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I don't think anyone should be limited to any number of seasons at any school. It's called Gridiron Dynasty for a reason - if you want to build a dynasty by coaching at a school you like, then so be it.

If they want more players, the answer is simple - go back to the original rewards system from a few years ago. I understand the reasoning behind the current system (offer higher rewards based on number of players in a world), but it obviously has not worked.
5/13/2014 12:05 PM
I waited to see what 3.1 would look like and I already can say it blows. They've tried to fix problems that didn't actually exist and in the process they've created new problems. Did they test anything? Just a bunch of rubbish! So glad I didn't pay for any more seasons. Definitely will be my last.
5/14/2014 12:49 AM
Nooooooooo.  It's a smashing success.  Now any Newb can have his hand held while he plays season one.  Sim teams for everyone !!  Not like the old days when you had to fend for yourself and fly by the seat of your pants.  And the other smashing success  ....  Cross conference chat .... It took weeks to program but it was worth it.  Yeah I would rather have that instead of my previously stored Position Roles or a functioning interface between Depth Charts and Position Roles or even the missing "Import" and "copy & paste" buttons on the new playbook screen.  Why would you shut those functions off ??  It's nice to see WIS learned from previous rollouts of GD and eliminated all the bugs with a well run Beta.  I'm wondering if they even play the game they create.  I found more bugs in an hour working with 3.1 then they found in their Alpha and their Beta.   Great job guys.  Just a really really great job.
5/14/2014 4:11 AM (edited)
They should obv cull the number of worlds. I just got back into the game, but the management of the game is completely delusional/ridiculous, so going to stop of course.
5/16/2014 1:10 PM
I went ahead and picked up a D3 team just to see what the heck is going on, (had been intending on doing it anyways).  I don't agree with some of the things that were done, but my biggest issue thus far is that we can't even set DOWN AND DISTANCE??????????   What on God's green Earth would make you change it to where no one can set up offense or defense for down and distance?  If not by yardage, then at least put in the words Long, Medium and Short!  If a new coach is so ignorant that he can't figure that out, then I highly doubt he/she is smart enough to do much else on here!!  Oh wait, all they obviously need to be smart enough to do is click "purchase more seasons".  Huge FAIL!!!!!
5/18/2014 11:06 AM

Oriolefan "implored" us to wait and see...not to condemn the unknown.  Okay, I waited.  This is my first comment on the dumbed-down DIII version in nearly a month.  I waited.  I saw.  Now am I allowed to comment?

They should have called it GD 3.Stupid.  There is virtually nothing for a coach to do.  No control over much of anything.  As pointed out, can't even control down and distance.  Recruit the best players you can find, put 'em on the field.  GD 3.Stupid will do the rest for you.  

5/19/2014 8:57 AM (edited)
Posted by lvnwrth on 5/19/2014 8:57:00 AM (view original):

Oriolefan "implored" us to wait and see...not to condemn the unknown.  Okay, I waited.  This is my first comment on the dumbed-down DIII version in nearly a month.  I waited.  I saw.  Now am I allowed to comment?

They should have called it GD 3.Stupid.  There is virtually nothing for a coach to do.  No control over much of anything.  As pointed out, can't even control down and distance.  Recruit the best players you can find, put 'em on the field.  GD 3.Stupid will do the rest for you.  

The absolute funniest post on GD forums ever! Sadly it is true. GD 3.Stupid. Priceless!
5/23/2014 11:33 PM
What the heck happened to freshman and sophomore starts. This us a crock!!!
5/25/2014 6:54 PM

They sucked me in for one more season, but no more. The display can't be used on my computer. Only on my iPad, so it's really difficult to game plan, not to mention half-time adjustments. It's too time-consuming. The slider BS is just a waste of time. and I don't have time to waste. I'm done. It's SO bad, I might drop Hoops Dynasty too. WIS does not deserve my revenue. This site was a good idea, but a lot of good ideas die in the execution. This is just one of them.

5/27/2014 11:54 AM
Just wasted over an hour of my life to set up a game plan and got an error message after I tried to save it. Fix this junk and answer my support tickets!!
6/3/2014 12:59 PM
I think a majority of new players make their decision on whether or not to keep playing or quit based on the success of their team. Bottom line is most people will quit if their not winning. As an example take NCAA Football on Playstation. We've all known people or maybe we're one of them that plays on the easiest level and dominates never loses, wins all the awards and championships. They'll keep playing like that for ever. I think a lot of people are lazy. They prefer to just login everyday, rack up the huge wins and dominate.
All that being said Ive got one suggestion to help new players out and should get them winning sooner. WIS needs to help new players out when picking their initial team and world. When I picked my team for the first time. I didn't have a clue as what I should be looking for in a team. I didn't know to look for a team that had been previously coached by a human. So WIS should guide you through that process step by step to ensure the person gets the team he/she wants. I mean how many players pick a team blindly. That team is terrible. They have terrible seasons. Then get frustrated and quit. By slowing this part of the game down by including mandatory tips and hints that you have to read to move on. Youll ensure more successful owners. Leading to a higher retention of new coaches in the game.
6/3/2014 3:46 PM
This better be fixed before my first game starts or I want a refund for my season and you need to reply to my support tickets!!
6/4/2014 12:04 AM
Posted by curtains on 4/23/2014 2:03:00 AM (view original):
I care only about a few things:

1. That I don't have to move up from DIV 3
2. That the game is still somewhat interesting at DIV 3 (It will be even without lots of advanced features, just like it was in the past).
3. That the rewards stay the same.

 I do not play this game to move up coaching ranks, I play it to stick with a team and build a dynasty. I quit this game a long time ago when they reduced reward rates for DIV 3, after many many seasons of loyal play. Only came back recently and will definitely quit again if something similar happens, but will happily play as long as I can just play with the same team I start with. Why does this game even have to involve all of this random coach moving crap anyway? Can't you just make one combined world with a few hundred teams and that's it :)

The rewards are not the same!!!  I almost lost my Westminster team because they did not give me the listed points for winning a NC!!!  So the my world is less than 50% full and they try to force veteran coaches to d2!!!  That is not good business.  The reason why the worlds are empty, is it took too long for 3.0 to come out, and it's still not finished.  The game is still fun and I will continue playing, But what division I play is none of WIS' business.  That's like Mcdonald's saying it's too complicated for our regular customer to understand how we make a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, let's simplify it by putting a spoonful of grease and a peice of cheese on it, if they dont like it order an egg mcmuffin!
6/4/2014 3:06 AM
Posted by starfinder77 on 5/1/2014 4:29:00 PM (view original):
Posted by bobprobert on 5/1/2014 12:50:00 PM (view original):
we need less worlds not more.  and to everyone saying that people can choose between basic and advanced that's bs.  everyone knows that you can't beat a team set to advanced when you are using basic.  so to be competitive a new user must use advanced settings and this is how they get lost.  remember when 3.0 first came out and the flood of new users?  well they didn't stay because it was too hard to figure out the advanced settings and they all got destroyed.  this all basic mode may be just what GD needs to get and keep new users.  more human teams benefit everyone because it sucks playing so many sim teams every season.  if you are so attached to your D3 team then keep it and play by the same rules as everyone else in D3.  if you like the advanced settings then move up to D2 or higher and start your new dynasty.  we haven't even tried the new version yet and everyone is bashing it.
That's incorrect, I used basic in the Sun belt (Rockne) and in my 4th season won the CC. I think there were 3 other coaches in the league and I'm not sure how many of them were using basic or advanced. I won because I had the best team on the "team rankings" tab.
I won 2 National Championships in 4 years in basic mode.
6/4/2014 3:21 AM
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