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With rednu taking a (hopefully very) short hiatus from the Rupp world, I'll handle starting up the new D3 thread.  I'll also update the dynasty rankings in the next couple days when I get some spreadsheetin' time.

So feel free to fire away with predictions, threats, complaints, funny stories, or darnoc/Wittenberg insults.  I'll get you all started, so what's the deal with the numbers in darnoc29099's name?  Were there really that many darnocs around that he needed to distinguish between them all?

7/29/2014 12:08 PM
For awhile I've wished I could change my username.  The 'darnoc29099' thing has been with me forever...kinda feel like if I change it to something else I'll forget what it is.  

But since pseudo started this, I'll buy someone a free season if they correctly guess what those numbers mean.  Disclaimer: pseudochamp, paul836, and jbra12 cannot play since I know them personally and they may actually know.  (I'm not even sure the latter 2 check this thread, but better safe than sorry).
7/29/2014 12:51 PM
I'll give you hints, 29099 is not darnoc's waist size or his IQ.
7/29/2014 12:55 PM
is it a gene ID (as in genetics, not jeans…)?

7/29/2014 2:12 PM
Zip code?
7/29/2014 2:35 PM
annual income?
7/29/2014 5:47 PM
illegitimate children?
7/29/2014 5:54 PM
All good guesses, but no cigar.  I'm surprised no one has guessed "number of wins you'll amass before your first title."
7/29/2014 6:33 PM
Posted by jsajsa on 7/29/2014 5:54:00 PM (view original):
illegitimate children?
Apologies if you thought Shawn Kemp was coaching Wittenberg all this time  
7/29/2014 6:35 PM
born Feb 1990 (2/90)
attended 1st illinois game in 1999

7/30/2014 12:50 AM
Building a 6 SR 6 JR superclass team to make a run at the title in season 77.  Yeah I know its a cheap way to build a contender, but I'm giving it a shot.
8/3/2014 9:40 PM
It's a necessity for protein coding in **** sapiens?
8/4/2014 3:33 AM
No one is correct yet, though cjones' guess was the closest.  I'm also pretty confident I know what the number stands for in cjones4mvp....if only that coach was giving out free seasons.  

I'll give it until the end of recruiting for the free season if anyone guesses correctly.  
8/4/2014 11:02 AM
What if it's backward? darnoc=conrad and the postal code is 99092? Or perhaps it's a significant date 09/02/99.
8/4/2014 11:29 AM
haha I got a chuckle that WIS wouldn't let nachopuzzle write "H0M0SAPIEN."  Good to see WIS making a stand for all the hom0sapiens out there :D

Geez I really like mroylanc's guess, wish I could steal it.  I won't guess it's how many women Darnoc's been with because the NCAC has agreed to be nice to Darnoc today :)  29099 is Darnoc's Starr Score if he were a player.  Seriously, I do feel like darnoc stands for conrad.  The 29099 must be a date somehow, maybe February, 1990-1999?
8/4/2014 1:51 PM
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Season 75, D3 Topic

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