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Posted by erne6 on 6/5/2014 2:46:00 PM (view original):
I noticed brianjw used his first 9 picks for pitchers. Maybe that is the secret??
This was a change for me; I'm normally a hitting first guy. But I realised that there is much more agreement over who the best pitchers are than who the best hitters are. I think having ERC# in the search makes it a bit easy. That's not a perfect measure of value of course. But the rule "Draft the best ERC# you can get with the $ you have to spare" is a pretty good approximation to the ideal. There is nothing like that for hitters.

So there are almost no hidden gems on the pitching side by the middle of a draft, but there are plenty on the hitting side. And that's especially true in a low to mid cap draft. If I did this over, I might have gone even heavier on pitching, and not been left with Mike Maddux pitching crucial innings.
6/8/2014 2:18 AM
I draft my staff with ErC3 as my primary category, using other stats to fine-tune selections.  Back when Wissearch was around, the closest batting stat to ERC# I found was RC27#, I used it all the time.  Of course, we don't have that in WIS ...
6/8/2014 12:54 PM
Hey, I broke up those Killer B's.
6/10/2014 4:29 PM
Posted by schwarze on 6/10/2014 4:29:00 PM (view original):
Hey, I broke up those Killer B's.
Yes you did, what was more impressive is that you did it after drafting Elton Chamberlain
6/11/2014 9:14 AM
Something doesn't seem right with the last update...  I know brianjw is doing really well but I can't see his teams gaining 20 points when they've only played 2 games each  between the update from 62 games to 64.  My preliminary addition via standings have it 193, 189, 179 with the order still brianjw, me then schwarze (didn't look if he got passed).

Consider I've gone 5 for 5 the past 2 cycles, I was kinda surprised I lost ground/got passed 
6/11/2014 9:34 AM
yeah, something is wrong - I zip right through these updates, copying/pasting/deleting rows columns/adding formulas and sorting a few times different ways to parse the data I want.  I must have made a mistake somewhere.  I will update again this afternoon.
6/11/2014 11:44 AM
Yep, I expected to fall back after a 2-8 performance the last two sessions.
6/11/2014 12:09 PM
Pythagoras where art thou? We are currently playing between .60 and .80 % points below our expected record in each league!
6/14/2014 9:58 AM
Through 80 Games

brianjw 238
buddhagamer 227
schwarze 226
Trentonjoe 220
barracuda3 219
batandball 218
dorkster 217
mpitt76 215
SpotSell 206
mllama54 202
pinotfan 201
cholatse 198
razorclams 198
ybjsports 197
ghsisler 193
besterateam 193
calhoop 191
snuffy45 191
horus_6 188
markeking 188
contrarian23 184
reddtrain 181
pmars2001 164
erne6 145

6/16/2014 2:00 PM
Thank you for not doing any differentials between updates.  I don't want to see just how bad a tailspin I am in.
6/17/2014 10:06 PM
My five teams are on a pace to win 104, 100, 96, 86 and...... wait for it..... 69 games.

I'm not sure if I'm more shocked that three teams are doing extremely well, or that one team is doing extremely poorly. 
6/19/2014 2:18 PM (edited)
Well my teams tried to keep up with Brianjw, but seems to have fallen off the pace dramatically.  Maybe schwarze can make a run at him instead.
6/19/2014 5:02 PM
Through 92 Games

brianjw 275
schwarze 261
dorkster 258
buddhagamer 255
Trentonjoe 253
mpitt76 250
batandball 248
barracuda3 246
mllama54 235
cholatse 231
SpotSell 231
razorclams 230
snuffy45 229
ybjsports 229
pinotfan 228
besterateam 222
ghsisler 220
calhoop 219
markeking 219
horus_6 214
contrarian23 208
reddtrain 206
pmars2001 186
erne6 167

6/20/2014 1:47 PM
SpotSell, feel free to leave old posts up (instead of replacing them).  I like to see trends.
6/20/2014 2:54 PM
Consistently average: all five of my teams have 45-48 wins.
6/21/2014 3:10 AM
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