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haha loving the humor :) Sorry though Brian, it is just DIII. I had a Republican benefit so the scores will be done later than expected but still should be up by the time every one wakes up tomorrow.
6/23/2014 7:26 PM
I just manually figured out jsajsa's coach score from 3 seasons back in Crum, I was curious. He had won 6 titles in 10 seasons (really in 9 seasons) and made the S16 or better in the other 4 seasons. Anyway he scored a 108.3. Not impressed? Then try to beat it. I'll buy a free season for any DIII coach who does.
6/24/2014 11:35 AM
Nice to see that I came back from vacation in time to see Wooster play two difficult ranked opponents.  I should have stayed on the cruise ship.

Last Night
#3 Susquehanna 61   #8 Whittier 58
After being down by 1 at the half, Susquehanna fell further behind a couple times before finally going ahead 42-40 about midway through the half.  The visitors were then able to hold off repeated runs by Whittier the rest of the way and secured the 3 point win with free throws at the end.  Susquehanna moves up several spots with the impressive win while Whittier falls down six spots after their first loss on the season.

Also considered: #1 Kenyon stayed perfect by downing the defending champs 77-67, #2 Webster out-Gorlocked Wooster 74-64, #4 Lynchburg needed a buzzer-beating bucket to avoid overtime and edge Wabash 52-50, #7 Earlham answered correctly the question of what Baldwin-Wallace looks like and won 61-57, #14 S. Vermont took care of North Carolina Wesleyan at home 67-54, Ohio Wesleyan scored a home upset over Emerson 86-81, and #18 Ramapo pulled away from UMass Dartmouth 65-50.

Sim blowout watch: Lawrence got the cover and knocked W. New England out of the rankings with the 51-85 loss.

#6 Dickinson (6-0)(mfnmyers) at #18 Ramapo (6-0)(riceformvp)
Another nice night with three games between ranked opponents, once again featuring the one with two undefeateds.  Dickinson has climbed up into the top ten after an incredible five straight wins over ranked teams to open the season, including both of last year's NT final teams.  Now they continue their push for the top SOS number as they travel to visit another undefeated top 25 team.  This will be the first big test for Ramapo and their new coach, a home win would be huge for their computer numbers.  Dickinson is favored by 3.

Also considered: #17 Johnson and Wales at #1 Kenyon, #8 Whittier at #5 Chapman, W. New England at #4 Lynchburg, Maryville at #9 Willamette, #11 Emory at Penn St. Altoona, #13 Millsaps at Wooster, UMass Dartmouth at #15 Wisconsin La Crosse, #20 Emmanuel at Mary Washington, and Calvin at #21 Emory and Henry

Sim blowout watch: No big spreads on the Top 25 page tonight, just a bunch of human vs. human games.  You guys and your responsible scheduling...
6/24/2014 5:08 PM
A couple games left in the non-conference slate and we're down to 24 undefeated teams and 24 teams without a win.  Behold the symmetry.

Last Night
#4 Dickinson 71   Ramapo 52
The visitors played solid D in the first half and went into the break with a 7 point lead.  Dickinson was able to slowly build on the lead in the second half, eventually pushing it to double figures and pulling away.  Dickinson and mfnmyers continue their tear through ranked teams and move up two spots in the rankings while Ramapo and riceformvp fall into the others receiving votes section with their first loss.

Also considered: #1 Kenyon used a big second half to beat J-Dub at home 96-82, #5 Whittier got a big road win at #9 Chapman 63-50, #2 Lynchburg scored a clutch driving shot with one second on the clock to nip W. New England 63-62, #7 Willamette took care of Maryville 70-56, #25 Penn St. Altoona went scoreless in the final two minutes but still upset #21 Emory 65-63, #10 Millsaps pulled away in the second half to down Wooster 61-51, Umass Dartmouth got the road upset over #24 Wisconsin La Crosse 65-60, #14 Emmanuel cruised past Mary Washington 62-40, and #16 Emory and Henry made enough free throws to get by Calvin 70-67.

Sim blowout watch: None to report on.

#16 Emory and Henry (6-1)(bclark2021) at #5 Whittier (6-1)(windixies)
Guess what, Dickinson is playing another undefeated ranked team but we'll mix things up and go for different teams.  Here we have one-loss teams from the Old Dominion and So.Cal conferences facing off.  Both teams lost earlier to top ten teams and they'll be looking to keep their loss columns at one.  The home team is favored by a slim 2 points.

