Exclusive Ownership XLVII RESULTS Topic

bgreenblatt 20
boclaird 13
cholatse 14
dcmatcheck 16
djraym 10
DoctorKz 15
Donburgh 23
EasyE7273 10
jbap17 13
jkorn 17
jvt87 6
lenbo1212 18
mensu1954 14
mllama54 14
mpitt76 9
nikospade 12
pstuts73 8
rbow923 9
reddtrain 21
rickysdad44 13
skunk206 6
spinaldog 17
Tucker T's 14
7/26/2014 7:11 PM
And, finally, the list of players claimed exactly twice, and who claimed them. Just so you know who to blame (or thank?) later on.

Roberto Alomar mpitt76;pstuts73   Joe Jackson mensu1954;skunk206
Dave Anderson dcmatcheck;DoctorKz   Derek Jeter djraym;mpitt76
Luke Appling EasyE7273;jbap17   Lance Johnson boclaird;djraym
Richie Ashburn DoctorKz;EasyE7273   Joe Kelley cholatse;mensu1954
Frank Baker rickysdad44;skunk206   Craig Kimbrel djraym;Tucker T's
Ernie Banks mllama54;nikospade   Mickey Mantle bgreenblatt;djraym
Glenn Beckert mpitt76;RWHAY   Heinie Manush dcmatcheck;Tucker T's
Chief Bender jvt87;Tucker T's   Juan Marichal reddtrain;rickysdad44
Rafael Betancourt jbap17;mensu1954   Willie McGee rbow923;rickysdad44
Kevin Brown EasyE7273;rickysdad44   John McGraw cholatse;jvt87
Mordecai Brown rbow923;skunk206   Jim O'Rourke mensu1954;skunk206
Jesse Burkett cholatse;mpitt76   Darrell Porter boclaird;EasyE7273
Bob Caruthers DoctorKz;rbow923   Edgar Renteria jbap17;skunk206
Cesar Cedeno EasyE7273;Tucker T's   Frank Robinson jbap17;nikospade
Jack Chesbro mpitt76;spinaldog   Pete Runnels mpitt76;spinaldog
Roger Clemens nikospade;rickysdad44   Jason Schmidt djraym;EasyE7273
Ty Cobb boclaird;rbow923   Red Schoendienst mllama54;rickysdad44
Larry Doby nikospade;pstuts73   Marco Scutaro jkorn;jvt87
Bill Doran jvt87;RWHAY   Tom Seaver mllama54;Tucker T's
Don Drysdale cholatse;mensu1954   David Segui djraym;reddtrain
Buck Ewing dcmatcheck;rickysdad44   Ken Singleton jbap17;nikospade
Jose Fernandez jkorn;RWHAY   George Sisler lenbo1212;mensu1954
Carlton Fisk nikospade;pstuts73   Tris Speaker pstuts73;skunk206
Russ Ford  rbow923;skunk206   Elmer Steele rbow923;Tucker T's
Dwight Gooden mllama54;rickysdad44   Clyde Sukeforth bgreenblatt;DoctorKz
Goose Goslin dcmatcheck;mpitt76   Luis Tiant djraym;nikospade
Tony Gwynn EasyE7273;nikospade   Joe Torre rbow923;spinaldog
Billy Hamilton DoctorKz;rickysdad44   Alex Torres cholatse;jkorn
Bryan Harvey lenbo1212;mllama54   Cecil Travis mensu1954;mpitt76
Matt Harvey dcmatcheck;jkorn   Chase Utley jkorn;skunk206
Claude Hendrix rbow923;skunk206   Justin Verlander jvt87;rickysdad44
Tom Henke boclaird;pstuts73   Billy Wagner mllama54jpstuts73
Charlie Hollocher dcmatcheck;jvt87   Hoyt Wilhelm EasyE7273;mensu1954
Joe Horlen jvt87;mensu1954   Ted Williams jvt87;rbow923
Steve Howe lenbo1212;Tucker T's   Willie Wilson bgreenblatt;mllama54
Carl Hubbell cholatse;mllama54   Cy Young mpitt76;skunk206
7/26/2014 7:14 PM
Whoo-boy. I feel like the dog who finally caught the car. Starting Rotation: Walter Johnson, Eddie Plank, Joe McGinnity, Dave McNally, and Roger Wolf. I only picked McGinnity to block Mensu1954, I wonder who he picked instead?

Don't tell me... Addie Joss!!!
7/26/2014 7:59 PM (edited)

21 guys in the first round? Is that a misprint?!

I put the cheapest Carlton season on my roster just to prevent anyone getting him...and then I got him. He'll slot in nicely as a replacement for Marichal...

7/26/2014 8:27 PM
Disastrous 1st round. Rostered only one pitcher, but at least it was Eddie Cicotte. 5 on offense, but they are all 1B/OF and I can't fit them all into four spots on the field. Ugh.
7/26/2014 8:31 PM
Yeah I slotted in Manny Ramirez as a cheap guy and got him.  I only got 2 starters as well though so they are going to be tough going forward.  I was pleasantly surprised I got my entire IF first selections I took the other guys like Ernie Banks as low salary guys
7/26/2014 9:14 PM (edited)
Posted by dcmatcheck on 7/26/2014 7:59:00 PM (view original):
Whoo-boy. I feel like the dog who finally caught the car. Starting Rotation: Walter Johnson, Eddie Plank, Joe McGinnity, Dave McNally, and Roger Wolf. I only picked McGinnity to block Mensu1954, I wonder who he picked instead?

Don't tell me... Addie Joss!!!
Don Drysdale...didn't get him.

2nd roster sent, Don.
7/26/2014 9:06 PM
not sure how to feel with charlie buffinton anchoring the staff
7/26/2014 11:06 PM
I'll take my Ed Reulbach, Bill Singer and Tully Sparks right to the middle of the pack.
7/27/2014 12:46 AM
I'm pretty happy with Sutton, Pedro, and Mike Scott leading our staff.
7/27/2014 2:55 AM
Curt Schilling and Doc White?   
7/27/2014 5:58 AM
If I do this right, every game will be started by HOFers:
Steve Carlton
Gaylord Perry
Warren Spahn

Nice 1000 wins right there.

7/27/2014 12:34 PM
Joss !
2nd roster sent
7/27/2014 12:35 PM
If I do this better, every game will be started by a pitcher, but that's still in doubt.
7/27/2014 1:56 PM
I lost my entire starting outfield. 2nd round sent
7/28/2014 1:04 PM
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Exclusive Ownership XLVII RESULTS Topic

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