2011 NFL Pro League Available Thread Topic

This Thread will post the Available Rookies & Cuts (and prior year Undrafted) players for the 2011 Draft.

"Rules for determining draft order:

The draft order is determined by first generating the order for the first round. That order is based generally on each team's regular season record, with the exception of the two Super Bowl contestants, who are placed at the end of the draft order. Tiebreakers and specifics are as follows:

1. The winners of the Super Bowl are given the last selection and the losers the second to last selection.

2. Teams that made the playoffs are then ordered by how they performed in the playoffs. The conference championship losers receive the third and fourth to last selections. Next are the four teams who lost in the divisional round, followed by the four teams who lost in the wild card round. Each team is ordered within this primary order by their regular-season record.

3. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record.

4. Remaining ties are broken by strength of schedule. For draft order, a lower strength of schedule results in an earlier pick. If strength of schedule does not resolve a tie, division and/or conference tiebreakers may be used. If the tie still cannot be broker, a coin toss is used to determine draft order. (Note: Strength of schedule is the combined records of the team's 16 opponents, including games played against the team in question, and counting divisional opponents twice. Because of this, each team's opponents' combined wins and losses - counting a tie as a half-win, half-loss - will add up to 256, so a team whose opponents had more combined wins has a better strength of schedule.)"

6/7/2014 12:38 PM
Franchises (8):

F Atlanta Falcons
F Carolina Panthers
F Cleveland Browns
F Denver Broncos
F Houston Texans
F Jacksonville Jaguars
F Minnesota Vikings
F New Orleans Saints
6/7/2014 12:42 PM

Defenses (13):

D Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $21,074,000
D Carolina Panthers NFL Cut $14,107,000
D Detroit Lions NFL Cut $19,091,000
D Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $15,230,000
D Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Cut $23,714,000
D Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $16,216,000
D New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $18,717,000
D Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $17,503,000
D San Diego Chargers NFL Cut $18,543,000
D St. Louis Rams NFL Cut $17,653,000
D Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Cut $11,528,000
D Tennessee Titans NFL Cut $21,172,000
D Washington Redskins NFL Cut $20,323,000

7/23/2014 6:07 PM (edited)

Offensive Lines (10):

OL Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $2,805,000
OL Chicago Bears NFL Cut $3,239,000
OL Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $4,098,000
OL Cleveland Browns NFL Cut $3,130,250
OL Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Cut $2,919,250
OL Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $3,567,500
OL Miami Dolphins NFL Cut $3,106,500
OL Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Cut $3,913,000
OL Seattle Seahawks NFL Cut $2,893,750
OL St. Louis Rams NFL Cut $2,644,750
7/22/2014 12:41 AM (edited)

Special Teams (12):

ST Carolina Panthers NFL Cut $2,269,000
ST Detroit Lions NFL Cut $2,773,000
ST Green Bay Packers NFL Cut $3,637,000
ST Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $901,000
ST Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Cut $2,824,000
ST Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $3,049,000
ST Miami Dolphins NFL Cut $4,036,000
ST New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $4,666,000
ST New York Giants NFL Cut $3,022,000
ST Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $2,662,000
ST San Diego Chargers NFL Cut $3,325,000
ST Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Cut $3,361,000
7/26/2014 8:20 PM (edited)

Rookies (10):

QB Dalton, Andy TCU $5,442,602
QB Gabbert, Blaine Missouri $2,336,899
QB Hanie, Caleb Colorado State $325,000
QB Kafka, Mike Northwestern $325,000
QB Locker, Jake Washington  $595,949
QB Newton, Cam Auburn  $7,871,849
QB Painter, Curtis Purdue $1,753,956
QB Palko, Tyler Pittsburgh $442,824
QB Ponder, Christian Florida State $1,694,507
QB Yates, T.J. North Carolina $1,277,391 
7/27/2014 9:27 AM (edited)

Cuts & Undrafted (6):

QB Batch, Charlie NFL Cut $325,000
QB Brunell, Mark NFL Cut $325,000
QB McCown, Luke NFL Cut $325,000
QB Redman, Chris NFL Cut $325,000
QB Wallace, Seneca NFL Cut $325,000
QB Webb, Joe NFL Cut $325,000

7/27/2014 9:27 AM (edited)
Running Backs:

Rookies (32):

