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It has been a few years since I've seen anyone try to organize an inter-world tournament here in FCD.  Since it appears there's some interest out there, I'd like to try to put one together.  I'd like to get together 32 teams and run a group and knockout (World Cup-style) tournament.  In order to accommodate a wider variety of owners, I would like to accept only 1 team from owners who have multiple usernames first before accepting seconds, thirds, etc.  Please post your intent to play here by May 5th, at which time I will begin accepting owners' second choice teams.  Please advertise on your World Chat to get the word out since the traffic out here on the forums might not be too heavy.  Once we have 32, I will attempt to rank teams (by number of years played, championships, goal differential, etc.) and sort them out into 8 groups with 4 teams each.  I'll also try to group teams in a manner that would not result in them playing somebody from within their league/world in the early stages of the tourney.  First come first served!  If you'd like to play, please plan on scheduling your challenges in a timely manner; nobody likes a drawn out tournament or a forfeiture due to an unresponsive team.

Example of how to register:

1. Highest preference team name (username)
2. Second highest preference team name (username)
3. etc.
4/27/2014 3:57 PM
Registered Teams
1. Bordeaux United (malhits98)
2. Amsterdam FC (pacman2010)
3. FC Kampfgeist (notso_klose)
4. Montreal Evil Sowrd (cha69os)
5. thebeast (bmal)
6. FC Stolpen Steamroller (mr_grizzly)
7. Futbol Club Independiente Barranquilla Colombiano (colombian)
8. Ibiza Club de Futbol (indiansrck28)
9. Burnaby Hillbillies (triggerh)
10. Sporting Wichita (ksbillsfan)
11. Southeast Indiana FC (gccoach)
12. Springfield Thunder (dlw2711)
13. Irish Football Club (flexbomb1169)
14. GAGI3 (goalscorer07)
15. Sucka Free FC (etmoney28)
16. Manafchester United (systemhalter)
17. Schwaben AC (zooker)
18. Gudvangen United (tobyjbrace)
19. SISU MATSON FC (ewmatson)
20. Cameron Highland Football Club (powermad)
21. Mexico Nationals (midnight5)
22. Fußballverein Brasilien (tripleace)
23. FC Mandevilla (guelito)
24. North Dakota State Selects (jackercrack3)
25. Spartanburg FC (ajax1979)
26. Commitments FC (boog_er)
27. the crutchanators of soccer (brandon5135)

Waiting List (Second Team)
1. Connecticut Kangaroos FC (mab625)
2. thedragon (Pedrino)
3. FC Ammouliani Islanders (dorf)
4. FC Bamberg (indiansrck27)
5. Burnaby Hillbillies (sd39)
6. FC Saskatchewan (gcotti)
7. Texas FC (etmoney2828)
8. CSKA (deba12se)

9. FC Packers United (sam_shields)
10. FC Blarneystone Rovers (cornelis)

Waiting List (Third Team)
1. Easton FC (gizmo2010)
2. Expreso Rojo (mr_mortimer)
3. RED STAR (deba13se)

5/6/2014 4:15 PM (edited)
I'd be in! My teams in order of preference:
1. Amsterdam FC (username: pacman2010)
2. Connecticut Kangaroos FC (username: mab625)
3. Easton FC (username: gizmo2010)

I most want to see how Amsterdam (which has 8 70-oa plus players in the starting XI) fares, but if there is enough room, I'd be interested in getting some action for at least the top two.
4/28/2014 11:31 AM
Also, there is another team in a world I'm in (W91) who would like in but cannot post on the forums (it's not me, I promise!). The team is FC Kampfgeist and the owner is notso_klose. They've been one of the top teams in that world's German league since well before I got there (under my mab2010 ID as FC Mainz 09).
4/28/2014 11:38 AM
I'm in. Teams in order of preference.

1. thebeast (bmal)
2. thedragon (Pedrino)

4/28/2014 2:27 PM
Sounds like a great idea, I'd love to play - I hope the idea gains some traction this time.  Here is my order of preference:
1.  FC Stolpen Steamroller (username: mr_grizzly)
2.  FC Ammouliani Islanders (username: dorf)
3.  Expreso Rojo (username: mr_mortimer)
4/28/2014 2:46 PM
Id be interested as well.

Here is my order of preference:

1. Ibiza Club de Futbol (Indiansrck28) (World 92)
2. FC Bamberg (Indiansrck27) (World 91)
4/28/2014 6:39 PM
I'm in....one team Sporting Wichita 
4/28/2014 10:29 PM
I'm interested

1. SE Indiana FC - world 87 (gccoach)
2. FC Saskatchewan - world 83 (gcotti)

4/29/2014 12:10 AM (edited)
Irish Football Club, flexbomb1169
4/29/2014 8:11 AM
I would like to join with team name "GAGI3" and username- goalscorer07 - world 82
4/29/2014 8:55 AM
1. Sucka Free FC  - (etmoney28)
2. Texas FC - (etmoney2828)
4/29/2014 11:46 AM
ManU from 86, systemhalter     
CSKA from 91, deba12se
RED STAR from 77 deba13se
4/29/2014 5:19 PM
Schwaben AC (Username: zooker) from W91 would like to sign up as well (no posting rights).
4/30/2014 1:19 AM
Cameron Highland from World 66/Scotland (Username: powermad)
5/2/2014 2:03 PM
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FCD Inter-World Cup (Registration Closed) Topic

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