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To anybody that is interested in this league here is some more information for you.

Each team will draft 25 $200K players.  Once the season starts you will get 60/20 Way Above Average fictitious AAA players, which you will keep from season to season.  After the first season is completed we will hold a draft, through a private forum.  How the draft will be conducted is still in the works (either linear which is 1-24, then 1-24 again or snake 1-24 then 24-1).  I want to figure out a way to curb tanking, I know we all want a top 10 pick but I don't want teams making it a joke by playing their worst players at the end of the season when other teams are trying to get into the playoffs.  I am looking at even doing a Lottery system for the 16 teams that don't make the playoffs, just an idea at this point though.  Let's not worry about the draft till we get our first even season started.

We will select two players after the first season is complete.  The players you draft can be from any season that player played, it is not limited.  If I pick first and I pick Babe Ruth than I get to pick any season that I want.  Once I select Babe Ruth he is off limits to everybody else.  The next season I can pick a different season for Babe Ruth if I want to, my call since I own him.  I own Babe Ruth till I trade him away or the league disbands and we start over.  I would like to get in at least 5 seasons though, so if you join up please have that in mind. 

The Second season will start with each team selecting 23 $200K players and their two drafted players.  Then I will ask Whatif to give us all our AAA players from the previous season.  Once we have all confirmed that we have the correct AAA players and everything looks good we will begin the second season.

After the Second season is complete we will begin the draft again.  Right now I have it listed to draft 3 players, I am open to moving this up to 4 if everybody else wants it this way.  Again, how the draft is conducted, Snake or Linear, will be decided during the second season. 

The Third season will begin once all the teams have drafted all their $200k players and all their drafted players and after Whatif supplies all teans with your returning AAA players. 

The payroll will stay at $255 million, yes this makes it tough for the winners in the TOC but I don't want to limit us when we get to later seasons. 

Any other ideas let me know.  I am open to discuss anything with this league.  Any questions, ask away.  Good luck to all who join up.
4/28/2014 11:44 AM
Do the AAA players progress through their careers or do we have the same player and season for the duration?
7/8/2014 2:18 PM
i dont think you can carry ficticious players over to a new year. 
7/23/2014 7:39 PM
MLB108885 Progressive League Topic

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