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this progressive started with the most awesome draft ever

rookies only, the entire history of baseball

12,000 players to choose from, 1885 to 2010, David Aardsma to Dutch Zwilling

mainly everyone went for long term studliness, but also there was the lust to win now

now here we are fourteen seasons in and we just lost an owner

so do history a favor and adopt this orphan
5/27/2014 8:37 AM (edited)

League Rules:

1. you draft someone, you draft his rookie season

2. you cut someone, he is gone forever from this league

3. provided rules 1 and 2 are followed, you can draft any player from any year

4. you keep someone from last year, you play his next available year. meaning if he skipped a year, you skip on ahead too. no IR/DL like most progressives have

5. you want to draft a guy you have to cut a guy. no keeper list like most progressives have

6. no collusion & no tanking. oh sure, they all say that. here's how we do it: no trades & champ drafts first

7. 20 team league. Alignment random so you don't get stuck behind that Cy Young Babe Ruth team every season

8. no DH, AAA, or WW. no $, PA, IP, position, or stadium restrictions. Like the mad scot says when they're scotching his nards, Freedom!

9. i will need a real life email address so i can send you a whitelist / blacklist spreadsheet every season around playoff time

10. just , baby
4/24/2014 6:07 PM (edited)
the teams below can be claimed

just advance players one season

or, during the draft, cut and replace as many as you wish with first year players

from a 10,000 player list i will email you

5/13/2014 9:49 AM (edited)
franchise 9 has been claimed

Pete Alexander 1924 Chicago Cubs SP $4,227,982
Kevin Brown 2002 Los Angeles Dodgers SP $992,123
Mark Buehrle 2004 Chicago White Sox SP $5,232,307
Gio Gonzalez 2013 Washington Nationals SP $4,775,545
Doug Rau 1976 Los Angeles Dodgers SP $4,848,466
Eppa Rixey 1926 Cincinnati Reds SP $5,775,840
Frank Viola 1984 Minnesota Twins SP $6,380,506
Bucky Walters 1945 Cincinnati Reds SP $4,712,317
Jason Isringhausen 1999 Oakland Athletics RP $555,611
Steve Mingori 1979 Kansas City Royals RP $375,435
Brad Ziegler 2012 Arizona Diamondbacks RP $2,057,392
Rick Ferrell 1933 Boston Red Sox C $4,055,852
Salvador Perez 2013 Kansas City Royals C $4,161,733
Jake Daubert 1910 Brooklyn Superbas 1B $3,907,264
Jimmie Foxx 1940 Boston Red Sox 1B $5,888,937
Billy Herman 1946 Brooklyn Dodgers 2B $3,872,914
Steve Sax 1984 Los Angeles Dodgers 2B $3,520,315
Adrian Beltre 2005 Seattle Mariners 3B $4,059,864
Luke Appling 1945 Chicago White Sox SS $1,127,762
Barry Larkin 1999 Cincinnati Reds SS $5,148,770
Tony Gwynn 1995 San Diego Padres OF $6,185,972
Harvey Kuenn 1959 Detroit Tigers OF $6,091,219
Magglio Ordonez 2008 Detroit Tigers OF $4,127,143
Riggs Stephenson 1930 Chicago Cubs OF $2,919,085
Elmer Valo 1951 Philadelphia Athletics OF $4,336,102
Active Roster Total Salary: $99,336,456

franchise 11 has been claimed

Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Doyle Alexander 1977 Texas Rangers SP $5,237,001
Dave Boswell 1969 Minnesota Twins SP $6,828,000
Madison Bumgarner 2011 San Francisco Giants SP $5,204,527
Carl Hubbell 1941 New York Giants SP $3,567,197
Christy Mathewson 1913 New York Giants SP $9,155,044
Jim Palmer 1979 Baltimore Orioles SP $3,947,524
Lew Richie 1908 Philadelphia Phillies SP $4,215,632
Cy Seymour 1898 New York Giants SP $10,077,877
Rube Marquard 1915 Brooklyn Dodgers RP $3,920,764
Justin Wilson 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $2,287,756
Jack Clements 1890 Philadelphia Phillies C $4,423,760
A.J. Pierzynski 2009 Chicago White Sox C $3,046,091
George Brett 1987 Kansas City Royals 1B $4,420,884
Prince Fielder 2012 Detroit Tigers 1B $5,482,125
Stuffy McInnis 1911 Philadelphia Athletics 1B $3,483,482
Edgardo Alfonzo 2000 New York Mets 2B $6,557,498
Roberto Alomar 2001 Cleveland Indians 2B $6,304,439
Frankie Frisch 1932 St. Louis Cardinals 2B $3,534,219
Mike Schmidt 1986 Philadelphia Phillies 3B $5,628,178
Mike Bordick 1994 Oakland Athletics SS $4,021,379
Fred Clarke 1907 Pittsburgh Pirates OF $6,081,453
Sam Crawford 1912 Detroit Tigers OF $4,823,430
Austin Jackson 2011 Detroit Tigers OF $5,483,168
Bobby Murcer 1974 New York Yankees OF $4,022,254
Sammy Sosa 2002 Chicago Cubs OF $5,758,265
Active Roster Total Salary: $127,511,947

5/27/2014 8:38 AM (edited)
Sent you a site mail.
4/24/2014 10:24 PM
Dammit, I want my team back.  You don't mind do you husker?
5/13/2014 8:55 AM
husker75 decided not to take it on

you are in like flynn
5/13/2014 8:56 AM
I will take on the challenge.
5/25/2014 9:13 PM
franchise 11 is yours
5/26/2014 4:35 PM
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