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GD Faithful,

We have some exciting news to announce:   Gridiron Dynasty 3.1 is coming on May 6th.

Our previous release focused on re-building the game engine.  This release focuses on the interface and user experience.

Many users that visit GD are overwhelmed at the coaching interface – too many settings, textboxes, tabs.  Pages could feel like work instead of fun. Those days are over with this release.

We’ve expanded upon last release’s “Game Mode” concept with the introduction of a “Beginner” mode.  This mode is used exclusively in the D-III worlds; it simplifies most of the coaching pages while creating a level playing field for beginners and veterans at this level.  As you learn the system you will see short explanations that hint at what’s available as you advance to DII and beyond.   We believe these interface changes as well as the restricted DIII level will help us grow (and maintain) the number of users playing GD.  This should be a benefit for our existing and veteran owners – less matchups against Sim AI and larger rewards for doing well (as rewards go up with the number of human coaches in the world).

If you’re a veteran user that’s been playing at D-III for a while, this will present some change. To access all the advanced settings you may be used to, you will need to move to D-II.  To make this transition simpler, we will be temporarily relaxing the criteria needed to move to D-II. We know many of you enjoy playing at D-III because you’re in a conference with your buddies. As a result, we ask conference mates to communicate with one another so you can all move to the same conference at D-II.

Lots of these changes will ease coaching difficulties across all levels and will make running your dynasty less time consuming. At D-II and higher, these changes are to assist you in creating your coaching strategies and all of the previous control still exists.  Screenshots will be coming through the week, please take a quick look at this thread for some of pages that will be changing.

Most of these changes will not be seen until the your world roll over after May 6th.

We have scheduled two developer chats to answer all the questions you may have.

Pre-Release:  May 1st, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Post-Release:  May 27th, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

In addition, the new fatigue model will be released on May 6th with the new interface and an upgrade to resolve most of the current significant bugs in the engine. 

We look forward to your feedback once the release is out and you’ve had some time to work with the new pages.  As always, thank you for continuing to play and enjoy Gridiron Dynasty.


4/30/2014 2:20 PM (edited)

The obvious progression with depths charts was to make them draggable and droppable. We've also included the player's rating with the player for easier decision making and we've reduced much of the clutter (i.e. showing 10 dropdowns at QB when you only have 3 QB options).
4/30/2014 2:19 PM (edited)

Practice plans are critically important to your team's success, but wading through the spreadsheet to fill out the values was tedious and prone to errors. The new version creates default values for certain individual practice plan options that let the users choose between some predetermined selections or to customize it entirely as you see fit. (In DIII beginner mode, you can only do the predetermined selections for individual practice plans)

Also, when changing the team practice plan numbers, your current distribution will be used to figure out the new values that are appropriate for the individual practice plan. This is meant to ease the pain in creating a perfectly customized practice plan. 
4/30/2014 10:01 AM (edited)

The latest Offensive and Defensive formations have made editing easier and more convenient. By creating a flow that allows you to edit all of the formations for a particular set on the same page, it's easier to compare and contrast what you have already done. In addition, copying and deleting become easy with the new settings button. 

4/30/2014 10:02 AM (edited)

The Position Roles page is now easier to read. The zeroes become dashes so that you know which fields really matter to you, and changing to edit mode is done by clicking the link in the upper right. 
4/30/2014 2:23 PM (edited)

The Playbooks page has changed completely. We have done away with the table and made the playbooks easier to navigate and understand. Now an icon represents default playbooks and are used in creating a game plan as well. Also, the settings button was added to each box. You can now easily copy, edit, or delete any of your custom playbooks. You can also view or copy any of the default playbooks easily through this menu. 

4/30/2014 10:03 AM (edited)

Playbooks in GD are key building blocks to becoming a great coach, but could be a difficult collection of pages and controls to navigate. In the new version, a wizard that will walk you through the basic setup and explain each setting along the way. This will allow you to manipulate your new playbook fast and accurately.

4/30/2014 2:26 PM (edited)

Sure, when you create a playbook it's nice to have those controls, but what about when you are editing an existing playbook? We have added the sliders to each page so that now you have control over each selection. These controls can be chosen to represent each down or can be used as a generic way to set each down of a playbook.

In basic mode you can control only the sliders. As you move up levels you can start to customize the playbooks as you see fit. The controls are still there to help you if you need it, but everything can be overridden in advanced mode.  These controls for advanced mode will control entire sections and makes changing the entire playbook fast and accurate. 

With the level of control this provides, coaches can now create new gameplans at a faster rate and with deeper understanding. 

4/30/2014 2:26 PM (edited)

We've introduced a new slider-based system that is easier to read when controlling your game plans. Along with easier controls, we have added a summary table at the bottom to better compare the game plans that you have currently selected and a quick reference to the upcoming game or the current game at halftime that your team is playing. 

4/30/2014 2:26 PM (edited)

We have made some amazing progress over the last couple of weeks and the build is ready to be pushed we are looking to dot our i's and cross our t's and then let update into the world. We will be going over all of the changes tomorrow and looking to push as soon as all of code is in a good state. (Friday or Monday) 

ROCKNE will be the first world to have all of the new changes. 

Stay tuned for any updates. 

5/8/2014 6:56 PM
We ran into some minor issues that we are working out this weekend. We are coordinating multiple teams and the structures between worlds. This obstacle is small but very important, and we are not going to push the release without first making sure these are up to date. With a couple of additions in, and a few more certifications of the engine, we are still looking to launch on Monday May 12th. 

What does this mean for Rockne? Well, we will still roll out the interface to Rockne, it will just be on Monday during the sign up period. Since the majority of the pages that were changed affect Coaching, we will still be able to move the world to a new update without much difficulty. 

Sorry for the short delays. More information coming on monday. 

5/10/2014 5:25 PM

GD will be undergoing maintenance for a couple of hours to push the new update out. 

5/12/2014 6:02 PM
Gridiron Dynasty 3.1 - User Interface Upgrade Topic

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