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wow, that's a tough road.

looks like you are running zone, so that's something. Use slowdown obviously, If you have potential in PER for those guys I'd put at least 30 minutes into anyone that might be able to push 85-90. Fatigue and defense are going to be killers, but maybe your guys with high per can get hot a game or two and go 16-30 from 3 or something. It is gonna be a tough season.  Personally I'd start the walk-on with the 60 def. He sucks at everything else, but you know, walk-ons...

You really seem willing to give this game a shot, which I respect. I almost feel like telling you to just log off for a month and come back and try again next season because I think you are going to be very frustrated with this one. I wish I had something more constructive for you.

Good luck and try not to let it totally get to you - there's always next season and you learned a lot this time around. 
4/28/2014 4:21 AM
Well there are a few really good players, just not enough of them. I was leading for a few other guys but mysteriously dropped off their lists basically as soon as another team got involved even though I put a pretty good amount of effort into them. I don't think that's really right but whatever.

The main thing I learned is not to believe everything you read on this board, unfortunately there's not really another source to go to for any but the most basic information. Knowing what I know now I would have gone for a team with 5-6 open scholarships and counted on using more STs to pull down players than has been written in numerous places on the board as the amount to expect.

I was actually planning on switching to man because I have more guys that know how to play that.

4/28/2014 5:09 AM
Longterm, you may be OK.   I had a similar situation with Coker......10 openings.  

I signed four the first time and went 1-26, RPI 271.  I went slowdown and gave the new guys as many minutes as possible.  

I signed six more the next season and improved to 14-14, RPI 90, just missing the PIT. 

This season, with mostly juniors and sophomores, we're 17-2, RPI 34. 

Since you're not likely to win any games, and you want your freshmen improving as much as possible, you might go with 'target minutes' instead of 'fatigue'.  You''ll get more minutes from your starters and, although they'll play tired much of the game, they'll still be better than the walkons.
4/28/2014 5:46 AM
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So you couldn't do the math before day 1 of recruiting to figure out you only had schollies for 6 openings?   The SITE'S help guides clearly state how much money you get per opening in DII.  It really only takes an elementary math education to figure out you didn't have money for 11 openings.

But I'm sure it's easier to blame the site and its users than yourself.
4/28/2014 10:11 AM

Its a perfect opportunity to reset your offense and defense, if you wanted to make a change.

Just curious, with that many Walkons did any of them show up with any potential in anything?

The other thing to do when you have that many scholarships open is to use liberally(up to five times) the promised starts and the promised minutes(up to what you can fulfill). Its cheap recruiting credit. And if you aren't going to be that good the next season anyway, might as well use it. Maybe you did, I don't know, but just a tip if you didn't.
4/28/2014 10:15 AM
No one says you get money for more than 6. Recently someone else was confused by this as well and asked about it and the topic was discussed, so perhaps you saw some of that thread and not the resolution where folks cleared it up.

While the FAQ is weak in many areas this information is readily available

Q: How much money do I get for recruiting?
A: Your recruiting budget is based on 4 factors:
  • 1. Which division are you in? DIII schools will receive much less per open scholarship than DI schools
  • 2. How many scholarships do you have open
  • 3. How did my team/conference do in the National Tournament?
  • 4. Any money carried over from the previous season (up to 25% can be carried over if all scholarships have been filled).
If a team is not renewed, then National Tournament money and carry over money are both wiped out - that way all new coaches will begin at the same level. At DIII, schools receive approximately $3,000 per open scholarship - DII receives around $5,000 per open scholarship - DI receives around $15,000 per open scholarship.

NOTE: there is a maximum recruiting budget which is the equivalent of the monies you would receive for having 6 open scholarships. If, for example, you have 8 open scholarships you would still receive the same amount of money as if you had 6 open scholarships. The maximum does not include money rolled over from a prior season or monies from the National Tournament (see below).
4/28/2014 10:17 AM

11 openings is hard - but one can handle it.  Views may differ, but I think about it this way

- you get money for 6 schollies plus any post season money
- your team wont be good the first season anyhow
- so, sign some guys very cheaply with promises of starts and/or minutes helping - let them start
- sign some jucos/transfers - you MUST since a class cannot exceed 6 players (also in FAQ somewhere)
- spend big on a couple of guys who will be excellent players in the long term

4/28/2014 10:29 AM
I would say that you basically need 5 starters minimally.  So I would use this as a building project.  I would try to sign 5-7 guys who have good potential ... that still leaves you 4-6 guys to sign next year.

One can play zone with 8 players on a regular basis ... easier with 9 but it can be done with 8.  In fact, I did quite well with 9 players and always using 3 as a buffer to sign better players at Mississippi State in Wooden (Seasons 63-68 ... then I stopped playing due to work related time constraints).

During that run, I tried to keep 2-3 open scholarships every year and sign 2-3 players on 5-6 scholarships with of money, effectively doubling (up to 2.5 times actually) the amount I had for each player.

It does mean that you have to play young players all the time and you have many early entries ... but at Div-1, the only way one can complete with the "A+ prestige teams" is to recruit "2 or 3" with "5 or 6" spots worth of cash as you have to get the top players to compete in the tourney at the Div-1 level.

It is easier to sign better players at Div-3 and Div-2 so you likely do not need to keep scholarships open to do a 3 for 6 scenario there, though it should work at those levels as well.
4/28/2014 10:50 AM
Tough break etta. Good luck with the season. Sometimes those lessons are tough to learn, but run that team the best you can and as always, plan for future seasons.

Good luck!!

4/28/2014 11:05 AM
Here are some suggestions based on the sim:
  • You must run motion & zone and play at slowdown tempo.
  • Set team practice minutes to 25 & 25 on motion & zone and all individuals to at least 20 conditioning.
  • You need to start McDowell, but he's already got 100 WE.  No need to extend him a scholarship, however...
  • Choose 1 of your walkons to extend a scholarship offer based on their upside.
When a walkon gets a scholarship, their WE jumps to 100 (I believe, always).  That would give you only 6 players under scholarship and wouldn't affect your budget for next season.   If you posted the walkons' potentials, then I could tell you which one to choose.  Good luck.
4/28/2014 11:22 AM
I doubt that any of his walkons are worthy of a scholarship, regardless of their potentials.  

The one with the best ATH is a '9' on defense.  The one with the most speed is a '5' on defense. I'd let them all leave
4/28/2014 11:36 AM
In anything like a normal situation, I'd agree.  But there are only 5 players under scholarship and 1 is ineligible this season.  Giving 1 walk-on a scholarship would have zero affect on recruiting for next season and might make some improvement on the results for this season.    

I'm not saying you might not decide to cut him before signings start next season, but, for a motion & zone team, you really should take a couple walk-ons to be able to spend more of the budget on other players.
4/28/2014 12:01 PM
I see what you're saying. I'd never thought of it like that. 

A related question:  If he offers  a scholarship to a walkon, then cuts him, will it affect his reputation rating?
4/28/2014 12:10 PM
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Sooooo has anyone ever won a game with 4 players? Topic

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