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This is the completion of a thread started in January of this year: (Link to original)


I want to start by apologizing for the lack of conciseness as related to the administration of this poll(s). I initially planned on conducting this inquiry off-site, but couldn't find any easy way to ensure that the results can't be skewed, therefore, the WIS forums are best suited because it ensures that each user (account) can only cast one vote, as well as track those individual votes.

Given that the user polls only allow for ten choices per poll, this project will ultimately fall short of it's original scope. However, the byproduct of this limitation may actually result in more comprehensive and practical results. To encompass the roughly 40 proposed changes in the original thread, plus the addition of a few other regularly mentioned suggestions, they must be separated into three different sub-polls based both on their relevancy to one another and to which aspect of the simulation they apply. The three different fields/topics are adjustments to the ENGINE (anything that would take place within the game simulation), RECRUITING & JOBS (things related to the recruiting process & hiring/firing), and COSMETIC (statistics, SIMS, etc.).

Each of these three topics will have nine proposals to choose from, and you will be asked to make three different votes relating to each topic. The first will be which proposal is the most (#1) important change in your opinion as it relates to that topic, the next will be the second (#2) most important change to that topic as you see fit, and the last is your third (#3) most important adjustment to that topic. So, overall, the three individual polls each consisting of three different votes means that there will 9 votes in total.

P.S. It will take a few minutes to get all the polls on the thread, so please refrain from posting on it until all nine are present. Thanks.
4/26/2014 4:12 AM
Engine - #1 priority

Votes: 153
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:41 PM)
4/26/2014 4:15 AM
Engine - #2 priority

Votes: 138
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:41 PM)
4/26/2014 4:17 AM
Engine - #3 priority

Votes: 127
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:41 PM)
4/26/2014 4:19 AM
Recruiting & Jobs - #1 priority

Votes: 153
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:42 PM)
4/26/2014 4:22 AM
Recruiting & Jobs - #2 priority

Votes: 144
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:42 PM)
4/26/2014 4:25 AM
Recruiting & Jobs - #3

Votes: 134
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:42 PM)
4/26/2014 4:27 AM
Cosmetic - #1 priority

Votes: 140
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:43 PM)
4/26/2014 4:34 AM
Cosmetic - #2 priority

Votes: 131
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:43 PM)
4/26/2014 4:36 AM
Cosmetic - #3 priority

Votes: 121
(Last vote received: 11/7/2014 12:44 PM)
4/26/2014 4:39 AM
I tried my very best not to take any liberties interpreting or altering the suggestions initially put forth by other users (or the few popular/longtime suggestions that somehow didn't make it into the initial thread). However, some were combined because of their obvious similarities or edited for the sake of brevity...the only two valid suggestions that got left out were to list team offense & defense sets on the exhibition scheduling page and for WIS to make an app for smart phones...I do apologize, but I'm a fan of symmetry and they would have thrown off the numbers.

Also, as previously pointed out by stinenavy (with whom I completely agree on this), things like team prestige and SIM practices don't neatly fall into the category of "cosmetic"...yet they don't fall neatly into any other category either, so I had to make do.

I know that selecting only three out of nine may not seem extensive enough for some people, but when then numbers are weighed this little experiment should accurately reflect the general consensus of the coaching community, given that enough people vote. So, let the fights begin, and please encourage other users who don't frequent the boards to show up and vote.
4/26/2014 5:32 AM
Nice! I was waiting on someone to start one of these. I love the poll, and understand you had to fit stuff in the certain categories. One thing I wonder if you can add would be the substitutions at the end of the game like FT shooters and Defenders... add to it Starters.. For example if you started a freshman but you're down 5 with four minutes left your senior stud would take over as the "starter"..... I called this concept "Smart Coaching" 2. I wouldnt mind seeing a better way to prioritize the watchlist, maybe do away with color and use a number system that you can just click up or down like the NCAA franchises on xbox or playstation. 3. Have something in the waiting period between CT and Recruiting/Signups. This could be a CBI Tourney ( Most new coaches I see get discouraged and quit easily) I saw someone else post this idea and I liked it. Another idea is the Sim can run a game against the Conference next to you on the RPI list. All Conference Team vs All Conference Team... Yeah that doesnt happen in real life but it would be neat, and I know there are a lot of conference rivals out there. Another idea is give people their scholarship money if you have locked in seasons so they can start recruiting and Pre-load their phone calls. This was also an idea I saw tossed around.
4/26/2014 6:14 AM
I think since prestige really only affects recruiting and jobs it probably should go in the category recruiting and jobs...

where is the option under recruiting for extending the first recruiting cycle (or just preloading actions?) - that seems a more valuable recruiting change than see recruits potentials on recruiting page

I saw a number of other interesting suggestions that got left off this summary poll, but I suppose I am entitled to make my own poll and STFU...

4/26/2014 6:43 AM
half&half, thanks, much appreciated. Firstly, polls can't be altered once votes have been cast and it wouldn't be fair to do so because people can't change their votes, so it is what it is yo. Secondly, I mulled over including several options along the lines of what you mentioned (adding a preseason tournament always seems popular as well), but making sense of the numbers can be difficult if there are a lot of options and very few choices...in fact nine might be one or two too many, haha.
4/26/2014 6:51 AM
dac, you're right, my bad. Extending the first recruiting cycle was not listed as well. I checked my notes and I wrote it down, but somehow during the organizational phase it got lost in the sauce, as did the suggestion that all regular season conference champions make the PIT. Once again, sorry for the slip up.
4/26/2014 7:05 AM
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long overdue...User Polls Topic

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