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funkybbfreak; bublooo; coled;  busterglen; shawbigred;  papalon; MMTDad; trippercat; nattyboy; yatagon; 
marcstuart;  italyprof; tribe_fan_09; rattlers; maddawg; tigerpaw23
6/23/2014 9:06 PM (edited)

First step will be the franchise draft. I will generate a random order of our 16 owners. Each owner selects their franchise and then we pause for everyone to post their keepers (I will start a separate thread for that). And then we can proceed with the regular draft, which will be in reverse order of the franchise round. 

6/23/2014 9:06 PM (edited)

Franchise round draft order:

There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. nattyboy - Cleveland Indians
  2. coled - Seattle Mariners
  3. bublooo - Baltimore Orioles
  4. tigerpaw23 - San Diego Padres
  5. MMTDad - New York Yankees
  6. maddawg - Boston Red Sox
  7. papalon - Houston Astros
  8. funkybbfreak - San Francisco Giants
  9. italyprof - Los Angeles Dodgers
  10. yatagon - Texas Rangers
  11. busterglen - Chicago Cubs
  12. rattlers - Milwaukee Brewers
  13. tribe_fan_09 - Cincinnati Reds
  14. shawbigred - Detroit Tigers
  15. trippercat - Philadelphia Phillies
  16.  marcstuart - St. Louis Cardinals

Timestamp: 2014-06-23 23:03:20 UTC

Available franchises: 


Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies


Chicago Cubs
Detroit Tigers
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians


Houston Astros
Milwaukee Brewers
St. Louis Cardinals
Texas Rangers


Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners

6/26/2014 9:18 PM (edited)
6/23/2014 7:36 PM
I will take Cleveland 
6/23/2014 7:53 PM
I'll go with Seattle
6/23/2014 8:46 PM
I will take the Baltimore Orioles please
6/23/2014 11:15 PM
We're playing the 1995 season, yes? And why no Braves?
6/24/2014 9:59 AM
San Diego Padres
6/24/2014 10:06 AM
New York Yankees
6/24/2014 10:45 AM
Posted by tigerpaw23 on 6/24/2014 9:59:00 AM (view original):
We're playing the 1995 season, yes? And why no Braves?
Yes, '95.

I picked the teams based mostly on market size, using the 1990 census, so the teams are from the most populated cities, except for Cincinnati, which got a pass for being the first professional team. Atlanta just barely missed the cut. I thought it would be a perfectly random and slightly realistic way of determining who got contracted. 

And of course all of those Braves players will be available in our draft.

6/24/2014 12:12 PM
To paraphrase Roger Angell, "Make mine Boston." Ill take the Sawx.
6/24/2014 1:15 PM
Houston Astros
6/24/2014 7:23 PM
Drat. Now I need to decide who to take, I had the 'Stros in my sights. 

Off to do a little more research, will be back shortly. 

6/24/2014 7:27 PM
I was coveting the Astros, but I'll be ok with the best player in the game on my San Francisco Giants. 
6/24/2014 8:16 PM
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1995 Post-Strike Baseball Franchise Draft Topic

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