Take a look at my Mizzou team. 

I'm a bit overloaded at PF and short on guards. I'm really hoping that not this season, but next season, either Ayers or Harwood can play SF... anyone think it might be a good idea? I'm on the fence, but if it works it'll help my roster take shape. 

BTW - Harwood is still avg or high in everything except speed and passing, Ayers still has room to grow in speed, LP and PER

Do you think either will be able to play SF after a season of growth? 

5/8/2014 5:56 PM
shameless bump - hoping for an answer on Ayers or Harwood at SF
5/9/2014 4:20 PM
I like defense.......Ayers

Fwiw I know absolutely nothing about DI
5/9/2014 4:36 PM
yeah, you could play either of them at sf. ayres would be solid, hardwood would definitely be a defensive liability, that ath/spd isn't great and the def is poor. then again, hes a defensive liability anywhere you play him, so thats a bit tricky. put less emphasis on filling your spots and more on signing strong players in at least 2 core abilities (off, def, reb, guard skills), that should help you as you try to break into the A range.
5/9/2014 9:43 PM
Since you're short on guards i'd definitely move Ayres to SF and maybe have Wells backing him up (he doesnt really have a position as he's no better than 5th or 6th at any one position with PF probably being his best option)
any particular reason you started Whitehead over Borges in your exhibition game?

5/11/2014 2:00 AM
I would actually start Ayres at SF .. This is what I think I would do:

PG:  Koscinski, Laureano, Scott
SG: Hong, Laureano, Scott, Wells
SF: Ayres, Wells, Laureano, Scott,
PF: Borges, Whitehead, Wells, Harwood
C:   Reynolds, Whitehead, Wells, Harwood

(I might leave Wells off of the SG and play a couple games and make sure a 4th man is not needed there ... also, Wells and Harwood are very close for the 3rd/4th man at Center)

5/11/2014 7:15 AM
Started whitehead caused I stupidly promised a start.
5/12/2014 11:15 AM
If Harwood has that much room to improve and only a 42 WE, then you need to start him or play him significant minutes.  SF is a better fit than any other.  Ayres, if he has no room to grow in ATH & STAM, is not a starter.  Decent off the bench.  I would never start him.  Starting Whitehead is a brilliant move.  I'd give the depth chart (with a view to player development):

PG: Koscinski, Laureano, Hong
SG: Hong, Scott, Laureano,
SF: Harwood, Wells, Laureano, Ayres*  (*Assuming Russo will be cut after the season.)
PF: Whitehead, Wells, Ayres 
C:   Borges, Reynolds, Ayres      
5/12/2014 12:02 PM
really? never start ayres? He's not perfect, but with 99 defense and not horrible ath/speed for a PF/SF he's a starter in my book - especially above wells.

And yes, Russo is getting cut at the end of the season. I took a flier on him with 3k at the end of recruiting hoping to catch some good potentials, but I struck out with him. 

Right now I'm running with this, but i'm considering starting borges at C, which would be trading rebounding for defense. But iwth Ayres at SF< I have more rebounding that I'm used to. 

PG: Kos, Laureno, Scott
SG: Hoing, Scott, Laureno
SF: Ayres: Lauren, Scott
PF: Whitehead, Borges, harwood
C: Reynolds, Borges, Harwood

5/14/2014 11:56 AM
"BTW - Harwood is still avg or high in everything except speed and passing, Ayers still has room to grow in speed, LP and PER" - if that statement was accurate, then I would be inclined to let Ayres come off the bench and get Harwood to start improving.

Ayres just doesn't do much of anything for you; he'd need more ATH to be a defensive stopper at D1; he'd need a good bit more of the skill attributes to score well too.  I'm guessing with that WE already in the 80s, that he'll max out regardless (if he hasn't already).  On the other hand, Harwood sounds like he might develop into a very good forward depending on which of those categories are blue & black (and how blue), but he needs starts and minutes to do that. 

When I compare Ayres' abilities with Wells', I think I favor Wells, but I'm an ATH-man.

5/14/2014 3:31 PM

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