NDL SEASON 4 (Finished drafting) Topic

Man tony...you turn over a new leaf or what?  Goin from the traditional air assault of yours to a "ground and pound"??
7/24/2014 9:30 PM
1.  grayfoxx:  Aaron Rodgers, QB
 2.  cellkev:  Earl Campbell, RB
 3.  boonej38:  Bears D
 4.  coolmay_one:  Peyton Manning, QB
 5.  johnberlin:  Rams O-line
 6. pg99:  Browns D
 7.  gencoimports:  Tom Brady, QB
8.  riverratk:  Drew Brees, QB
 9.  bubbawit:  Steelers D
10.  foolish1:  Daunte Culpepper, QB
11.  roadhouse19:  Dan Marino, QB
12.  bevoxxx:  Buccaneers D
13.  tonyvoss:  OJ Simpson, RB
14.  democolson:  Cowboys D
15.  666ace:  Jim Brown, RB
16.  amerk1180:  Browns O-line
17.  mstar023:  Giants D
18.  tonyvoss (2):  Walter Payton, RB
19.  Got_Worms:  Calvin Johnson, WR
20;  isacqbs58:  Titans/Oilers D
21.  roadhouse19 (2):  Dan Fouts, QB
22.  666ace (2):  Kurt Warner, QB
23.  firehero:  Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch
24.  whatifle:
7/25/2014 1:00 PM (edited)
Calvin Johnson
7/24/2014 10:44 PM
Via proxy, isacqbs takes

Titans/Oilers D
7/24/2014 11:00 PM
Via proxy, roadhouse selects

Dan Fouts
7/24/2014 11:05 PM
not really amerk need balance will still air it out
7/24/2014 11:29 PM
Guys, just so you know, especially the new guys.  Once we complete the first round and go "on the clock", DON'T STOP MAKING SELECTIONS IF YOU ARE UP!!!

The farther we can get ahead of the "clock", the better.  We will eventually end up on the clock, as someone always misses their time and gets skipped.  I just like being ahead as long as possible.

Remember--use proxy picks when needed, and sitemail the next two owners after you pick if you didn't use a proxy SM.
7/25/2014 4:21 AM
sounds like georgedeer, who is incidentally now up to pick, wants to pull out.


7/25/2014 7:59 AM
I will take a 2nd team right now if need be. If possible move one of my teams the NFC...let me know I will monitor forums/messages.
7/25/2014 9:57 AM
OK, we have ace, who jumped at the chance to get a 2nd team, and we have tomhanrahan, who SM'd me that he would take a team to replace georgedeer.  Thing is though, I think Tom is just doing it to help out and wouldn't really be thrilled doing it again.

Normally, I would rather have a different owner, but in this case, I'd rather have someone as enthusiastic as ace, than someone who is just getting in to help out.  Plus tom said if we have an owner who wants a 2nd team, he's good with that.  Plus ace has sm'd me a pick for that george team. 

So, 666ace, you got it.  I will figure out who to move to the other conference soon.
7/25/2014 11:59 AM
OK, firehero is moved to the AFC East and ace's 2nd team to his spot in the NFC Central.  That way, each still has to pick and can still decide on strategies to combat the other divisional goes if they so choose.  Firehero is also new to the league as was george, so that stays consistent.  Seems like the easiest fix.
7/25/2014 12:11 PM
Newbies....you just never know what to expect huh?  OK, so 666ace, you are up, and firehero is on deck.  

By the way, I mistakenly clicked on "delete" on the messege ace sent with a pick, or I didn't, and just was looking at someone else's proxy pick list and am just confused.  Knowing me, it's probably the 2nd thing.
7/25/2014 12:18 PM
Also, I pulled an all-nighter in order to go to a very early doc's appointment, and I still haven't been to sleep yet.  I am crashing for a 3-5 hour nap.  Hope to be up by 5 or so.  Veterans, take over for proxy picks and such til then for me ok?

Everyone, send proxy picks to gencoimports, roadhouse19, coolmay_one, grayfoxx, isacqbs58 or anyone who you trust who follows the draft pretty closely.
7/25/2014 12:26 PM
666ace(2) Kurt Warner
7/25/2014 12:35 PM
Crazy Legs Hirsch
7/25/2014 12:52 PM
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NDL SEASON 4 (Finished drafting) Topic

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