Crash Davis needs 4, Free season for most improved Topic

Crash Davis is looking for 5 new owners for some quality teams. We have everything you want, from teams with premium draft choices to teams that with a move or 2 could be instant contenders!!!! WE ARE OFFERING A FREE SEASON TO THE NEW ONWER WHO SHOWS THE MOST IMPROVEMENT OVER THE NEXT 2 SEASONS WITH HIS TEAM!!!!

Team 1- A.L North/ This is a team that if you are into a rebuild, it is for you. They have the #1 overall pick this season with some M.L talent in Gavin Isringhausen and Paul Zhang to some minor league talent in Pat Smith,Howie Hogan and Vitas Rose. All this team needs is solid ownership and someone willing to put the work to build this team up into a regular contender.

Team 2-A.L East/ This is a team that is in the middle of the pack. They have the 10th overall pick this upcoming season. They have some solid pitching 
Al Villalona and Jimmy Hernandez, and a solid bat in Pascual Arias. They also have stud prospect in Marc Kerr. Like many teams with multiple owners over a few seasons, they don't look good, but all they need is someone to come in and stay here and build them up.

Team 3- A.L South/ This is a team that you can come in and add a piece or 2 and be an instant contender. They have the 18th overall pick this season. They have some major studs in 
Warren Herman,Nate Banks and Lyle Quinn. They were only 7 games out of the wild card last season so grab this team while they are still available.

Team 4- N.L South/ This is another teams that is perfect for your rebuilds. They have the #3 overall pick this up coming season. They have some young talent on the ML team such as Damaso Sanchez,Howard Hayes andRoosevelt Rolle. So as you can see they are ready for some movement in the standing with the right pieces around these guys.  TAKEN

Team 5 N.L West/ This is also a team that has some great young talent. They hold the #8 overall pick in this seasons draft class. They have some studs in Hamlet Beam,Jerrod Foster and older talent inAlex Booker. They also have stud prospect in Troy Neal. They just need some direction to be right back in the thick of things in the N.L.

Contact jasonkent25 for more details or if you are interested in taking over one of these teams!!!

4/20/2014 7:18 PM (edited)
League rules:
1. Crash Davis is a world overseen by The Commissioner and governed by The Executive Committee. 
The Executive Committee consists of 5 owners: 
• 2 from the American League 
• 2 from the National League 
• 1 Commissioner 
Each new Commissioner may pick his own executive Committee, the only requirement--aside from two from each league--being a minimum of 5 years as an owner in Crash Davis. 
When an issue of dispute arises or a judgement is required the decision will go to the Executive Committee for deliberation. The Commissioner votes in these matters only as a tiebreaker. 

2. Anti-Tanking Rules: 
• No back to back 100 loss seasons 
• No 120 loss season. 
• Prospect budget must not exceed ML player spending in any season. 
(Budget transfers setting prospect budget much higher while not spending on players. ) 
4/17/2014 11:17 PM

Excellent world. Peace, love, understanding everywhere you go. Come join us in Baseball Nirvana.

4/18/2014 11:31 AM
great league..very competive..join up today...jason is standing by to send you the password
4/18/2014 4:14 PM
Join today and try your best to collect that free season!!!
4/18/2014 7:35 PM

Did somebody say FREE SEASON?????

4/18/2014 11:40 PM

4/20/2014 7:55 PM
No free lunch, no free willy, BUT, FREE SEASON!!!
4/21/2014 9:50 PM
There are still some solid teams left. Join today and try to win yourself the

4/23/2014 11:14 AM
This is a great World!! You will not regret coming on board.....Try and win the FREE SEASON:)
4/23/2014 2:52 PM
Just finished my first season, great group of guys, very competitive league.  This is a place that you can stay for a long time!

Plus you get a chance for a FREE SEASON!!!
4/25/2014 9:04 AM

What's that you say?  Life's got you down and you need a friendly face?  Well come on by the Crash Davis bar!  Ok, well maybe we only have degenerate drunks, but at least we have beer!  Cheap beer, but still!  And a chance to win a free season?  That sounds like a win-freakin'-win situation to me!

4/25/2014 9:13 AM
Join today and be a part of The Show in Crash Davis.  What is The Show you ask?  Let Crash tell you:

Yeah, I was in the show. I was in the show for 21 days once - the 21 greatest days of my life. You know, you never handle your luggage in the show, somebody else carries your bags. It was great. You hit white balls for batting practice, the ballparks are like cathedrals, the hotels all have room service, and the women all have long legs and brains.

Be like Crash, join this great league today, and see what The Show is really like!

4/25/2014 5:25 PM

Crash Davis--where everybody knows your name . . . . 

4/26/2014 3:53 PM
Still 4 great teams left to build and make your own. Join today!!!
4/27/2014 2:12 PM
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Crash Davis needs 4, Free season for most improved Topic

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