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Most people fall in love with baseball as children so I have an idea for a boyhood idol league.   The premise is you post your 8 favorite position players, 4 starting pitchers and 1 closer. In addition, you must identify the following:

Your Birth year:  1968 for me
First year you attended a game:  1976 for me
Vote for DH:  YES
Stadiums:  Any stadium in existence after your 4th birthday.  

Pick 1 additional player from the year you attended your first game.  This will give us a position player pool of up to 216 players and a pitcher pool of up to 120 pitchers and an additional wilcard pool of up to 24 players.  After the lists are posted in the forum we will have a snake draft of 14 rounds if DH wins or 13 rounds if DH loses.  If players appear on multiple lists they can be drafted as many times as they are voted for.  For example if 10 people pick George Brett at third base he can be drafted up to 10 times in the snake draft.  The remaining players must be drafted from the 13 seasons from your 4th to 16th birthday and anyone in the draft pool is blacklisted from your selection process.  You can break out the remaining 11-12 any way you like but your drafted players must play a minimum of 120 games as position players, starters must start at least 27 games and your closer must lead your team in saves.  Basically those 11-12 players should be your bench and bullpen.  If the DH is the majority vote, your DH may come from this pool but remember any player chosen for draft is blacklisted as bench player.

Draft Rules for Snake Draft
You can pick any order you want but you must draft 1 each of C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, RP and Wildcard.  You must draft 3 OF and 4 SP.  If DH Loses vote based on your wildcard selection you can either use the position player in lieu of one of your draft picks and you may designate a 4 man rotation and move a pitcher to bullpen if your wildcard pick is a Pitcher.  IF DH wins anyone who picks a wildcard Hitter then must have all 9 hitters play 120 games.  If you pick a pitcher with the DH rule intact you may designate 4 starters and move your extra pticher to bullpen.  Starting Pitcher threshold is 27 starts so you have some flexibility if you need to rotate pitchers but 4 drafted SP must have min of 27 starts, RP must lead your team in Saves again if you end up with two drafted RP one of the 2 must lead your team in saves.  

My after snake draft pool of players would be from 1972-1984.  
You cannot name a player as your favorite if he did not play after your 4th birthday though you can twist a player to any year you want when you draft him.  When naming teams please use your birth year in team name.  Thanks.  

8/17/2014 11:53 AM (edited)
Cap will be 140 million tentatively but shouldn't be a factor with draft if it becomes one open to no cap to ensure you can draft your very best team..  Teams will be listed below.  Your favorite player can be someone you like as an adult so players after your 16th birthday can be put in your favorite player list.  Your first game year Wildcard cannot be twisted

1.  BubbaQ
2. Moneybonn
3.  TAVoorhees
4.  jedijeff
5.  bottomlee
6.  shysters3
7.  talismen25
8.  specsman
9.  firecapt
10. reddtrain
11.  fatboydad54
12.  coachgreat1
13.  bubloo
14.  yargespd1
15.  pick 1or2
16.  jvt87
17.  busterglen
18.  rjk2781
19.  poetfred

9/9/2014 8:13 PM (edited)
Bubbas Team

C   Thurman Munson
1B  Rod Carew
2B  Ryne Sandberg
3B  Graig Nettles
SS  Bucky Dent
OF  Dale Murphy
OF  David Justice
OF  Fred Lynn
SP  Catfish Hunter
SP   Ron Guidry
SP   Tom Glavine
SP   Tim Hudson
CL   Goose Gossage
76 Wildcard  Mark Fidrych