RB Battle, Jackie Houston $2,665,265
RB Brinkley, Curtis Syracuse  $818,560
RB Carter, Delone Syracuse $1,696,258
RB Casey, James Rice $1,021,358
RB Clay, Charles Tulsa  $873,089
RB Collins, Jed Washington State $569,782
RB Dwyer, Jonathan Georgia Tech  $802,866
RB Hardesty, Montario Tennessee  $1,584,408
RB Helu, Roy Nebraska $3,954,994
RB Hunter, Kendall Oklahoma State $2,525,008
RB Hynoski, Henry none $629,003
RB Ingram, Mark Alabama  $2,272,208
RB Johnson, Jeremiah Oregon  $783,858
RB Johnson, Quinn LSU  $369,208
RB Larsen, Spencer Arizona  $715,903
RB Lumpkin, Kregg Georgia   $1,832,550
RB Madu, Mossis Oklahoma   $754,537
RB Miller, Bruce Central Florida   $621,602
RB Murray, DeMarco Oklahoma  $4,502,311
RB Ogbonnaya, Chris Texas   $2,181,116
RB Ridley, Stevan LSU  $2,055,274
RB Rodgers, Jacquizz Oregon State $1,640,142
RB Royster, Evan Penn State $1,900,896
RB Saine, Brandon Ohio State $801,141
RB Sherman, Anthony Connecticut   $554,903
RB Starks, James Buffalo $3,242,170
RB Tanner, Phillip Middle Tennessee State $587,413
RB Tate, Ben Auburn   $4,339,095
RB Thomas, Daniel Kansas State $2,550,399
RB Vereen, Shane California $486,669
RB Ware, D.J. Georgia $1,596,021
RB Young, Darrel Villanova  $843,211 
7/26/2014 8:54 AM (edited)
Running Backs:

Cuts & Undrafted (7):

RB Best, Jahvid NFL Cut $2,428,030
RB Faulk, Kevin NFL Cut $654,408
RB Hall, Ahmard NFL Cut $599,826
RB Leonard, Brian NFL Cut $1,261,897
RB Mughelli, Ovie NFL Cut $391,318
RB Norwood, Jerious NFL Cut $461,450
RB Robinson, Michael NFL Cut $556,143
7/26/2014 8:53 AM (edited)
Wide Receivers:

Rookies (39):

WR Arrington, Adrian Michigan   $325,000
WR Baldwin, Doug Stanford   $1,721,896
WR Baldwin, Jonathan Pittsburgh  $711,035
WR Briscoe, Dezmon Kansas  $1,164,676
WR Brown, Vincent San Diego State $752,112
WR Cobb, Randall Kentucky   $934,996
WR Cruz, Victor Massachusetts  $2,515,245
WR Curry, Dominique California (PA) $325,000
WR Doss, Tandon Indiana  $325,000
WR Edwards, Armanti Appalachian State $325,000
WR Gates, Clyde Tyler J.C. (TX) $325,000
WR Goodman, Richard Florida State $325,000
WR Green, A.J. Georgia  $1,983,905
WR Hankerson, Leonard Miami (FL)  $407,003
WR Harris, Dwayne East Carolina  $325,000
WR Hawkins, Andrew Toledo  $776,008
WR Horne, Jeremy Massachusetts  $325,000
WR Jernigan, Jerrel Troy   $325,000
WR Jones, Julio Alabama   $1,727,264
WR Kerley, Jeremy TCU  $951,707
WR Little, Greg North Carolina  $1,718,827
WR Meier, Kerry Kansas  $325,000
WR Moore, Denarius Tennessee  $1,321,523
WR Norwood, Jordan none $774,780
WR Paul, Niles Nebraska   $325,000
WR Pettis, Austin Boise State $858,257
WR Pilares, Kealoha Hawaii  $325,000
WR Price, Taylor Ohio  $325,000
WR Pruitt, Julius Ouachita Baptist $325,000
WR Salas, Greg Hawaii $693,447
WR Sampson, DeMarco San Diego State $325,000
WR Sanzenbacher, Dane Ohio State $865,912
WR Shorts, Cecil Mount Union  $325,000
WR Smith, Torrey Maryland  $1,783,372
WR Walters, Bryan Cornell   $325,000
WR West, Chastin Fresno State $457,879
WR Whalen, Ryan Stanford  $325,000
WR Williams, LaQuan Maryland  $325,000
WR Young, Titus Boise State $1,540,800 
7/26/2014 8:52 AM (edited)
Wide Receivers:

Cuts & Undrafted (42):

