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Low CAP is where it's at.

You've got 60-mil. Pick two franchises (1930-current), one American and one National. For one franchise choose all position players and the other all pitchers. Each of these Franchise will be limited to a decade. For example, Yankees 30's hitters and Cardinals 2000's (2000-2009) Pitching.  Each decade with your franchise team is exclusive to you. Remember, one American franchise and one National.

By choosing a decade with a team, this team will be considered American or National based on the majority of years in that league. For example, you take the Brewers 90's for pitching, they were in the American League from 90-97, so this team would qualify as an American League franchise and a National League hitting team would need to be chosen to complete the team. 

No clones. Below average AAA. Ball park from one of your two teams within year parameters. 
As you sign-up, I'll add your team to the list so all knows your franchises and decades to keep exclusivity.

League Number 

Owner                    Position Player Franchise                         Pitching Franchise
Polymer Guy           Brewers NL 2000's                                   Tigers 80's
Biglenr                    Indians 90's                                             Expos 80's
Batgems                 Reds 60's                                                 Oak A's 70's
rickysdad44            Oakland A's 80's                                      Dodgers 70's
Tribefan09              Rangers 90's                                            Astros 70's
Spoonfed                Reds 70's                                                 Whitesox 60's
Craig479                Pirates 70's                                               Yankees 60's
trd3                        Yankees 90's                                            Mets 80's
nhsteven                Yankees 60's                                            Cardinals 40's
Craig479                 Royals 70's                                              Cardinals 70's
parking31               Mariners 90's                                           Diamondbacks 2000's
rbow923                 Mariners 2000's                                       Pirates 80's     
frank_drebin          A's 90's                                                     Mets 60's   
TAVoorhees            Royals 80's                                              Padres 2000's 
dlcunc31                 Phillies 60's                                             Orioles 70's
gilh14                     Indians 50's                                            Mets 70's
Hagsag                   Expos 80's                                              Indians 50's
Bubloo                    Orioles 80's                                             Astros 80's
Polymerguy            Phillies 80's                                              Orioles 60's
Zoldab                    A's 2000's                                                Expos 90's                                                
jimkelley87             Dodgers 2000's                                       A's 2000's
rjj4191                   Cardinals 30's                                          70's Royals
Wildbillhagy           Orioles 90's                                             Pirates 70's
dbrom                   Cards 70's                                              Angels 70's

Those in bold are teams that are entered and ready to go. Those who are not, please prepare your teams and get them entered as we will be starting soon!

5/4/2014 5:49 PM (edited)
Pitching:  1980's expos
Hitting: 1990's Indians

We're going steroid era!
4/2/2014 2:06 PM (edited)
Put me down again with the REDS of the 1960's for position players, and the A's 1950's for my Hurlers that would be the Philadelphia A's and the KC A's
4/2/2014 3:07 PM
AIn the 2000's is it 2000 to 2009 and 2010 to 2013 seperately?
4/2/2014 3:52 PM
Yep. 2010 to 2013 is a gamble, cause that's all you get. Those 4 seasons. 
4/2/2014 4:32 PM
Polymer, I selected REDS as Hitters, and A's Pitchers...
4/2/2014 5:04 PM
Thanks for the correction batgems. My bad. It's changed. And thanks for joining.
4/2/2014 6:34 PM
Here's the League Number! MLB108824
4/3/2014 8:29 AM
Pitching - 1970 Dodgers
Hitting - To be determined
4/3/2014 9:17 AM
I will take 1990's Texas hitting and 1970's Houston pitching
4/3/2014 10:03 AM
Updated! Welcome rickysdad and tribe. Good to see more folks from the low cap society! 
4/3/2014 10:10 AM
A good start. One division full and the start of another. 
4/3/2014 5:35 PM
Posted by rickysdad44 on 4/3/2014 9:17:00 AM (view original):
Pitching - 1970 Dodgers
Hitting - To be determined
Let's go with the 80's Cardinals
4/4/2014 3:29 AM
Rickysdad. You chose National League for your pitching. Now choose an American for position players. Do you got a favorite?
4/4/2014 7:54 AM
$60m.... Where the men are men, and the sheep are very nervous.

Seriously.... Think about joining the loc cappers

- It's tough..  You have to make hard choices and live with them.  You can't have it all.  On the plus side, your opponents have the same issue
- It's realistic.  The sim is skewed towards hitting.  But at $60m, about 1/3 of your hitters will likely produce just about the same BA/OBP/SLG stats that they did in real life.  Within 2% (6 points on a .300 hitter).  Random number generators will skew a few high or low, but a nice percentage will work out perfectly.
- Great players really stand out.   You skew your team to somehow afford a Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, or other superstar, and you have a legit MVP candidate. 

4/4/2014 2:39 PM
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Manage Ur Tail Off! Potentially Full!!! Topic

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