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I'm not sure that calling something that is clearly in its most potent and virile form 'castrated' is a good use of that word
3/25/2014 8:30 PM
Thanks for the eval dh. As you can see by my bench I can shift most of Grant's minutes back to SF by using less Battier or my bench guy and using more of my reserve bigs. I may alter my lineups based on the matchups as we get going. Battier is there to help protect against the -2 D setting. Since all he does is shoot triples and at a 40%+ clip I figure he will help punish any team that wants to play inside D on me.
3/25/2014 8:31 PM
And more tos.
3/25/2014 8:31 PM
Well you had better wake up nate because those dudes won't be lighting it up against the 90 defense that both Paul and Frazier bring to the table for over 37 mpg. I don't see them getting too many more shots than normal when they start turning the ball over in waves when the individual usage penalty hits and they are going up against 90 defensive players.

I get it that you want to be successful at something different. You already did the 50 point Wilt thng. Why didn't you take Lebron and see what you could do with him? I don't think any of us have won the title using him yet. I would love to try it though. Maybe next season I will be build a team around blocks and steals just for fun and then get the # 1 pick the following season? What happened to the goods old days when guys like 98average could win the titles with 7' 7" African centers and slow white 7' 5" guys?

3/25/2014 8:40 PM
Posted by natenoy on 3/25/2014 2:04:00 PM (view original):
felon, yep about the 3rd time Barry goes 5+ turnovers I'll start bringing him off of the bench. My last attempt in this league was filled with mistakes, but my OL attempt last year worked much better and had a number of the exact same guys as this squad does. I've given myself a lot of flexibility at the 1-4 positions in case I need to tweak some things. 

This is the Wilt that teams should HAVE to use in this league, not the one without nads.
Nate, you realize what happens when you don't have enough usage, right? Your guys start turning it over more and shooting worse. All those great floor-spacing shooters are going to struggle to shoot RL %s because they're going to be shooting way more than RL and will be turning it over. I mean, my Wilt team last year was about as low as I would go on usage. It turned the ball over 20 times per game. And it still had a solid 10% more usage or so on the floor than your team will most times. And while your defense isn't bad, it's not really better than average in this league. Your backcourt defense will struggle when McMillan isn't in, which is over half the time. Good PF will kill you, because Wilt can't guard them.

I love the concept of building a team with a different Wilt, I just don't think you did a particularly good job of it. If it works, though, we'll know that usage can be pushed even lower than we thought before.

3/25/2014 9:32 PM
Thanks for the eval dh555. I agree that sly has a super squad which may give my PDX brother one more star. However, all of the those bigs he has are foul machines. McHale and Reed will be making their share or free throws in those games. But I will accept the four star rating. Really looking forward to the season. GL sly.
3/25/2014 11:05 PM
Fu*king hilarious eval on jhsukows team! I had forgotten about that sketch and for you to work it into a team eval is pure comedy. Bravo sir.
3/25/2014 11:30 PM
I'm just getting to the evals now. Really well done, thanks for taking the time.
3/25/2014 11:43 PM
Once again, Vance puts together a dangerous squad. Never been a fan of Clyde, but he is definitely a solid pick in this league. I'm interested to see the rest of your bench. Probably not difficult to find some higher usage scorers out there to round out the team. Solid D, solid on the glass, efficient scoring, low tos. However, you will likely have your share of foul trouble as well. Not as bad as mine, but not the cleanest. I'd probably have given it 5 stars.
3/25/2014 11:55 PM
Thomcat- you'd have been an easy 4 star squad had you drafted two different bench guys. However, still a great looking team.
3/25/2014 11:58 PM
dh, what happened was this; I take KG to play the 3, DN to play the 5 and GP for the point, then WP for the 2. I need the right player for the 4 spot, crappo, Gus Johnson is probably the best choice left. At this point I toss the plan in the crapper and decide to see if I can rotate a massive offense...and decide between Gervin & Vince Carter. This team is a bit low on efg% so it needs to bring a strong ast% for some bump...so it's time for NVL. Dudley is self explainatory..174oreb. Most know that my teams tend to foul & tov and have zero perimeter game. The tov & pf rate on this team is rather low. My last 5 teams combined didn't have 500 3ptm on them, this one has a few specialist that aren't to bad at shooting tres. I'll bring KG & GP off the bench to lower they're apparent usage a bit. DN & GG are the #1 & #2 scorers on this squad. KG is the 3rd shooting option and the 286dreb, 194ast% @ def90...no, I can't pass on that. So, I have a massive offense with a decent defense, low tov & pf liabilty that has some perimeter threat and a strong ast game court wide. If you don't have the def to cover 4 shooters, one of these dawgz will get lose on you..lol. Lastly, we all know I'm mayor of the mushroom patch...should be fun to watch. 
3/26/2014 12:33 AM
What will be fun to watch is what happens to that team if tarheel1991 and felonius don't draft it ahead of me and it ends up in my teams division. GL smokey57 I'm looking forward to the season too.

Gus Johnson the best big man left on the board with great defense? Are you nuts? Once again since jethroegg left ( sadly enough) nobody drafted the greatest PFother than Karl Malone.  How could you forget about Elvin Hayes? Anytime you want to talk about the all time greats just let me know.

3/26/2014 1:31 AM (edited)
And here I thought you were working your way up to a mention of Bob Pettit.
3/26/2014 7:51 AM
if you're going after a poor efg high Def/Board Hog who is 100% pf eligible there's always Thurmond or Big Red
3/26/2014 9:01 AM
We had better stop talking about these undrafted superstars. Next season after I swap all of my picks with my pal sixernuggets I plan on pairing either Dwight Howard or Lebron James with one or two of them lol.
3/26/2014 9:54 AM
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DH $52 XLIV - Commentary Topic

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