$60m - Drive manager & Gm crazy! NEED 1 Topic

DRKZ - Nope, never fished missouri at all.

Rbow... Welcome
8/13/2014 8:04 AM
I'm SM'ing with a couple of newbies to low caps who may join us....

BUT, if you're on the fence with this, it might be time to sign up.   I'm going to open the league on Monday to 2nd teams with the existing owners.  I have had interest from a couple of owners about that, and I suspect we'll fill up then.
8/13/2014 8:07 AM
I've got a second AL team to go along with my current NL team that is created and ready to go. just let me know biglen
8/13/2014 12:22 PM
Will do... Like I said, I'm hoping to convince a couple of newer owners who asked about this league to come to the low caps.   There's at least 3-4 of us who will do a second team if allowed.... So I'll give the new guys until Monday to decide, then I'll open it up to 2nd teams. 
8/13/2014 1:38 PM
Ok, we need just another six teams....

Come on, you know you want to play a low cap league.  Yes, your pitching will suck... But so will everyone elses.    Yes, your team will be weak in some areas (ok, ALL areas)... but so what?  So will the competition. 

8/15/2014 8:46 AM
i'll do a second team also just let me know i'll go ahead and build one just incase its raining today in nebraska so it's a fun way to spend the morning
8/15/2014 8:54 AM
i know. building teams is half the fun for me. especially when the roster isnt all hall of famers
8/15/2014 12:00 PM
Len, the browns and rainbows get upwards of 20 lbs...near the dam area you can fish in waders or hip boots. Lots of fly fisherman wading, or by boat. There is a gradual release of water, as well as power generation when they will run a faster current. Summer water temps are low 50's, making it quite comfy even on a hot day...is generally good fishing year round. Bull Shoals and Table Rock are both good bass and walleye lakes. Some biologists think at some point Bull Shoals will produce record walleye numbers.
8/15/2014 6:55 PM
I am looking at the AL.
8/16/2014 12:38 AM
Want to make sure I'm correct in my assumption before I enter my team. You may only draft players from the league you entering a team in?
8/16/2014 5:00 PM
Posted by fillies on 8/16/2014 5:00:00 PM (view original):
Want to make sure I'm correct in my assumption before I enter my team. You may only draft players from the league you entering a team in?
I don't believe so. The AL/NL designation is to show which set of salary constraints you chose.
8/16/2014 5:35 PM
yeah fillies, you can have players from both. trd3 is right
8/17/2014 1:42 AM
Fillies - No....

You can draft players from any league.  The NL/AL is just where I'm putting the teams, so that like competes against like.


Zubi - Let me know if you want one. 


Officially open to second teams.....

I'm not holding anyone to their previous comments.... You may have changed your mind.  Post after this one if you wish to enter a 2nd team in the other league.  I will enter an AL team if there is room (want to give others a shot first). 

8/18/2014 8:36 AM
i have a N.L team ready to go i will enter today
8/18/2014 12:33 PM
You're added, rjj....
8/18/2014 12:59 PM
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$60m - Drive manager & Gm crazy! NEED 1 Topic

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