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I have several friends trying to get this started and was wondering if it is easy to get a world created so we can all play against each other with out worry. I have submitted a trouble ticket and sent and email with no reply. I just want to start playing again and I don't want to start with out the other guys.
6/17/2014 4:08 PM
They're not going to create a new world for you, so here's what you do:

Go to the opening FC Dynasty screen, bottom right you'll see Community. Click on Countries, and you'll see all the existing owner controlled clubs in FCD. Pick a country that has a number of teams in the single digits - that way you'll know it's a country that exists in only one world. If you and your friends all start a team in that country, you'll all get put into the same world the next time it rolls over.

Click on Worlds right under it, and you'll be able to find which world that country is in, which other countries are in that world, and what week the world is in... how long till it rolls over again. Again, check that this country appears only in ONE world.

For instance, right now I see there are only 3 Austrian teams. Those guys are the only real teams in their country right now, which means they're in there with 17 AI teams. They're in World 78 which is just beginning its season, so you'd have a bit of a wait till you get started playing.

Yes this would require a little organization on your part. Also, since WiS only allows one FCD team per user name, you might have to make an alias or two if you already have existing FCD teams. And third, the existing teams in that league would probably whip up on you guys for the first couple of seasons while you get ramped up.

Otherwise, that's how you get a group of owners into the same league at once.

6/17/2014 8:17 PM
We'd love to have some new owners over in W78. It's always been a really good world with some really great guys in it. We had a great owner base as recently as a few seasons ago, but it has since died down. We also usually have a decent Champions League and Austria is pretty barren in terms of teams. Do be aware, though, that if enough people sign up, you may be forced to start an Austrian league in a new world. This happened a while back when there was an attempt to make a "Champions' World" with Colombia and Denmark. But, I wouldn't assume your group would be quite that big.
6/18/2014 3:39 PM
There are multiple worlds desperate for owners upcoming is W-91 with lots of space in Argentina Brazil Mexico and Portugal and some space in Canada and England. The world has a top notch tourney as well Worlds 65 & 69 are near barren as they are mirror Worlds (the preceding world has the same countries in it) But you'd have to co-ordinate as you'd only have 5 days to get all your owners to start teams in the 5 day window between World turnovers
7/8/2014 8:34 PM
Newbie here.  I'm trying to understand which world I'll be placed in and when once I click the "join a league" button and I'm on a waiting list.  I play a Japan team.  Do I have to wait until world 80 or 87 roll over since they're the only worlds with Japan in it?  Or, will I be placed in the next available open world that rolls over regardless of a Japan team existing there?  


7/20/2014 8:02 PM
You'll be in 80 or 87.

7/20/2014 8:05 PM
Bummer...looks like I have a while to wait then.
7/20/2014 9:43 PM
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