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4/11/2014 4:19 PM

ATLAS: GREEN = drafted higher this year (stock is on the rise). RED = drafted lower this year (stock is falling). Grey = Same as last year. Purple = Not drafted last year (probably on Smokey's team).


krishnaman: (1 - 17) Stockton(5), (2 - 32) Chandler(3)

Johnny S. gives you a lot of flexibility going forward in the draft. You can effectively put a tick mark next to assists for your starting five with his massive assist%. Additionally, he gives you some threes with a 60+% efg in the 2 pt. usage level with an 80 def and 40+% assist. At this point in the draft, with such a unique player like Stockton, it's hard to say whether he went "too early" or "too late." He's one of those players that everyone likes, but requires a plan to use him properly. You don't draft Stockton willy-nilly. If you want him, take him when you can, because you won't get a second chance. '94 Stockton is my year of choice.

Chandler fits well enough here. Another high efg% guy, good rebounding. Assuming you want a 90 DEF Chandler you're going to put up with a few fouls, but nothing too serious. Not a ton of minutes and not a lot of usage so far. Chandler is a good complimentary player, but I would be concerned that my first two picks are only playing an average of 34-35 minutes per game. 

seapilots: (1 - 8) Howard(1), (2-41) Payton(17)

This one time...I was pulling up to a Best Buy and saw a large crowd of people standing by the side of the building. I walked up to the group and asked what was going on. Apparently Dwight had been promoting something. He got in a car that seemed too small for him (a Porsche maybe?) and his crew rolled out. This is about all that I can say about Dwight that we don't already know. Ok minutes, great efg, great rebounding, terrible FT shooting...and fewer fouls than you might think. A modest amount of assist, along with some turnovers. 

scudmissle: (1 - 6) Jordan(1), (2 - 43) Billups(0)

If anyone says that MJ shouldn't be in the first handful of picks in the draft, then I don't know what to tell them. Like any player, you have to know how to support him. I've made two finals in three years with Wade...and MJ is essentially Wade+. Yes, you have to take him earlier...but much like Liam Neeson, he provides a very particular set of skills. I would be OK with MJ at number one. He's the greatest basketball player of all time (shut up Bill Russel). Surround him with the right pieces and let him work his magic. Your opinions may differ.

postage: (1 - 20) Erving(17), (2 - 29) Brand(10)

 Dr. J seems a little early here, just based on his draft spot last year. However, I am totally fine with the pick. I love me some high-defense two-guards, which is usually why you draft the Doctor (or even to run the point). Good usage, decent to good efg% and good rebounding, especially his orebs. There are a lot of solid Erving seasons, which gives you a high degree of flexibility. Julius was a showstopper in real life, but in the sim he usually feels like a VERY solid "piece." He's not a Wade or Kobe that's going to steal the show or carry your team, but he can cover up a lot of weaknesses his teammates. Maybe sim Dr. J is like real-life Duncan - he's never going to get the dramatic applause of a Jordan or Shaq, but he does a lot of things extremely well and gives you mobility going forward to utilize the players available, rather than have to pass on a "best available" to shoehorn someone in.

I picked up Brand last year in the second round and have nothing but good things to say about him. He's a solid supporting guy that can give you really good defense and rebounding at the 3 and occasionally pull a player of the game award. Assuming you run Dr. J at SG and Brand at SF you've got a pretty good defensive and rebounding squad so far. At around 8-10 usage points on the floor so far, you may be looking to add some range with one of your next picks, since you won't be getting much from your 2 or 3.

amerk: (1 - 13) Wade(3), (2-36) Olajuwon(2)

Jordan > Wade > Kobe. Everyone knows how much I love Wade and the decent amount of success I've had with him in the two seasons I've used him. Taking one of the big three 2 guards gives you a lot of flexibility with usage going forward, as well as with assists. Tons of fouls drawn, a little range, great defense and complimentary assists. 

banditone: (1- 1) Chamberlain(2), (2 - 48) Ray Allen(3)

Who? I hadn't heard of this guy before, but I guess he's pretty good. I guess he can be a bit difficult to build a team around, some say. I'm totally OK with Wilt at number one. Of course you can argue Rodman or LBJ, etc...This early it's all about what you want to do. Does he go with high usage Wilt? Does he go with high efficiency Wilt? Let's wait and find out!



 mikee: (1 -9) Malone, M.(7), (2-38 ) McHale(7)

Mose is a guy who always seems to be a thorn in my paw, but not a guy I get to use. One high defense season (90), one decent (80) and a bunch of oks (70). Obviously, your drafting Moses for the ridiculous orebs.

superrobb: (1 - 4 ) Malone, K.(4), (2 - 45) Robertson(5)

Moses' brother Karl is a great piece to build around, especially that '96 season. High usage, goood efg%, good rebs and assists to boot. Lots of freedom to build around.

The Big O. isn't my favorite guy in the sim. If someone has had a lot of success with him, please, let me know. Ok, efg%, ast%, with good orebs and good ftas with low fouls...I just don't get my panties in a wad for him. I guess he's solid enough, a good part of a solid team, but I can't see myself taking him in round two.

benhodial: (1- 21) Duncan(5), (2 - 28) Hardaway(8)

 Duncan - you know this. Not going to waste my keys. The question here is...how many minutes do you get from Timmy.

iccoachb: (1 - 24) Mutumbo(1), (2 - 25) Kemp(

Assuming you're taking '93 Mount Mutombo you're getting an OK (but kind of low for a first round pick) amount of minutes, but with  great defense, good efg% at a slightly above low usage level, with a couple assists along with turnovers. I like Mutombo - in open leagues or non-draft leagues. Or in the second round. I just couldn't see taking a low usage, not elite rebounding, 35/37 minute per game, one position guy in the first round.

