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MLB109647 - If you haven't seen Ron Burgundy's interview with Peyton Manning yet, it's worth a watch - In the interview, Ron talks about the third Manning brother, Danieal Manning, a defensive back with the Houston Texans. It's a funny bit, but it I saw it as the foundation for a new theme...

Choose two players with the same surname, then choose one season post-1900 for each of those players. Draft a team of players who were teammates of that players those seasons, twisted to any season in their careers. $120MM cap. DH AL only, AAA, no waiver wire. Name your team incorporating the shared last name. Stadium must be one of the two team's home stadium from the years that you choose.
Info that doesn't fit in the theme summary:
(1) No clones
(2) No trades 
(3) Any combination of player/teams/year used will be unique to the league, and any future seasons (blacklist - see below). For example, if someone uses 1981 Mike Schmidt and 2003 Jason Schmidt as their main players, no one can put another team together using the 1981 Phillies and 2003 Giants. But someone else could use 1981 Mike Schmidt and 1910 Boss Schmidt. This is only for the main players/seasons. For partial seasons, both can be used - e.g. if someone uses 2013 Michael Young (Phillies), 2013 Michael Young (Dodgers) would still be available.
(4) Players from before 1900 are allowed on rosters, but your main players' seasons must be after 1900.
(5) Your main players must be on your roster - also twisted to any season in their careers.
(6) You don't have to decide AL (DH) or NL (no DH) when you claim your team - but when you enter your team in the league, let the Commish (ssupfoo) know which league you want either in the forum or by sitemail. Only entering the league claims your spot in either league. If one league fills before the other, the only option will be what's left. First-come, first-served on AL vs. NL.
CLAIM YOUR PLAYERS IN THE FORUM! You must claim your players in the forum. If you enter a team that uses a player that someone has already claimed in the forum, your team will be put back into the draft center. NOTE: Claiming a player in the forum only entitles you to that player - it doesn't necessarily entitle you to a spot in the league - that's first-come, first-served. As the league gets close to filling, make sure you get your team in so you don't get shut out. 

