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3/25/2014 6:55 PM (edited)


Hillary Clinton: Former Secretary of State, Sen of New York, 1st lady. Will have the easiest path to the nomination in recent history if she runs.

Joe Biden: Vice President, Former Sen of Delaware, twice failed Presidential candidate. Good Democratic soldier, but too much stigma of him being dumb for a credible campaign to happen for him.

Brian Schweitzer: Former Gov of Montana. Conservative Dem. Can run as Anti-Obama/Hillary/Wall Street. Dissed on the ACA, because it wasn’t more to the left. Pro-coal and oil.

Martin O’Malley: Gov of Maryland. He might have a good resume, but he’s as vanilla as they come. Think of Tim Pawlenty, or if you don’t remember him it’s because there’s nothing memorable there.

Andrew Cuomo: Gov of New York, Mario’s son. Wall Street, Wall Street, Wall Street. Endorses Republicans, which isn’t going to fly in a partisan primary.

Dennis Kucinich: Former Rep of Ohio, twice failed Presidential candidate. Saw a UFO before. Guy that Repubs like to point at and use of an example that Dems are crazy.

3/25/2014 2:39 AM


Rand Paul: Sen of Kentucky, son of Ron Paul. Has cross party appeal with stances against drug laws, drones, and NSA. Bit of embellisher of the facts. As with Ron Paul, should do fine in Republican debates as long as he stays far away from foreign policy questions.

Chris Christie: Gov of New Jersey. Likely the President of the United States before the Bridge-gate fiasco. Strong personality and every-man qualities. Chances are still there that he overcomes the scandal, as there isn’t any proof that he had anything to do with it, but it’s a tough sell. Has to answer, “If you can’t control your staff as Governor, how would you maintain control as President”.

Jeb Bush: Former Gov of Florida. Son of George H.W. and Brother of George W. Has all qualities and the resume of a strong Presidential candidate. Biggest limitation is his last name, although it would probably be minimal in the primary. Supported the immigration reform bill that the Senate passed. Having a Hispanic wife and children won’t hurt his party trying to court minorities. If the election becomes Bush vs Clinton you might see many more moderates than usual throw their vote away on third party candidates.

Marco Rubio: Sen of Florida. Great personality and look. Told an inaccurate portrayal of his family history he had to backtrack on. Had a panned performance on a Republican response. Might have fatality wounded his chances, because he actually wanted to do something in congress. Helped pass immigration reform in the Senate, whereupon the House refused to vote on it, and Conservatives bashed him for supporting “amnesty”. He eventually McCain’d himself away from it.

Paul Ryan: Rep of Wisconsin. Former VP pick. Dull personality. Caught up in lies going from his tax cut plans for the rich, to his marathon times. Got beaten to a pulp by Joe Biden in a debate.

Rick Perry: Gov of Texas. Failed Presidential candidate in 2012. Portrayed as dumb. Awful in the debates, but a part of that might have been because he was drugged up on pain killers.

Rick Santorum: Former Sen of Pennsylvania. 2nd place in 2012 Republican primary. Would be the nominee if going by “next man up”. Social conservatism to the max, and not much else.

Mike Huckabee: Former Gov of Arkansas. Ran in 2008. Very likable. Folksy speech and demeanor. Social conservative but throws some fiscal ideas out there as well. Granted clemency to a convicted rapist, who later killed two people.

Ted Cruz: Sen of Texas. Ultimate “look-at-me” politician. Highly educated. Probably the most highly polarizing candidate that could run for the Republicans.

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3/25/2014 2:41 AM
most likely: Hillary/O'Malley- 54    Ryan/Rubio-46 the "R's get *****-slapped again

Dream- Schweitzer/Cuomo      Paul/ Palin
3/25/2014 5:49 AM
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Unimportant.   That group looks like they'll be as inept as the sitting POTUS.     And the Washington gridlock will not change even if the next man/woman offers "Hope and change" while reaching across the aisle. 
3/25/2014 3:54 PM
Perhaps Obama is unaware of term limits?  He may be mistakenly on FDR's "4 terms and a World War" plan for hope and change.
3/25/2014 6:15 PM
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As for the role of the President, Commander in Chief still allows you to do most of what you would want in foreign affairs, regardless of political opposition. You also get to nominate judges. It's possible that Republicans could get the House, Senate, and Presidency, and then change the rules in the Senate to make it where you can do whatever you want with 51 votes.
3/25/2014 7:01 PM
Does the country really want or need  Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Obama-(Clinton or Bush)?
3/25/2014 8:41 PM
It will probably be the worst of all worlds, like 2009 and 2001 with one party controlling everything.  So that means some liberal tard like Christie, Bush, or Rubio will end up being President.

3/25/2014 8:41 PM
I knew I couldn't take a swipe at Obama and FDR at the same time in stinenavy's thread.  That's like kicking his kitten.  However, he's a fellow recovering Mariners fan, so I'll let it go.

If Hillary runs, Hillary wins.  She mobilizes the same "I don't know anything about anything, but it would make me look cool and/or progressive if I voted for a (insert race/sex here) president!" faction that helped get Obama elected twice.  Christie maybe makes it close because he's been victimized by obesity and he's slow-jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon.

Just to clarify - that's not intended as a shot at liberals.  There are plenty of intelligent liberals who cast thoughtful votes.  It's more a commentary on the "I'm cool doing nothing, unless I can do something that requires little thought or effort and makes me look cooler" portion of the population.  Which, anecdotally, seems disturbingly large.
3/25/2014 11:08 PM
Thanks for coming back. I've seen too many threads evolve too far off topic. I'd prefer this not to end up with 100 pages of people talking about the age of Earth.
3/26/2014 1:53 AM
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