This is assuming you're taking '93 Kemp to play PF. If he doesn't foul out, he can help you. 4 point usage, with good efg%, but a low amount of minutes for a second round pick. Good rebounding...but really high fp48 for a round two pick. He gets you a couple of assists...(and turnovers). I don't like this pick. It's hard to take a 5+ fp48 guy as your second pick unless he is reaaaaaally outstanding. If Kemp had a 97+ at SF...maybe. For me, he's one of those guys that unnerves people like me who grew up with Shawn Kemp basketball cards where he was smashing reality and throwing down explosive dunks on Shawn Bradley. Then...you look at his numbers...

robocoach: (1 - 12) Robinson, D.(0), (2-37) Love(9)


thisredbox: (1-19) Gilmore(5), (2 - 30) Garnett(13), (2-39) Bryant(15)





dh555: (1 - 23) Marion(10), (2 - 26) Kidd(8)


smokey007: (1 - 7) Bird(14), (2 - 35) Haywood(N/A) 


eleibowitz: (1 - 18) Walace, B.,(2) (2 - 31) Ginobili(12)


mcdarsh: (1 - 2) James(2), (2 - 47) Lanier(N/A)


jhsukow: (1 - 5) Abdul-Jabbar(4), (2 - 44) Ibaka(0)


ashamael: (1 - 10) O'neal, S.(1)





felonius: (1 - 22) Russel(4), (2 - 27) Pippen(0)


natenoy: (1 - 15) Paul(4), (2 - 34) Lucas(7)


tarheel: (1 -14) Durant, (2 - 42) Grant (13)


theyard: (1 - 16) Barkley(1), (2 - 33) Camby(7)


jkaye: (1 - 3) Rodman(3), (2 - 46) Ewing(87)


jcred: (1 -11) Johnson, Mag.(12), (2 - 40) Walton(2)

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4/11/2014 6:04 PM
4/11/2014 6:04 PM
4/11/2014 6:04 PM
Haywood, not a bad player, but if he wasn't drafted last time around why not wait a few rounds and stock up on some quality players to put around him?
4/11/2014 8:12 PM
Posted by felonius on 4/11/2014 8:12:00 PM (view original):
Haywood, not a bad player, but if he wasn't drafted last time around why not wait a few rounds and stock up on some quality players to put around him?
I'll address this.
4/11/2014 8:38 PM
it's a rhetorical question but knock yourself out
4/11/2014 9:45 PM

I hate that I have both Jordan and Wade in my division.  I almost felt like I had to pick Dr. J (wade-lite) in order to compete in what I feel like is an increasingly defensive-oriented league.


People I actually wanted:  Ben Wallace, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett

People I actually got:  Dr. J, Elton Brand



4/12/2014 1:03 AM
Posted by felonius on 4/11/2014 8:12:00 PM (view original):
Haywood, not a bad player, but if he wasn't drafted last time around why not wait a few rounds and stock up on some quality players to put around him?

I don't get the Haywood pick in general.  All his stats look pretty darn good (25+ dreb%, 10+ oreb%, huuuuuge minutes, low fouls for a big, decent t/o for a mid-high usg% guy)...

until I see:  49.4 efg%, 66 def, ~ $10,600,000.


4/12/2014 1:16 AM
Posted by felonius on 4/11/2014 8:12:00 PM (view original):
Haywood, not a bad player, but if he wasn't drafted last time around why not wait a few rounds and stock up on some quality players to put around him?
felon a rookie mistake in a fashion, the perfect running mate for Bird..possibly. I am dumb(founded) that Haywood wasn't drafted in the ODL (rookie mistake part), I would have waited also. But after a review of what a Bird&Hayward pairing offer for options I really glad to have that many assets in place. Rather expensive @ ~$21M, but wow. Spencer's '69-70' season is a monster, 45 mpg, 25use%(30ppg), 111/264rbs(375creb), 49%efg, 2.8pf/48 &3.2to/48 and importantly 77%ft. Haywood's def66 isn't stellar but acceptable. With Bird at 39mpg, 28.5use%, 211drbs, 53.8%efg, 178ast%, 3.2pf/48 & 3.8yo/48that shoots 88%ft...def90. That's alot of assets and alot min's @ the 3 & 5 w/ low liabilty. I have huge flexiblity in the rest of the draft. Wow, I still can't believe nobody took Haywood...wow. I'm so gonna fire me if this don't work!!!  
4/12/2014 6:16 AM
Also there was a serious run on dreb's in that part of the draft..damn! Camby, Chandler, Love, Garnett, Lucas, McHale, Olajuwon and Kemp & Russell were already gone. There was alittle pressure to come up with some serious drebs and the sooner the better. Wah-la..Spencer Haywood. lmao
4/12/2014 6:38 AM
haha how does mchale get lumped into that group of dreb% guys? He might be the worst dreb% big man in the draft(if you play him at pf/c)

and smokey....come on now...no way to defend the haywood pick...no one was taking him until at least the 4th...if at all

4/12/2014 2:20 PM
smokey's posts suffer from natenoy-itis
4/12/2014 4:30 PM
Oh, so it's like that huh??? I'm gonna crush you like ants!!! lol
4/12/2014 10:48 PM
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