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Dang it, etta, you keep hiding all the threads on the main forum page.
4/25/2014 3:25 PM
I agree with gillspie. You keep saying you are going to leave and that you hate this game, but you still spend enough time to make 72 posts a day. You also want to make a bunch of changes to the game that will make it better for you, but I have not seen anybody agree with you. I believe one of the funnest aspects of this game is taking one of the worst teams and making them one of the best. I have also noticed an interesting pattern with credits for when I don't make the NT. I tend to get more credits when i have a 5-22 team versus when i have a 17-11 team. So it is not all bad for a new person that starts out with a really bad team instead of a mediocre team. 
4/25/2014 3:40 PM
Posted by ettaexpress on 4/25/2014 2:46:00 PM (view original):
I guess you would rather keep the game the way it is since you've decoded all the flaws.

Some people might rather have a better, more realistic, more playable game. 

Why do you think you have the right to deny people that? And why are you trying to actively drive me away from the site? Who the hell made you the boss of who uses the site and how much?

More haughty arrogance. And you wonder why people don't like you. 
trying to drive you away? i spent half the night trying to explain all these things "that make no sense", and i put that in quotes because of course, they do make sense - you may not agree with it, but in the frame work its clear why you'd get knocked off a player, and the like. so trying to drive you away? quite the contrary... 
4/25/2014 3:42 PM
CBG  - Id love for you to drive this nut away from the site.

There may be some site credits for you.
4/25/2014 3:45 PM
Posted by ettaexpress on 4/25/2014 2:10:00 PM (view original):
Posted by poncho0091 on 4/25/2014 9:47:00 AM (view original):
As far as the color coded team profile. I like to have it up. Its not a big change, but its nice to get the quick view and I keep it up while I'm setting my player game planning.

Player Roles - its nice to have it, but its not a necessity. It would become significantly more useful if it accounted for potential or could be used to determine total growth. Currently I only use it if I have 2 players who both seem to fit the same role and I want to see who would be better for it, but even then its limited to whatever values I set for those roles which may not even be ideal based on the sim engine.

Recruiting - Recruiting is not broken. Its one of the few things that have been a strength in this game. There are some changes that would be nice.
-Scouting players, either allow us to specify what we want to scout or take out the guess work altogether on potential. Maybe just create a second page in the player profile of what he can reach (assuming you scouted him) or something to that effect.
-Make promises carry more weight both positive and negative.

Someone said something about the pbp and I could agree the pbp could be more useful if it could be used as something to really learn from. At this point the only thing I get from it is if my guy is getting double teamed and to see how tired my players get at certain points in the game.

Cross world stuff - maybe just make more comparative tools for records. This second idea is likely not to happen, but it could be a cool feature. What if their were some form of cross world exhibition tournaments. Probably more work than its worth, but it would be interesting.

Coachable NBA teams. I know this has been discussed before and there are issues concerning season timing and all, but I think those things could be worked out if it was implemented to fit HD. It could be like NBA lite.
-since there is no recruiting, the draft session could be shorter. Coaches would submit a list of their top 30 players (or whatever draft spot they are in) and the sim could process it at the normal time of a recruiting cycle. or maybe a 1 day draft session and a 1 day submission towards free agents or something (submit your bid on a player and top bidder wins, maybe even incorporate other factors like potential playing time promises, minutes, distribution etc.)
- since the schedule has to fit HD, the season could start earlier since you dont need as much time for recruiting. Reduce the playoffs to the same sort of format as NT (1 game matchup or best of 3 or something short - remember this season must fit HD).
-Job logic (see complaints about job logic with DI firings). This is the NBA and only good coaches should be there and failure will keep it opened up for other coaches to take the position.

Anyways, the NBA thing is wishful thinking that will likely never happen, but its a cool idea to continue the idea of elite players from DI getting drafted and doing something more.
You must not have much idea how recruiting works in real life. Recruiting is trash on this game. What has practically unlimited value here has very limited value IRL, and what has limited value here has more value IRL. It's completely backwards. And the idea of players routinely only considering 1-2 schools is ridiculous. 

Take the guesswork out of potential? So you want to know exactly how good a player is going to be (impossible IRL) but I'm crazy for thinking recruiting pulldowns, what it takes to be considered, etc. should be better defined by the game, rather than how-to basically being a matter of hearsay from players. 

Why the hell do you care about coaching NBA teams? It would make more sense if there were reasonably modeled high school teams, summer league, camp stats, etc...rather than just one pretty close to worthless set of stats being generated for high school players. 

If this is how the game has become what it is today, small wonder it's so screwed up because these are terrible suggestions for hte most part. All of this said, the single biggest scourge on the game is the way IQ works that basically destroys a team for 2 seasons. That really destroys the game for anyone new, and all it does is serve as a money sink in which a new player is bound to think that they are not getting value for those seasons.
i am not a huge fan of all these ideas, although certainly some of them are very solid. but regardless of how you feel, why do you have to be a dick about it? its one thing to be a dick to me, who chooses to routinely call you out on the bounty of BS you offer. but there's no need to everyone else. for someone so ignorant to be so pompous is really quite astounding. if you at least knew what you were talking about... it still wouldn't be right, but at least it would be more palatable. 
4/25/2014 3:47 PM
Don't worry guys. Etta will start 0-6 and quit. The second he starts losing he will throw a huge temper tantrum andsay something so dumb that he will get himself banned again. I mean he might buy a 4th team, its a deal with his 1.25 credit he gets each season.

He keeps falling for the wis bait and switch. If only it was was more clear how much a team cost.
4/25/2014 3:58 PM (edited)
Posted by mullycj on 4/25/2014 3:45:00 PM (view original):
CBG  - Id love for you to drive this nut away from the site.

There may be some site credits for you.
oh sure, HE gets the credits...
4/25/2014 3:56 PM
This had the potential to be a really good thread...

One question I had for you guys is about the "colors on the profile page" thing. Are you talking about the page that pops up when you click on the team name? If so, is the only objection people have to it that it's "ugly" to see the reds, blues, and blacks on the ratings? I actually find that really useful, as it lets me know when I can start shifting some more of my practice time to offenses and defenses, or when I need to do the opposite, and pull some practice time FROM offense and defenses.
4/25/2014 4:29 PM
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Please stop s----ing all over this thread.
4/25/2014 5:37 PM
this could have been a useful thread.  Rendering useless by bickering, finger pointing and attacks.
4/25/2014 6:13 PM
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