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They do. At least it is similar.
4/28/2014 7:28 AM
Posted by nachopuzzle on 4/28/2014 1:01:00 AM (view original):
Posted by dacj501 on 4/27/2014 7:26:00 PM (view original):
no, from a game stand point it makes sense. more volatility could lead to more ways to win
yeah, it seems like all the time I see guys with good ATH and good/great DEF get beat like a dog by players with great ATH but poor offensive skills...and I'm well aware that a lot more than just individual match-ups go into scoring, but still, I'd like to see that not happen as much.
I don't see that much. An 80 ath 40 lp guy isn't going to dominate 60 ath 60 def. He might go 4-8 shooting but he won't light him up.

A lot of the poor defensive performance s I see is against slower defenders on the perimeter. I think speed is very important ( more than ath) in defending the 3 point shot.
4/28/2014 7:32 AM
Posted by emy1013 on 4/28/2014 4:42:00 AM (view original):
Posted by ettaexpress on 4/28/2014 12:29:00 AM (view original):
It wouldn't be, but it would be incorporated (realistically, it would be random) in the guy's starting IQ and max IQ. Not saying all of those things should even be attributes, but just that they should be the kinds of things being thought about in the idea of making IQs more variable both at the starting point and potential peak.

Maybe it'll help sales in France.
I've made the suggestion several times about a player having a "hard cap" on their IQ's also.  Doesn't make a bit of sense to me that we have a player's ratings limited by potential, yet every single player (excepting, of course, the very low work ethic guys) can be made to reach an A+ IQ by their senior season.  Ratings are no longer linear, why should IQ remain that way? 

As Etta said in a different post, some guys just "get it" at an earlier age and some guys "never" get it.  So why should everyone with a reasonable WE be able to max out their IQ's?  Change IQ's to also incorporate potential with a hard cap on how high they can go and you'll get a whole lot more variability in the game than we have now. 

You want to recruit that stud who also happens to be a dumbass?  Well, get ready for his IQ to top out at a B-.  Or maybe the not quite as athletically gifted brainy kid whose IQ WILL go to an A+?  Decisions, decisions, decisions....
Somehow this concept of capping IQ's has never occurred to me, but it sounds like it good be a good one.
4/28/2014 10:11 AM
because I'm not ready for this thread to go away yet.
4/29/2014 8:37 PM
I love the poll. It's ironic how many things we can all agree need to be changed. Have you guys noticed the "updates" the past two weeks. Only been playing the game for about 9 months but I don't recall seeing update alerts in all that time. Maybe this is a positive change? 

First off, nacho, thank you so much for taking the ball and running with it. I really appreciate do-ers, especially in HD. Too many people skirt along without engaging in the game we all love so it's always great to see people interacting here on the boards to make the experience better. IMO there are so many obvious changes to be made, I agree with an above poster that we are probably better off going for substantive over cosmetics to at least get the ball rolling. I email support constantly to annoy them and point out many of these issues. I hope they read our poll. The irony is that many of these things are not even major things. 

My wish list (that I don't think was necessarily in the polls):
1. Recruiting: We definitely need more time initially in recruiting. That two hour window from recruiting start to the first window of responses is way too short. I also would love one cosmetic "fix", how about a "select all" or "check box/apply all" function in recruiting. How many times do we need to remove a lot of recruits or change statuses and it's a pain to individually click every single recruit. Minor thing but annoys me every single cycle. 

2. Improve community and communication: I think the BIGGEST need in the game (personally) is to improve our connection to one another and community. Sometimes we are all sort of in all our own little corners too much. The best part of the game is the rivalry and the competition.. I suggested "formalizing" non-conference challenges into the system. Right now setting up conference challenges is do-able but I'd much rather see some kind of portal interface that lets all the coaches in a league setup the challenges. Maybe even designate a coach in the league to take point on it. I'm not sure how it would work exactly but I think some kind of system for non-league conference challenges and certainly out of conference tournaments would be huge. I have no idea how the mechanics on a non-conference tournament would work (others on the board may have suggestions) but I'd love to see that. 

3. I also really think top 25 rankings need to come out later or they should cap how much they shift around. You shouldn't be able to drop from #3 to unranked. I have no idea how the engine on these rankings work but prior season performance and prestige should factor into them. if they do, then no coach should be dropping 20 spots with a  win or falling 30 spots with one loss. It's nonsensical. I'd rather they just not do it at all if they cant fix it. 

4. Lastly (because I can go on forever): We have to introduce some kind of filler for the period between the end of the season and recruiting. It's just way too long and frankly discourages me from going with one-a-day worlds because one season takes up what seems like an eternity. I'd love suggestions but there has to be way to "fill the void" with something for coaches to do.

4/29/2014 10:12 PM
Great information
4/29/2014 10:31 PM
This is what I want...

- Allow coaches to prioritize their recruits by the position they plan on playing them at. I think this would make keeping track of your priorities easier.

It would look something like this.

1. Sam Smith, C
2. Bob Hope, PF
3. Jim Bob, SF

1. Tom White, SF
2. Dave Stern, PF
3. Tim Tom, PF

1. Dan Smith, PG
2. Abdul Kan, SG

4/29/2014 10:37 PM
have to agree with the down time and one a day thing. In Rupp I just signed a kid that had gone juco last season (I had effort in, but pulled schollie before signings last season.) He started recruiting considering me from last season's effort. So when I went to sign I checked history and was surprised to realize just how long ago last recruiting season really was. 

Signed him 4/25. Added to watch list 2/28; Made first effort 3/4...
4/29/2014 11:51 PM
yeah, they could definitely knock out a couple days of inactivity between seasons.
4/30/2014 12:03 AM
Posted by nachopuzzle on 4/29/2014 8:37:00 PM (view original):
because I'm not ready for this thread to go away yet.
Neither is the international sales division.

In Spanish we could have the No se` lo que rating.

Unfortunately I don't know je ne sais quoi in Korean. I do know how to answer the phone though.

4/30/2014 2:27 AM
kbc, thanks, and great input.

The more I look at the "Recruiting & Jobs" results, the more upset I get at myself for accidentally leaving out an option for extending the first recruiting cycle. I think that would have been a rather popular choice.
4/30/2014 3:32 AM
Just as a heads up...Seble is aware of this thread and the results of it's poll(s).
4/30/2014 2:24 PM
I'm assuming that the recruiting update will have a lot of different aspects to it rather than being one over arching update. So as a part of that I really hope they fix the recruiting board. It should look more (I think) like the team profile or the compare recruits list so you can see ratings and potential easier. It would also be nice to be able to rank the prospects better or more precisely, maybe by position or just a number, than the current priority function.
4/30/2014 3:00 PM
I for one don't want recruiting to become "too" easy. if everyone can simply click a button to get all the potential data (for example), that hurts more than helps. Right now there is an advantage to those who work harder in recruiting. Very much like "real life". The coaches who work the hardest in recruiting win those battles. 
4/30/2014 7:33 PM
And if seble is reading this, thanks for speeding up the scoreboard function! It was like No 125 on my list of things I wanted to see change. Lol But maybe you are working from the bottom up :) 

But at least this one was actually  on my list of annoyances. It's progress!
4/30/2014 7:35 PM
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