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Season 73 stats and Season 74 schedule:

Juniata   @ NYU   H Score:  
Millsaps   @ Colorado   H Score:  
Pacific Lutheran   @ Wartburg   H Score:  
Juniata   @ Pacific Lutheran   H Score:  
Colorado   @ Wartburg   H Score:  
NYU   @ Millsaps   H Score:  
Millsaps   @ Wartburg   H Score:  
Colorado   @ Juniata   H Score:  
NYU   @ Pacific Lutheran   H Score:  
Millsaps   @ Juniata   H Score:  
Wartburg   @ NYU   H Score:  
Pacific Lutheran   @ Colorado   H Score:  
NYU   @ Colorado   H Score:  
Pacific Lutheran   @ Millsaps   H Score:  
Wartburg   @ Juniata   H Score:  
6/18/2014 2:57 AM
Season 2 of the Juniata Invitational is about to start.  We have the preseason number 1 team in Colorado, who look to begin their season with a bang against defending Juniata Invitational Champion, NYU coached by trentonjoe.  Juniata and Wartburg are both just on the outside of the top 25 and will face off @ Wartburg, with the winner getting the inside track to being ranked in the top 25.  In the third matchup, MIllsaps will travel to Pacific Lutheran to begin their season.  Pacific Lutheran will try and avenge their loss at Millsaps the previous season.


Colorado                        5-0
Juniata                            3-2
Wartburg                        3-2
NYU                                2-3
Pacific Lutheran           1-4
Millsaps                         1-4

Tourney MVP   - Timothy Odom - SG, Colorado
6/23/2014 11:49 PM
Week 1 Recaps:

Juniata 70 @ Wartburg 82 (even)  -  Wartburg starts off the tourney with 12 point win over Juniata at home.  Juniata gave up 45 FTs which 64% were converted by Wartburg for and easy 29 points.  Juniata also shot a miserable 5-18 from three point range.  James Nguyen from wartburg led all scores with 19 points, and Leon McConnell from Juniata grabbed the most boards with 10.

Colorado 68 @ NYU 73 (-16)  -  Mark Roth, SF led NYU to an early season upset over previously #1 Colorado.  NYU used the home field advantage to a 5 point victory.  Colorado as a team shot just 39% from the field, and NYU shot a nice 60% from the field for the only real difference between the teams.  Mark Roth led all scorers with 24 points, and Aaron Tom (Colorado) led all rebounders with 16.

Millsaps 67 @ Pacific Lutheran 60 (+1)  -  Millsaps was the lone victory, who wasn't a home team.  James Combs, C from Millsaps led all scorers with 22 points including 8-10 from the FT line.  Robert Roth had a game high 12 rebounds in the losing effort for Pacific Lutheran.  Pacific Lutheran had a poor shooting night against the Millsaps defense with a 36% shooting night and and even worse 21% from behind the arc.

HIGH SCORER - Mark Roth, SF, NYU - 24 points
MOST REBOUNDS - Aaron Tom, C, Colorado - 16 boards
MOST STEALS - William Johnson, PG, Pacific Lutheran - 4 steals
MOST ASSIST - Robert Long , PG, Juniata & Dan Buchanan, PG, Millsaps & Scott Chambers, PG, Pacific Lutheran - 4 assist
6/24/2014 9:05 AM (edited)
Week 2 Recaps:

Colorado 61 @
Millsaps 46 (+3) - Timothy Odom comes out in game number two for Colorado with a game high 16 points.  James Laney came up with 12 boards for the victorious Colorado.  Millsaps came out flat with an 18-50 shooting performance and weren't up for the challenge that Colorado brought.  Tournament MVP candidate Timothy Odom took player of the game honors.

NYU 77 @
Juniata 67 (+2) - Once again Juniata's squad wanted to get all touchy feely with their opponents and gave up another 45 FTAs to NYU.  NYU connected on 62% of their attemps to make 28 FTs, and this was easily Juniata's biggest issue and reason for loss.  Mark Roth, NYU led all scorers with 20 points, and Andrew Wirth led all players with 12 rebounds.

Wartburg 103 @
Pacific Lutheran 71 (+8) - Wartburg came out just as strong in game number two, and was fouled even harder with 47 FTA.  Both teams shot 50% from the field with Wart connecting on an extra 36 points on FTs.  Wartburg also dominated the boards to a 46 to 23 advantage.  James Nguyen, Wartburg led all scorers with 23 points, and Wartburg's Jason Sharp had a game high 7 boards.

