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Are You A Great GM? Progressive Season One 1969-1976

This is the first season in a progression of seasons that you will enjoy. In this league, you will make your first team by selecting players from 1969-1976. Next season, all players on your roster from 1969 will be replaced with a player from 1977. The season after that, all players from 1970 will be replaced with a player from 1978, and so on, year-by-year… all other players will remain on your roster every season until their season comes up to replace them. Each team will receive an additional $1M after game 25,

No reservations; the first 24 to bring a team in is who plays.

$90M Teams: 24 teams; 162 games; WIS Standard Format.
Yes: Clones, Trades, Inter-league play, AAA 6/2 (average), and WW (within years of play.)
No: DH, live play, injuries.

Stadium must have been built at any time from 1969 to present.

Returning players will get new league numbers first before it goes public.
7/1/2014 1:54 PM (edited)
You may release through WW any player or trade any player during the season. You are the GM. At the beginning of the following season, you must cut any players from 1969 and replace them with players from 1977 and bring in your updated roster. You keep all your players from year to year unless released or traded or their year is retired.
6/30/2014 12:47 PM
Q #1: can have clones of joe smith if you like, but just not the 1969 the second year. His 1969 contract is done. C'mon in grayfoxx, we'd love to have you as a founding member.

Q #2: Do the players progress?? If I have Jim Jones(1973), do I use 1974 for the 2nd year, or do I use 1973 every year until his year comes up to be replaced? keep the same players from the same year in years that follow. If you have Jim Jones1973 at the end of season one, you keep Jim Jones1973 for season two.
7/1/2014 8:11 AM (edited)
In allowing clones, what's to stop there from being 24 nearly identical rosters?  I think you'd get more interest (from progressive owners at least) if players were unique between teams.  If I am starting 1972 Steve Carlton, the last thing I want is my opponent starting 1972 Steve Carlton.  

7/2/2014 7:21 PM
Are You A Great GM? Season One Topic

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