5/11/2014 5:22 PM (edited)
Player Pool     
C Fisk B Powell B Grich A Rosen A Rodriguez A Chapman 50 Doby
C Fisk D Mattingly B Richardson B Robinson B Campaneris B Lidge 61 Cash
G Carter E Murray C Utley B Robinson B Campaneris B Sutter 61 Gentile
G Carter E Murray D Lopes B Robinson B Dent B Wagner 61 Mantle
I Rodriguez F Thomas D Pedroia B Robinson B Larkin D Eckersley 62 F Robinson
I Rodriguez F Thomas F White C Boyer C Ripken D Radatz 63 Mays
I Rodriguez H Killebrew J Franco C Lansford C Ripken D Radatz 63 Siebern
J Bench H Killebrew J Lumpe D Wright E Banks D Ward 64 H Aaron
J Bench J Bagwell J Morgan E Martinez G Templeton G Gossage 68 Mclain
J Kendall K Hernandez J Morgan E Mathews L Aparicio G Gossage 69 Powell
M Piazza M Vaughn J Robinson G Brett L Aparicio J Papelbon 76 Fidrych
R Campanella P Rose J Robinson G Brett L Boudreau K Uehara 77 Sutter
T Munson R Carew J Samuel G Nettles M Belanger K Uehara 78 Parker
T Pena S Musial R Alomar H Killebrew M Wills L Arroyo 80 Moreno
T Simmons S Musial R Alomar M Schmidt N Garciaparra P Regan 82 Schmidt
Y Berra S Musial R Carew P Rose N Garciaparra R Fingers 84 Mcgee
Y Berra T Kluszeski R Sandberg R Santo O Smith R Fingers 88 Gibson
Y Berra T Perez R Sandberg R Ventura R Yount T Bonham 90 Canseco
Y Berra W Mccovey S Sax W Boggs T. Tresh T Hoffman 92 Sheffield
8/17/2014 12:10 PM (edited)
Player List Cont'd
OF       SP      
A Dawson J Dye R Henderson   B Feller F Valenzuela J Peavy R Clemens
A Kaline J Gonzalez R Jackson   B Gibson F Valenzuela J Verlander R Guidry
B Anderson J Rice R Jackson   B Gibson G Maddux K Brown R Guidry
B Bonds K Griffey Jr R Lankford   B Saberhagen G Maddux L Tiant R Honeycutt
B Murcer K Griffey Jr R Maris   C Carpenter G Maddux L Tiant R Johnson
C Yastremski K Griffey Jr T Gwynn   C Hough G Maddux L Tiant R Johnson
D Evans L Walker T Gwynn   C Hunter G Perry M Gubicza R Johnson
D Justice L Walker T Gwynn   C Hunter H Brecheen M Mussina S Carlton
D Murphy M Grissom T Oliva   C Hunter H Newhouser M Witt S Koufax
D Snider M Mantle T Raines   C Kershaw J Beckett N Ryan S Koufax
E Davis M Mantle T Raines   C Sale J Bunning N Ryan S Mcdowell
F Lynn M Mantle T Raines   C Schilling J Bunning N Ryan T Glavine
F Robinson M Mantle T Williams   D Drysdale J Candelaria O Hershiser T Glavine
F Robinson P Incaviglia T Williams   D Gooden J Horlen P Martinez T Hudson
G Foster R Ashburn W Mays   D Gooden J Marichal P Martinez T Seaver
G Sheffield R Clemente W Mays   D Mcnally J Marichal P Martinez V Blue
G Stanton R Colavito W Mays   D Stewart J Marichal P Martinez W Ford
H Aaron R Greer W Stargell   D Stieb J Palmer P Martinez W Spahn
J Dimaggio R Henderson W Wilson   E Blackwell J Palmer P Perez W. Ford
8/17/2014 12:14 PM (edited)
Love the theme and would play at a $100 million cap. You could still use favorite players, just not their best seasons.  Just my opinion.
5/12/2014 6:53 PM
I'm in, birth year 1972

C- tony Pena
1b - don Mattingly
2b - Davey Lopes
3b - mike Schmidt
Ss- Oz zie Smith
Of- willi Stargell
Of- Tim Raines
Of- Jim Rice
Sp- Dwight Gooden
sp- john Candelaria
Sp- Fernando Valenzuela
Sp - Dave Stieb
Rp- Bruce Sutter

1st game 1980- Omar Moreno

No to dh
5/12/2014 9:13 PM
I wanted the ability to use your favorite players best seasons and by using the game restrictions that should keep anyone from bumping against the cap. I don't see anybody reaching the 140 million but with a minimum of 4 starting pitchers and 8 or 9 potential studs I could see where you could blow past 120 mil pretty easy
5/12/2014 9:15 PM
DOB - 1971 
First game - 1984  

C - M. Piazza
1B - P. Rose
2B - S. Sax
SS - G. Templeton
3B - C. Lansford
OF - T. Gwynn
OF - R. Henderson
OF - R. Lankford
SP - F. Valenzuela
SP - R. Honeycutt
SP - G. Maddux
SP - D. Stewart
RP - T. Hoffman
1984 Wild Card - Willie McGee
5/12/2014 9:28 PM
Can your favorites be from any time after your 4th birthday or just from ages 4 - 16.  For example, my birth year is 1967 - can I only pick guys who played 1971-1983?  
5/12/2014 9:47 PM
Cap will be 140 million tentatively but shouldn't be a factor with draft if it becomes one open to no cap to ensure you can draft your very best team.. Teams will be listed below. Your favorite player can be someone you like as an adult so players after your 16th birthday can be put in your favorite player list. Your first game year Wildcard cannot be twisted

From 2nd post
5/13/2014 7:26 PM
Welcome all thanks for joining
5/14/2014 8:51 AM
Love the Willie Mcgee pick.  I lived in Alabama late 70's and my Dad took us to Nashville Suns minor league games all the time.  In 79 - 80 the Nashville Sounds had Willie Mcgee in Center, Don Mattingly in the OF, Buck Showalter at 1B.  My brother has a signed program with all 3 signatures.  Happy to see them both on list of favorites.  By the way Showalter was a beast but a couple of devasting injuries kept him from the majors.  
5/14/2014 9:19 AM
DOB 1969
First Game 1977
DH no
                                  1B  Frank Thomas
                                  2B  Ryne Sandberg
                                  3B  George Brett
                                  SS  Cal Ripken Jr
                                  OF  Barry Bonds
                                  OF  Ken Griffey Jr
                                  OF  Rickey Henderson
                                  C    Ivan Rodriguez
                                  SP  Greg Maddux
                                  SP  Randy Johnson
                                  SP  Tom Seaver
                                  SP  Dwight Gooden
                                  RP  Dennis Eckersley
                                  1977 Wild Card-  Bruce Sutter
5/14/2014 9:23 AM
What about stadiums?  Shouldn't they be where you saw your first MLB game?  Example mine was at Wrigley Field.
5/14/2014 9:28 AM
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