Also considered: #4 Dickinson at #7 Willamette, #25 Penn St. Altoona at #10 Millsaps, #12 Sewanee at #23 Ohio Wesleyan, #9 Chapman at Occidental, #14 Emmanuel at UMass Dartmouth, Johnson and Wales at #15 Wittenberg, Dallas at #19 US Merchant Marines, and #20 Palm Beach Atlantic at Allegheny

Sim blowout watch: Another night with low spreads but we have Clark getting 35 points hosting #11 Vassar and Wisconsin Eau Claire as a 34 point home dog to #3 Susquehanna.
6/25/2014 5:38 PM
Kenyon's on a roll.

I'm honored to make the considering list twice this season, considering the youth of my players. I had to call a time out last night for a diaper change on Lance Spears.
6/25/2014 8:19 PM
Not a sequence that'll make Timothy Kee's career highlight team-leading scorer misses four shots on the same possession and then gets shown up by the sophomore backup center who drains a trey with his perimeter rating of 9.

14:17   7-14 Richard Batts drills a fadeaway jumper from the left side
14:08 Timothy Kee misses short on a 3pt jumper from the right corner 7-14  
14:06 Nicholas Sumpter grabs the offensive board 7-14  
13:52 Timothy Kee comes up short on the 3 from the right wing 7-14  
13:51 Nicholas Sumpter snags the offensive board 7-14  
13:36 Timothy Kee is open but misses the lay-in 7-14  
13:34 Rickey Malick pulls down the offensive rebound 7-14  
13:19 Timothy Kee misses the wide open shot from the left side 7-14  
13:17 The offensive rebound goes to Nicholas Sumpter 7-14  
13:11 Rickey Malick is fouled on the floor by Richard Pittman - foul #1 on Richard Pittman, team foul #4 7-14  
Willie Grant (PG), Jeffrey Brewer (SG), Adam Richardson (SF), John Sorensen (PF), Kelvin Howard (C)
Timothy Kee, Frederick McBride, Rickey Malick, Nicholas Sumpter, Robert Belin
James Floyd (PG), Daniel Ward (SG), Glenn Prater (SF), Dan Cohn (PF), Bryce Lalli (C)
George Bester, Richard Batts, Richard Pittman, Paul Greig, Daniel Hoefer
13:00 John Sorensen makes the 3pt shot from the left corner 10-14  

6/26/2014 2:30 AM
Haha. You would have though at some point Nicholas Sumpter would have said "Forget it, I'll do it myself!" Props to Sorensen though.
6/26/2014 5:26 AM
Wow.  Colorado has a guy averaging more than 49 points.
6/26/2014 4:07 PM
I WON A GAME!!!!!!
6/26/2014 6:01 PM
In World Cup news, the United States got through to the round of 16 today and pseudochamp breathed a huge sigh of relief.  USA!

Last Night
#14 Emory and Henry 75   #10 Whittier 72
This was an exciting 1 point game at the half and it stayed close throughout the second as the two teams traded the lead several times.  The home team got a bucket to cut the lead to 72-71 with just over a minute left but Emory and Henry held them to just a single free throw the rest of the way.  E&H also scored just a lay-in and a lone free throw of their own but the locked-down defense was enough to do the trick and they escaped with a big road victory.  E&H and bclark moved up a couple spots in the rankings with the win while Whittier and windixies dropped five after their second loss.

Also considered: #4 Willamette defended the home court against #7 Dickinson 87-77, #8 Millsaps took care of Penn St. Altoona 80-55, #23 Ohio Wesleyan jumped into the rankings after upsetting #18 Sewanee 83-78, #9 Chapman won a close one with Occidental 52-46, #13 Emmanuel survived a scare from UMass Dartmouth 59-56, Johnson and Wales knocked Wittenberg from the rankings with a 94-83 road win, #17 US Merchant Marines used a late 3pt play to nip Dallas 62-60, and #16 Palm Beach Atlantic got past Allegheny 62-54.

Sim blowout watch: It was a low-ish spread but Clark became our first blowout victim of the year by falling to #12 Vassar 58-99 while in happier news, Wisconsin Eau Claire easily covered against #3 Susquehanna 52-66.

