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I've recently run two sucessful $60m leagues....One with a minimum player salary of $500k, the second with a minimum player salary of $800k.  Each was a managers headache, and caused much pain in the GM office, resting tired players in AAA, while bringing guys in and out of the line up. 

I'm trying one final league in this $60m limited salary cap league.  My initial thoughts were to make it a league where every player has to be between $500k and $3.0m.  But I worried that would really limit the pitching pool... You'd be looking at rotating a bunch of 100 IP guys in and out, or you'd have a sub standard 6 man rotation with ERC+ of just over 100.  Anyway you look at it, the pitching is going to be difficult to manage.  Doable.... but difficult.

Still, that's challenging.  But I don't think it would be too much fun to have 24 teams like that.

So I thought, maybe the NL that way, and the AL a little different.  In the AL, we'll keep the minimum salary of $500k, and we'll put a max on ptichers of $4.0m.... Of course, we're spending too much money on pitchers, so we need to reduce our hitter max salary to $2.5m.  It's a little less of a pitching challenge, but a little more of a hitting challenge, almost requiring platooning and an AAA shuttle. 

So that's the league....

Both leagues -
- $60m cap
- $500k individual player salary
- 6/2 below average AAA
- No WW.   No trading.
- No stadium restriction
- No clones.  No DH.  No Live play
- Players from 1940 - 2013 only
Transaction deadline will be as close to the end of the season as possible.

NL only - $3.0m maximum salary applies to all players
AL only - $2.5 maximum salary on hitters.   $4.0 maximum salary on pitchers. 

Either way, you're looking at a managers challenge.   You will NEED to maximize your $500+k scrubs playing time, and your below average AAA guys if you want to win.  You'll use the AAA shuttle more than most managers use their bullpen

When you sign up, let me kinow if you want NL or AL. 

7/22/2014 10:24 AM (edited)
NOTE:  Theme league wizard is set to $3m cap for position players and $4m for pitchers.  I WILL verify rosters, this is just a heads up to keep track of what you are doing and do not rely solely on the wizard. 

PLEASE INCLUDE "NL" or "AL" in your team name to ease checking. 


NL - $500k min, $3m max for all players
1     Biglenr
2     jpeterso
3     batgems
4    hogger0223
5     rickeysdad44
6     doctorkz
7      just4me
8      fillies
9      rbow923
10     rjj1491 (2)
11     trd3 (2)
12     Baberb (2)

Al  - $500k min, $2.5m max for hitters, $4m max for pitchers
1     ezcash
2     diunc31
3     houseofbayne
4     redwingscup
5     polymerguy
6     brianjw
7     rij4191
8     trd3
9     baberb
10   biglenr(2) /Zubisum
11   Jpeterso (2)
8/19/2014 9:18 AM (edited)
I'm in for the NL
7/21/2014 6:34 PM
 put me down with NL
7/21/2014 7:32 PM
N L for me too. This is gonna be tough
7/21/2014 7:49 PM
I'll take an NL spot
7/22/2014 1:06 AM
random luck on aaa???
7/22/2014 1:48 AM
I will go with an AL team.
7/22/2014 6:55 AM
Won't the same players be used by many owners, especially pitchers?  AAA guys now become even more integral to success.
7/22/2014 7:30 AM
Welcome all... Nice to see you guys back for one more try.

Thruster - Yes.  Pick your own AAA gives you a bit too much control.  It's essentially making this a $70m league. 

Diunc31 - That's why I went AL/NL different rules..   Different pitchers in both leagues.  And there's at least 3-4 ways that I thought of to build a staff, I don't think it's going to be all the same.

Right now, we have 6 in.  5 NL, 1 AL.  I thought the higher pitching cap in the AL would attract more owners.  I'm more than willing to switch to the AL if we need it to make the balance work 
7/22/2014 8:11 AM
I will try al.  I could switch after more research.  Are aaa guys real names that we choose from for team?  Thanks
7/22/2014 8:24 AM
Welcome Diunc31

The AAA guys will have real names....I prefer that.  Even though it has a slight potential for cheating.

They will not be "pick your own".  They will be selected randomly. 


7/22/2014 10:22 AM
Just FYI i am going to sit this one out
7/22/2014 12:37 PM
Posted by thurst63 on 7/22/2014 12:37:00 PM (view original):
Just FYI i am going to sit this one out
Thanks for letting us know....Hope to see you in a future league.
7/22/2014 12:57 PM
I'll return, and will choose AL.  Made that choice when I saw all NL spots being taken yesterday, but looks like AL is gaining some momentum.
7/22/2014 1:31 PM
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$60m - Drive manager & Gm crazy! NEED 1 Topic

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