HIGH SCORER - James Nguyen, C, Wartburg - 23 points
MOST ASSISTS - 4 players tied with 4
MOST REBOUNDS - James Laney, C, Colorado - 12 rebounds
MOST STEALS - James Henry, PG, & William Woodward, SG, Wartburg - 3 steals each

All road teams were favored and won!
6/25/2014 10:43 PM (edited)
Week 3 Recaps:

Wartburg 79 @
MIllsaps 61 (+6) - Wartburg once again was treated to the hack a Shaq defense, and went to the line 42 times  Three consecutive games were they have had 40+ FTAs.  Overall Wartburg had six scorers in double digits and forced 27 turnovers in a complete team effort.  Millsaps played a solid game, but ended up not being able to recover from 30 team fouls and the forced turnovers.  James Henry, PG, Wartburg led all scorers with 13, and Millsaps', C, Roy Hoxie had a game leading 12 boards.

Juniata 58 @ Colorado 78 (-13) - Colorado came out and dominated all facets of the game.  They out rebounded, forced more turnovers, higher scoring %, and forced more turnovers all among them,  Juniata once again performance fell flat with no real bright spots, and are still looking for their first victory in the tournament all time.  High scorers were Aaron Tom, C of Colorado and Devin Ackerman, SG of Juniata with 13 each.  Leon McConnell had a game high 12 rebounds.

Pacific Lutheran 59 @ NYU 74 (-12) - Mark Roth, SF, NYU continues his domination of the tournament with a tournament record 27 points and keeps NYU undefeated in the tournament, and ready for a Showdown with the 3-0 Wartburg coming up.  Pacific Lutheran were unable to come up with with enough offense in this game, but did have a team high 13 points from William Johnson, PG, and had the game leading rebounder in John Robinette, C with 14 boards.

HIGH SCORER - Mark Roth, SF, NYU - 27 points
MOST REBOUNDS - John Robinette, C, 14 rebounds
MOST STEALS - Leroy Gilbert, PG, Wartburg - 4 Steals
MOST ASSISTS - Troy Mildord, PG, NYU - 5 assists
6/25/2014 11:42 PM
Week 4 Recaps:

Juniata 70 @
Millsaps 65 (+3) - Juniata has finally earned their first victory in the second season of their tournament.  They didnt have the greatest of nights, but hitting 44% from the field on a night when their opponent shot 39% might have been the only difference in this 5 point game.  Millsaps held tough, but ultimately could not overcome the small difference in shooting percentage between the teams.  Millsaps' Jason Combs led all scorers with 22, and had the most rebounds with 10.  

Colorado 89 @ Pacific Lutheran 62 (+23) - Pacific Lutheran gets blown out at home by Colorado.  Colorado almost grabbed every single rebound (ok not really), but did our rebound Pacific Lutheran 40 to 17.  Colorado also had 11 blocks to Pac Luth's 1 block.  The Colorado big men put on a show led by Aaron Tom's game high 19 points and game high 11 rebounds.

#11 NYU 69 @ #6 Wartburg 76 (even) - In the battle of the tournament of unbeatens, this gamewas closer then even the final score indicates.  The game was tied as 1:17 left to play in the game, and NYU leading before that.  Wartburg pulled away after that in a game, and Mark Roth's game high 23 points were not enough to save NYU here.  Wartburg was led by William Deguzman's 21 points and James Nguyen's game high 13 rebounds.

HIGH SCORER - Mark Roth, SF, NYU - 23 points
MOST REBOUNDS - James Nguyen, C, Wartburg - 13 rebounds
MOST STEALS - Timothy Odom, SG, Colorado - 4 steals
MOST ASSISTS - Dan Buchanan, PG, Millsaps - 8 assists

6/26/2014 12:12 AM
Week 5 Recaps: a Wartburg win clinches the championship. If Colorado wins and NYU loses, then Colorado is champion.  If Colorado wins and NYU wins, it goes to point differential of Tournament.  Point differential right now is Wartburg +69, Colorado +57, and NYU +24.