#6 Webster (7-1)(mschulte24) at #9 Chapman (7-1)(shine06)
Who wins a battle between a Gorlok and a Panther?  We'll find out tonight in a nice matchup between top ten St. Louis and Northwest conference teams.  Both have a single loss but have looked impressive so far, the odds-makers have it as an even pick.

Also considered: #7 Dickinson at #2 Lynchburg, #24 Emory at #14 Emory and Henry (BATTLE OF THE EMORY'S!!), #23 Ohio Wesleyan at #20 Christopher Newport, #3 Susquehanna at Wentworth Tech, #4 Willamette at Suffolk, #8 Millsaps at Greensboro, Penn St. Altoona at #11 S. Vermont, #15 Menlo at W. New England, and #19 Babson at Maryville

Sim blowout watch: Now this is what I'm looking for, winless Johns Hopkins is getting a big 63 points at home as they face #21 Wisconsin La Crosse.
6/26/2014 6:35 PM
I believe that we will win!
6/27/2014 11:13 AM
@bullman17- He's the best player in D3, averaging close to 50 points a game, and in my conference. Thankfully his team isn't that great though
6/27/2014 11:18 AM
Tim, I think bdpoor is going for some kind of record probably. Playing an easy schedule against all sims like that, a player with those perimeter ratings can put up those numbers. Most coaches won't try this because your team and player both will suffer greatly to achieve it. Even the best scorers, you really can't push them past 25-30 points a game or they will begin collecting stats you don't want, such as turnovers and poor scoring percentages. While the player has the highest PPG I have ever seen in HD, he also has the highest turnovers per game (7.7) I've ever seen.

Not to say he's not a good player though, in the last update =SE ranked him 4th in the league with a 95.9 SS. But check out the 3 above him:

Mark White (Johnson and wales) - 100.1 SS
Shon Leos (Millsaps) - 97.8 SS
Michal Rykaczewski (Whittier) - 96.4 SS (new rankings come out tomorrow morning)
6/27/2014 1:16 PM
fwiw Mark White is still black/average in Reb, Def, LP, Per, BH, and FTs.  Beast of a player.  And of course he's fouled out in over half our games.

Not unrelated, J&W is switching back to Flex offense for next season.  It was a fun experiment for a while, but kind of tired of playing the foul game that is FB/FCP.
6/27/2014 2:18 PM
Bring on Belgium!  And bring on the final night of non-conference play.

Last Night
#10 Webster 52   #7 Chapman 59
Damn, I was going to take the easy way out and just type Gorloks! a few dozen times for this paragraph but Chapman went and ruined that plan.  I guess I can still do it. PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  PANTHERS!  Chapman and shine move up a couple spots with the impressive home win while Webster and mschulte fall to the bottom of the top ten with their second loss.

Also considered: #4 Dickinson continued their rampage through ranked teams by beating #6 Lynchburg 78-63, #17 Emory proved that an extra Henry just holds you back by defeating #25 Emory and Henry 76-66, #18 Ohio Wesleyan pulled away to down Christopher Newport 87-77, #2 Susquehanna cruised past Wentworth Tech 79-57, #3 Willamette edged Suffolk 53-51, #5 Millsaps handled Greensboro on the road 84-65, #9 S. Vermont made their free throws to hold off Penn St. Altoona 72-70, #14 Menlo got past W. New England 70-54, and #16 Babson got the road win over Maryville 72-55.

Sim blowout watch: Johns Hopkins is still winless but at least they got the cover against Wisconsin La Crosse 45-69.

#5 Millsaps (7-2)(brianxavier) at #16 Babson (8-1)(oldave)
We finish off the non-conference slate with the University conference paying a visit to Pennsylvania.  Millsaps has lost to two top four teams while Babson lost their season opener and has cruised since.  Should be a close matchup in the first meeting between these two, the visitors are favored by a single point.

Also considered: #4 Dickinson at #17 Emory, #15 Palm Beach Atlantic at #19 US Merchant Marines, #3 Willamette at Christopher Newport, #21 Johnson and Wales at Wentworth Tech, and Penn St. Altoona at #23 Louisiana

Sim blowout watch: Plymouth St. is a 52 point road dog as they travel to #8 Whittier.
6/27/2014 2:32 PM
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