WR Ajirotutu, Seyi NFL Cut $325,000
WR Anderson, David NFL Cut $325,000
WR Armstrong, Anthony NFL Cut $325,000
WR Aromashodu, Devin NFL Cut $1,039,823
WR Banks, Brandon NFL Cut $325,000
WR Battle, Arnaz NFL Cut $325,000
WR Butler, Deon NFL Cut $325,000
WR Clayton, Michael NFL Cut $325,000
WR Copper, Terrance NFL Cut $325,000
WR Cosby, Quan Texas    $325,000
WR Davis, Rashied NFL Cut $325,000
WR Evans, Lee NFL Cut $325,000
WR Gonzalez, Anthony NFL Cut $325,000
WR Holley, Jesse North Carolina $325,000
WR Hurd, Sam NFL Cut $325,000
WR Johnson, Bryant NFL Cut $325,000
WR Logan, Stefan South Dakota $325,000
WR Mariani, Marc Montana   $325,000
WR Martin, Ruvell NFL Cut $325,000
WR Miller, Nick Southern Utah $325,000
WR Mitchell, Carlton South Florida $325,000
WR Moore, Marlon Fresno State $325,000
WR Osgood, Kassim NFL Cut $325,000
WR Robiskie, Brian NFL Cut $325,000
WR Roby, Courtney NFL Cut $325,000
WR Schilens, Chaz NFL Cut $774,212
WR Sims-Walker, Mike NFL Cut $419,795
WR Slater, Matthew UCLA $325,000
WR Smith, Steve NFL Cut $360,046
WR Stovall, Maurice NFL Cut $325,000
WR Stroughter, Sammie NFL Cut $325,000
WR Stuckey, Chansi NFL Cut $325,000
WR Swain, Brett San Diego State $325,000
WR Tate, Brandon NFL Cut $325,000
WR Thomas, Devin NFL Cut $325,000
WR Turner, Patrick USC $325,000
WR Underwood, Tiquan NFL Cut $325,000
WR Urban, Jerheme NFL Cut $325,000
WR Weems, Eric Bethune-Cookman  $331,433
WR White, Blair NFL Cut $325,000
WR Williams, Kyle Arizona State $672,391
WR Willis, Matt UCLA $648,062
7/27/2014 9:28 AM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Rookies (23):

TE Adams, Kyle Purdue  $325,000
TE Ausberry, David USC   $325,000
TE Ballard, Jake Ohio State $1,425,132
TE Brockel, Richie Boise State $325,000
TE Cameron, Jordan USC   $325,000
TE Caussin, Mike James Madison $325,000
TE Cloherty, Colin Brown  $325,000
TE Cochart, Colin none $325,000
TE Gordon, Richard Miami (FL)  $325,000
TE Green, Virgil Nevada-Reno  $325,000
TE Kendricks, Lance Wisconsin $956,458
TE Housler, Rob Florida Atlantic $395,158
TE McCoy, Anthony USC   $419,309
TE McNeill, Mike Nebraska  $325,000
TE Pianalto, Zack North Carolina   $325,000
TE Reisner, Allen Iowa   $325,000
TE Rudolph, Kyle Notre Dame  $825,524
TE Saunders, Weslye South Carolina  $325,000
TE Smith, Lee Tennessee  $325,000
TE Stocker, Luke Tennessee  $352,673
TE Taylor, Ryan North Carolina  $325,000
TE Thomas, Julius Portland State $325,000
TE Williams, D.J. Arkansas  $325,000 
7/27/2014 9:29 AM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Cuts & Undrafted (31):

TE Bajema, Billy NFL Cut $325,000
TE Becht, Anthony NFL Cut $325,000
TE Beckum, Travis NFL Cut $325,000
TE Dray, Jim Stanford $325,000
TE Eldridge, Brody Oklahoma $325,000
TE Gilmore, John NFL Cut $325,000
TE Graham, Daniel NFL Cut $325,000
TE Gronkowski, Dan Maryland $325,000
TE Harris, Clark Rutgers $325,000
TE Hartsock, Ben NFL Cut $325,000
TE Hill, Anthony Arkansas  $325,000
TE Jennings, Brian NFL Cut $325,000
TE Johnson, David Arkansas State $350,669
TE Leach, Mike William & Mary $325,000
TE Lee, Donald NFL Cut $351,408
TE Mastrud, Jeron Kansas State $325,000
TE Morrah, Cameron California $325,000
TE Mulligan, Matthew NFL Cut $325,000
TE O'Connell, Jake Miami (OH) $325,000
TE Palmer, Michael Clemson $325,000
TE Pascoe, Bear Fresno State $391,355
TE Paulsen, Logan NFL Cut $377,932
TE Peelle, Justin NFL Cut $325,000
TE Potter, Zach Nebraska $325,000
TE Rosario, Dante NFL Cut $325,000
TE Snow, Justin Baylor $325,000
TE Spach, Stephen Fresno State $325,000
TE Spaeth, Matt NFL Cut $325,000
TE Sperry, Kory NFL Cut $325,000
TE Wilson, Kris NFL Cut $325,000
TE Zelenka, Joe Wake Forest  $325,000
7/26/2014 8:21 PM (edited)

Rookies (2):

K Bailey, Dan Oklahoma State $3,314,040
K Henery, Alex Nebraska  $3,523,290 
7/23/2014 12:07 PM (edited)

Cuts & Undrafted (10):

K Crosby, Mason NFL Cut $2,815,932
K Cundiff, Billy NFL Cut $3,174,540
K Dawson, Phil NFL Cut $2,546,790
K Folk, Nick Arizona   $2,895,540
K Gano, Graham Florida State $2,507,358
K Novak, Nick Maryland   $3,224,574
K Nugent, Mike NFL Cut $2,865,966
K Rayner, Dave Michigan State $1,709,790
K Succop, Ryan South Carolina $3,314,040
K Tynes, Lawrence NFL Cut $2,895,540 
7/24/2014 12:01 PM (edited)
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