 Braves Hitting
11) TOYSBOYS:  1989 Cubs Hitting
15) THEJUICE6:  1955 Dodgers Pitching
16) KSTOBER:  1920 Robins Pitching
18) CHISOCK:  1932 Cubs Pitching
19) RIZITOS:  2012 Brewers Hitting
20) DARTHDURRON:  1904 Giants Hitting
01) MARKEKING:  2012 Yankees Pitching
03) CONTRARIAN23:  1944 Red Sox Hitting
05) BARRACUDA3:  1955 Yankees Hitting
07) PMARS2001:  1926 Senators Hitting
12) MLLAMA54:  1924 Yankees Hitting
13) DEWELCH71:  1947 Yankees Pitching
14) CHISOCK:  1923 Yankees Pitching
17) URBAND:  1950 Tigers Pitching
21) THEJUICE6:  1984 Red Sox Hitting
22) ZEPHYR1949:  1905 Athletics Hitting
23) DARTHHOOSIER:  2008 Rangers Hitting
24) CHISOCK:  1972 Red Sox Hitting
3/26/2014 1:59 PM (edited)

Your Choices:

3/26/2014 1:59 PM (edited)

(01) MLLAMA54
(02) NOCOMM999
(04) PMARS2001
(01) MLLAMA54
(02) DEWELCH71
(01) ZEPHYR1949
3/19/2014 7:52 PM (edited)

ONE LAST THING:  There's really no reason why anyone should hold up a draft like this for more than a few hours (barring emergencies of course).  If you know your turn is close and you won't be available for a good period of time, for crying out loud - send three or four people who pick behind you your proxies!  Like I said, barring an emergency of some sort, it's really just rude to the others to take an inordinate amount of time to make a pick.

Just my two cents...

3/13/2014 10:54 PM (edited)
Pitching is probably the way to go but I'm an idiot.  1932 - New York Yankees (Hitting)
3/13/2014 5:21 AM
Pitching NL 1909 Chicago Cubs.
3/14/2014 1:04 AM
1909 Chicago White Sox Pitching
3/14/2014 6:48 AM
1907 Chicago Cubs pitching
3/14/2014 10:54 AM
With regard to the pace of drafting, I actually think the other 5 drafts are moving along quite well.  From my perspective, it takes a LONG time to do proper research for these leagues, and let's face it the stakes are high.  That said, this one is a clear outlier...anyone heard from barracuda?
3/17/2014 10:29 AM
Posted by contrarian23 on 3/17/2014 10:29:00 AM (view original):
With regard to the pace of drafting, I actually think the other 5 drafts are moving along quite well.  From my perspective, it takes a LONG time to do proper research for these leagues, and let's face it the stakes are high.  That said, this one is a clear outlier...anyone heard from barracuda?
He's in Vegas this week (he posted this in a few of the Six Drafts Tournament posts in the Theme Leagues forums).  He has limited access and hasn't been checking his site-mail and even told us in that forum to draft without him.  I don't even know if he knows about this draft yet to even check.
3/17/2014 11:08 AM
I've carved out a few hours this morning and will try to make my pick by [EDIT] 3PM Eastern  (noon Pacific).  I apologize for the delay.
3/17/2014 1:10 PM (edited)
OK, if there's an outlier I don't see it.  Perhaps it's on the hitting side, which I didn't have a chance to research.  I really would've enjoyed doing the full research for this pick, but it'd be at least another 2 days before I could do so, and you've all been kind enough to wait this long so I won't prolong things any more.  My (almost certainly bad) pick is:  1968 Cleveland Indians pitching.
3/17/2014 2:05 PM
Looks like a pretty good pick to me!
3/17/2014 2:14 PM
NL 1986 Houston Astros Pitching
3/17/2014 3:32 PM
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