Doing some research over the past week or so, there are LOTS of possibilities out there. Have fun!
Season 3
1. finn2030 - 1910 Babe Adams (Pirates)/2008 Mike Adams (Padres)
2. Yaz2Schill - 1910 Joe Jackson (Naps)/2003 Damien Jackson (Red Sox)
3. baines03 - 2003 Nick Johnson (Yankees)/2008 Jason Johnson (Dodgers)
4. ssupfoo - 1966 Sam McDowell (Indians)/1996 Jack McDowell (Indians)
5. House_Rules - 2000 Mike Maddux (Astros)/2002 Greg Maddux (Braves)
6. XYGZ - 1911 Chief Wilson (Pirates)/1924 Hack Wilson (Giants)
7. lrctounc - 1928 Jing Johnson (Athletics)/2008 Jason Johnson (Dodgers)
8. dcates - 1926 Pete Alexander (Cardinals)/1982 Doyle Alexander (Yankees)
9. elduro25 - 1983 Bob Stanley (Red Sox)/1997 Mike Stanley (Yankees)
10. sjh0825 - 1910 Willie Mitchell (Naps)/1956 Dale Mitchell (Dodgers)
11. redtrain - 1913 Phil Redding (Cardinals)/2005 Tim Redding (Yankees)
12. kriz - 1919 Ray Caldwell (Naps)/1946 Earl Caldwell (White Sox)
1. ssupfoo - 1987 Rafael Santana (Mets)/2009 Johan Santana (Mets)
2. redtrain - 1924 Mike Gonzalez (Cardinals)/1989 Juan Gonzalez (Rangers)
3. fatboydad54 - 1914 George Gibson (Pirates)/1968 Bob Gibson (Cardinals)
4. vtspirits - 1916 Claude Cooper (Phillies)/1942 Mort Cooper (Cardinals)
5. dcates - 1911 Chief Wilson (Pirates)/1925 Hack Wilson (Giants)
6. bixman51 - 1909 Charlie French (Red Sox)/1927 Walt French (A's) 
7. Yaz2Schill - 1907 Bill Sweeney (Cubs)/2004 Mike Sweeney (Royals)
8. midknight - 1961 Elston Howard (Yankees)/2011 Ryan Howard (Phillies)
9. richabbs - 1998 David Bell (Indians)/2005 Heath Bell (Mets)
10. baines03 - 2006 J.D. Drew (Dodgers)/2013 Stephen Drew (Red Sox)
11. burningcouch - 1983 Aurelio Rodriguez (Orioles)/1913 Paco Rodriguez (Dodgers)
12. jbussey - 1910 Syd Smith (Naps)/1911 Charlie Smith (Cubs)
1902 Ike Powers (Athletics)/1928 Doc Powers (Athletics)
1902 Bill Bradley (Blues)/2001 Milton Bradley (Indians)
1906 Jack Harper (Cubs)/1974 Tommy Harper (Red Sox)
1906 Doc White (White Sox)/2002 Rondell White (Yankees)
1906 Davy Jones (Tigers)/2003 Todd Jones (Rockies)
1906 Mordecai Brown (Cubs)/2004 Kevin Brown (Yankees) [CHAMPIONS SEASON 1]
1909 Mordecai Brown (Cubs)/1933 Jumbo Brown (Yankees)
1909 Harry Otis (Naps)/1983 Amos Otis (Royals)
1909 Joe Jackson (Athletics)/1996 Mike Jackson (Mariners)
1909 George Davis (White Sox)/2010 Chris Davis (Rangers)
1910 Bert Adams (Naps)/1926 Spencer Adams (Yankees)
1910 Terry Turner (Naps)/2000 Chris Turner (Yankees)
1910 Mordecai Brown (Cubs)/2005 Kevin Brown (Yankees)
1910 Cy Young (Naps)/2006 Delwyn Young (Dodgers)
1910 Honus Wagner (Pirates)/2007 Billy Wagner (Mets)
1911 Honus Wagner (Pirates)/1942 Charlie Wagner (Red Sox)
1913 Art Wilson (Giants)/1925 Hack Wilson (Giants)
1915 Shano Collins (White Sox)/1928 Eddie Collins (Athletics)
1915 Carl Mays (Red Sox)/1967 Willie Mays (Giants)
1915 Joe Jackson (White Sox)/1971 Grant Jackson (Orioles)
1915 Rube Foster (Red Sox)/1977 George Foster (Reds)
1915 Grover Alexander (Phillies)/1995 Manny Alexander (Orioles)
1915 Larry Gardner (Red Sox)/2012 Brett Gardner (Yankees)
1916 Eddie Murphy (White Sox)/1939 Johnny Murphy (Yankees)
1917 Joe Jackson (White Sox)/1972 Reggie Jackson (A's)
1920 George Sisler (Browns)/1960 Dave Sisler (Tigers)
1925 Bill Bagwell (Athletics)/1994 Jeff Bagwell (Astros)
1925 Steve O'Neill (Yankees)/2000 Paul O'Neill (Yankees)
1937 Ron Johnson (Yankees)/2008 Jason Johnson (Dodgers)
1941 Ted Williams (Red Sox)/2000 Bernie Williams (Yankees)
1942 Joe Gordon (Yankees)/2004 Tom Gordon (Yankees)
1944 Dizzy Trout (Tigers)/2013 Mike Trout (Angels)
1947 Nippy Jones (Cardinals)/2008 Andruw Jones (Dodgers)
1948 Mickey Harris (Red Sox)/2000 Lenny Harris (Diamondbacks)
1955 Jackie Robinson (Dodgers)/1969 Brooks Robinson (Orioles)
1955 George Strickland (Indians)/2003 Scott Strickland (Mets)
1956 Jackie Robinson (Dodgers)/1970 Brooks Robinson (Orioles)
1960 Dave Hillman (Red Sox)/1992 Eric Hillman (Mets)
1964 Al Downing (Yankees)/1982 Brian Downing (Angels)
1966 Lou Brock (Cardinals)/1985 Greg Brock (Dodgers)
1969 Davey Johnson (Orioles)/2013 Jim Johnson (Orioles)
1979 Hector Cruz (Reds)/2006 Jose Cruz Jr. (Dodgers) [CHAMPIONS SEASON 2]
1982 Ozzie Smith (Cardinals)/1992 Zane Smith (Pirates)
1997 Edgar Martinez (Mariners)/1999 Pedro Martinez (Red Sox)
1997 Tino Martinez (Yankees)/2005 Pedro Martinez (Mets)
2001 Al Martin (Mariners)/2006 Russell Martin (Dodgers)
2008 Manny Ramirez (Dodgers)/2009 Ramon Ramirez (Red Sox)
2012 Melky Cabrera (Giants)/2013 Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)
8/2/2014 11:03 PM (edited)
I'll start things off with 1987 Rafael Santana and 2009 Johan Santana - both NYM.... Playing in the AL
6/29/2014 9:58 PM
I'd like to try 1910 Joe Jackson and 2003 Damian Jackson, please!
6/29/2014 11:02 PM
I'll try again...

Johnson, Nick - 2003 Yankees
Johnson, Jason - 2008 Dodgers

NL please
6/29/2014 11:48 PM (edited)
1911 Chief Wilson (Pirates) and 1924 Hack Wilson (Giants). NL please.
6/30/2014 8:31 AM (edited)
I'm back with Babe Adams 1910 Pirates and Mike Adams 2008 Padres... NL
6/30/2014 10:48 AM
I'll try 1924 Mike Gonzalez and 1989 Juan Gonzalez in the AL
6/30/2014 11:26 AM
Pete Alexander 1926 Cards & Doyle Alexander 1982 NY Yankees, please.
6/30/2014 11:31 AM
AL with a DH 
6/30/2014 12:05 PM
1916 Claude Cooper and 1941 Mort Cooper. AL please.
6/30/2014 5:37 PM (edited)
1925 Ernie Johnson of the Yankees and 2008 Jason Johnson of the Dodgers... I think this combo is okay?  NL please.
6/30/2014 2:43 PM
Correction 1928 Jing Johnson of the A's instead of Ernie of the Yankees
6/30/2014 3:13 PM
I changed to the AL please.
6/30/2014 5:38 PM
 George (Moon) Gibson/1914 Pittsburgh Pirates and Bob Gibson/1968 St. Louis Cardinals
6/30/2014 7:31 PM
I'll take 2000 Mike Maddux ( Astros)  and 2002 Greg Maddux (Braves)

7/3/2014 2:57 PM (edited)
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Second Cousins Once Removed League - Season 3 Topic

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