#4 Wartburg @ #5 Colorado (-1) -
Timothy Odom had his best night of the tournament with a 22 point effort. Colorado as a team shot 52% from the field, and Wartburg could only manage a 41% effort from the floor tonight.  Wartburg manage 14 steals, but wasn't enough to overcome Colorado's team effort.  James Nguyen, C, Wartburg & Ronnie Prado, C, Colorado both had a game high 9 rebounds.

Millsaps @ NYU (-9) -
NYU finish it's title defense with it's fourth victory of the tournament.  Millsaps had a poor shooting night going 12-36 (33%), which led to NYU out-rebounding Millsaps 30 to 19.  Mark Roth, SF, NYU had another terrific night from the floor making 9 shots and 7 FTs for a game high 25 points.   Melvin Campbell, C, NYU led all rebounders with 9 boards.

Pacific Lutheran 76 @ Juniata 92 (-3) - Juniata wins it's second in a row in the tournament.  Juniata won the battle down low with a 45 to 25 rebound advantage.  They also blocked 14 shots to Pacific lutheran's 1 blocked shot.  Devin Ackerman had a game high 25 points, and Leon McConnell had a game high 10 rebounds for the Juniata Eagles.  Pacific Lutheran is the second team to finish 0-5 in the tournament. 

HIGH SCORER - Devin Ackerman, SG, Juniata & Mark Roth, SF, NYU - 25 points each
MOST REBOUNDS - Leon McConnell, C, Juniata - 10 rebounds
MOST STEALS - Noah Sellman, PG, Pacific Lutheran & Curtis Burr, SG, Millsaps - 4 steals each
MOST ASSISTS - Burt Godley & Robert Long, PGs, Juniata & William Johnson, PG, Pacific Lutheran - 5 assists each
6/26/2014 3:14 AM (edited)
Final Tournament Standings:

#3 Colorado                4-1
#12 Wartburg              4-1
#20 NYU                      4-1
Juniata                         2-3
Millsaps                       1-4
Pacific Lutheran         0-5

Due to the three way tie at the top and none of the teams beating the other two the tie-breaker came down to point differential of the tournament.  NYU has a +39 differential, Wartburg has a +54, and Colorado has a +72.

CONGRATULATIONS to irrev0cable and COLORADO for winning the second annual Juniata Invitational.

Mark Roth takes home the Juniata Invitational MVP in a great performance in every
game, and breaking the tournament scoring record. 

***Tournament stats will be up shortly with all the records as well***

6/26/2014 7:41 AM (edited)
Tournament Records:

8W - 2L - NYU - *1 Championship
7W - 3L - Wartburg
6W - 4L - Colorado - *1 Championship
4W - 6L - Millsaps
3W - 7L - Pacific Lutheran
2W - 8L - Juniata

HIGHEST SCORE/GAME: Mark Roth, SF, NYU - 27 Points
MOST REBOUNDS/GAME: Roy Hoxie, C, Millsaps - 20 Rebounds
MOST STEALS/GAME: Timothy Odom, SG, Colorado - 5 Steals
MOST ASSIST/GAME: Dan Buchanan, PG, Millsaps - 8 Assists

MOST REBOUNDS/TOURNAMENT: Roy Hoxie, C, Millsaps - 51 Rebounds
MOST STEALS/TOURNAMENT: Curtis Burr, SG, Millsaps - 12 Steals
MOST ASSIST/TOURNAMENT: Terry Gibbs, SG, NYU - 20 Assists

HIGHEST SCORE/CAREER: Mark Roth, SF, NYU - 163 Points
MOST REBOUNDS/CAREER: Leon McConnell. PF, Juniata - 81 Rebounds
MOST STEALS/CAREER: Noah Sellman, PG, Pacific Lutheran - 21 Steals
MOST ASSISTS/CAREER: Barton Mendelsohn, PG, Wartburg - 28 Assists

BIGGEST WIN MARGIN: Wartburg - Week 2 (Season 2) Vs. Pacific Lutheran - 32 points
HIGHEST SCORE/TEAM: Pacific Lutheran - Week 2 (Season 1) Vs. Colorado - 103 points
                                            Wartburg - Week 2 (Season 2) Vs. Pacific Lutheran - 103 points
LOWEST SCORE/TEAM: Millsaps - Week 5 (Season 2) Vs. NYU  - 35 points
6/26/2014 8:18 AM
Juniata Invitational - Season 73 Topic

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