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I don't know why folks wouldn't set their positioning to -3. I'll let your low scoring, low usage guys hit some threes and turn it over more than they should. Most of your points come from the paint. I'll prevent that and boost my rebounding at the same time.
3/29/2014 2:33 AM
when I ran wiltzilla test squads before, the only time Wilt performed poorly was against teams running -3.  MInd you, this was back in the day when everybody and their brother had a 96 (cap) defensive rating because defensive rebounding was part of the DR equation.
3/29/2014 5:06 AM
Ah yes, the days when Troy Murphy was a defensive monster and Swen Nater could keep up with his own shadow.
3/29/2014 10:56 AM
That's the thing. The whole drafting strategy changed with the updated defensive ratings and when the salaries went up at about the same time for the more efficient offensive players. Swen Nater was a sure fire 2nd rounder with 85 defense lol! Jerome Williams was a poor man's Dennis Rodman for 26 mpg. Michael Redd had 65 defense for 28 mpg and his salary was like 4.5 million. Troy Murphy was also I believe 100% at SF and he always went in the 2nd round.

But the WIS defensive rating system is so flawed. Great defensive players like Darrell Walker now have around 60 defensive ratings? Are you kidding me?? Bill Russell's best draftable season for the 52 million league has a 74 defensive rating  but a guy like Chris Webber has an 80 defensive rating. I really try not to take this  too seriously any more to tell you the truth.

3/29/2014 2:45 PM
I think the part that is still fun is finding the combinations that work, especially in the draft league, where value plays a role both in terms of what round to take someone and managing the salary cap.  But thinking of the ratings in terms of real life is silly. I mean, Isiah Thomas is undraftable but is undeniably one of the top 5 PG of all time. Meanwhile, people get their panties in a bunch to take Charlie Ward.

Once you get over the fact that the SIM method doesn't reflect reality, the game becomes more fun, as everyone is dealing with the same (un) reality of it all.
3/29/2014 2:51 PM
Well I'm eating crow so far with Nate's team...

Barry is giving him a big increase over RL pp48, and turnovers are less than the opponents?!  That is really surprising.  I thought they'd be hitting the individual penalty constantly, but apparently Wilt soaks up enough usage.   Wilt's biggest asset is his mpg.  No matter what season you use, to have that guy on the floor 45 mins+ really changes the game.

This team also proves what I have been saying about assists being overrated.

Bit of an odd division though with guys like Pressey, Iceman, Frazier and Brandon all starting.  Not the strongest traditionally in the funk league.

Nate might make the playoffs yet.  Interesting.
3/31/2014 12:37 PM
Uh....... It's been all of 8 games. I wouldn't say anything proves anything about anything.
3/31/2014 3:24 PM
Right now nate's team has played 5 home ganes and 3 road games. It's a very tough division and I don't see that team winning enough road games to come anywhere close to nate's 50 win projection. Perhaps the usage penalties will hit later on like after 10 games. Does anybody know when those kick in? Thanks.
3/31/2014 3:25 PM
in game and on-going - the system monitors and adjusts accordingly every game - and to some extent he has incurred those penalties - it's just that some of his guys had hugely aberrant positive games to start with - after 3 games Barry had an efg of 85% and walker had an efg of like 60% (Wilt himself started out shooting like 58+% for a few games in a row) - since then the trend has been more or less down = I have to hope though that everyone is going -3 on him
3/31/2014 7:37 PM
and keep in mind the penalties are just adjusted factors that figure in to the normal equation so even if they are there in the short term it might not look like it
3/31/2014 7:39 PM
I would also be doubling Wilt to force low usage guys into too many possessions.

Clearly we can tell after 8 games that his team is not the disaster I thought it would be.  50 wins I doubt, but playoffs are possible.  

We would be seeing usage penalties in every game, but haven't.  That's what I don't get about usage.  I had 26 to's with my 70 mil team today that has plenty of usage.  I'll never figure that stat out.

Shooting may go south, but that goes for other teams also.   He's got a solid squad bottom line!
3/31/2014 10:30 PM
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DH $52 XLIV - Commentary Topic

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