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I never had this happen before.  I had a player considering me at the DIII level.  I didn't offer a schollie b/c he is a mediocre player and I am waiting to see if an DII back-up options become available.  FSS is giving the typical "had some attention from, keeping options wide open..." response from the 2AM update.  However, at 11AM he stopped considering me.  He is not considering anybody else and I did nothing (like telling him of RS) to lose recruiting credit.  Do I lose credit for not offering a scholarship?  Should I be able to get him considering again with a couple of phone calls? Thanks in advance for any help.  
5/4/2014 11:15 AM
yeah, not having a scholarship offer after signings will slowly cause a player to like you less. you should be able to get him back fairly easily, but im not sure just a couple calls is enough.
5/4/2014 11:25 AM
Thanks, definitely didn't know that.
5/4/2014 11:35 AM
Well, he is considering me again with no additional effort.  Glitch, or something I'm missing?
5/4/2014 2:06 PM
If you checked exactly at the cycle time, there's a few seconds where the considering players will become 'undecided' while the cycle change is occurring. They they revert back to considering you. Maybe that happened??
5/4/2014 2:16 PM
Posted by piman314 on 5/4/2014 2:06:00 PM (view original):
Well, he is considering me again with no additional effort.  Glitch, or something I'm missing?
consider if the last poster is possibly right, if you checked right at 11, that could be it. how much effort do you have into the guy? that would give us a clue. if that doesn't pan out, i wonder... the threshold it takes players to be considered goes down later in recruiting, too. im not sure if its done steadily or at intervals or what, no clue. i wonder if its possible the guy stopped considering you because your considering credit went down, but then the considering threshold dropped and so you were back? i don't know, it seems unlikely, the 11:00 theory is probably the best bet.
5/4/2014 3:24 PM
No definitely not the 11:00 AM theory, I know about that and I checked at like 11:10 and then checked again after I put my son down for a nap at like 12:30.  It isn't a big deal and didn't effect anything, just found it odd.  I have 4 scouting trips in the guy, which I don't know if I should say since recruiting is still going on, but it's Tark and most teams are done or close to it so I don't think it does any harm.  He's at the DIII level (same as my team), didn't pull him down, I think 10 miles from me.  I would guess your right, that with no schollie offer my credit dropped below the threshold of being considered for one cycle, then he had his level of what was needed to be considered drop back below the level I had put into him.  Again, didn't effect me, I had just never run into it before today and found it odd.
5/4/2014 3:43 PM
Consideration stopped Topic

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