$120M Build-A-Blacklist IV - FULL Topic

Welcome to the fourth season of Build-A-Blacklist.  Theme details are below, but here's how this will work:

After each season, 10 new players will be added to the permanent blacklist, as follows:
AL Cy Young
NL Cy Young
AL Fireman
NL Fireman
League HR Champion (ties broken by highest AVG first, then RBI)
League SB Champion (ties broken by highest AVG first, then RBI)
League AVG Champion (ties broken by highest HR first, then RBI)
And the tenth man will be chosen by the owner of the World Series-losing team.  He gets to blacklist one player from his opponent's roster who had a salary greater than $1M.  A small measure of revenge.

If the same player wins both leagues' MVP or Cy Young or Fireman awards in the same season, then I'll look at the second place finisher in each league and blacklist the one whose team had the most regular season wins.  If a player wins the MVP but is also the league HR, SB, or AVG champ, then second place in the HR, SB, or AVG race will be added to the blacklist.  No matter what, 10 new players will be blacklisted after each season.  Once a player is blacklisted, ALL seasons of that player are blacklisted and may never be used again.  Details below...

No Clones
Any player except those blacklisted
Any stadium
24 teams, randomly aligned
WW allowed
Injuries on

Season I - WaitNSee
Season II - mxw6
Season III - WaitNSee

Season I Blacklist
AL MVP - Ty Cobb
NL MVP - Mickey Mantle
AL Cy Young - Ed Walsh (Addie Joss blacklisted as runner-up on team with most wins)
NL Cy Young - Ed Walsh
AL Fireman - Dennis Eckersley
NL Fireman - Mariano Rivera
HR Champ - Babe Ruth
SB Champ - Rickey Henderson
AVG Champ - Tip O'Neill
WS Wild Card - Willie McGee

Season II Blacklist
AL MVP - Pete Rose 
NL MVP - Ted Williams 
AL Cy Young - Pete Alexander 
NL Cy Young - Christy Mathewson 
AL Fireman - Koji Uehara 
NL Fireman - Craig Kimbrel 
HR Champ - Ted Kluszewski 
SB Champ - Billy Hamilton
AVG Champ - Nap Lajoie 
WS Wild Card - Walter Johnson

Season III Blacklist
AL MVP - Joe Jackson
NL MVP - Kenny Lofton
AL Cy Young - Claude Hendrix
NL Cy Young - Mordecai Brown
AL Fireman - Eric Gagne
NL Fireman - Joey Devine
HR Champ - Jimmie Foxx
SB Champ - Vince Coleman
AVG Champ - George Sisler
WS Wild Card - Tris Speaker

Season IV Blacklist
AL MVP - Lou Gehrig
NL MVP - Hugh Duffy
AL Cy Young - Pedro Martinez
NL Cy Young - Silver King
AL Fireman - Rich Gossage
NL Fireman - Zane Smith
HR Champ - Lou Gehrig (Cy Williams blacklisted as runner-up)
SB Champ - Willie Wilson
AVG Champ - Ed Delahanty
WS Wild Card - Zeke Bonura
7/23/2014 9:35 PM (edited)
For those who prefer to see the blacklist alphabetically...

Cobb, Ty
Coleman, Vince
Foxx, Jimmie
Hamilton, Billy
Henderson, Rickey
Jackson, Joe
Kluszewski, Ted
Lajoie, Nap
Lofton, Kenny
Mantle, Mickey
McGee, Willie
O'Neill, Tip
Rose, Pete
Ruth, Babe
Sisler, George
Speaker, Tris
Williams, Ted

Alexander, Pete
Brown, Mordecai
Devine, Joey
Eckersley, Dennis
Gagne, Eric
Hendrix, Claude
Johnson, Walter
Joss, Addie
Kimbrel, Craig
Mathewson, Christy
Rivera, Mariano
Uehara, Koji
Walsh, Ed
5/11/2014 2:59 PM
I'll come back in if there are openings
5/12/2014 2:14 PM
League number is there for everyone.  No sign-ups for this league, just put your team in.
5/12/2014 4:19 PM
2/3 full already
5/14/2014 10:50 PM
Will work on a team tonight.
5/16/2014 3:45 PM
You may want to work quickly, mensu.  We're down to 2 openings left.
5/16/2014 5:34 PM
$120M Build-A-Blacklist IV - FULL Topic

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