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Don't forget to update the Dynasty Rankings!
8/11/2014 6:23 PM
Excellent point carson, but a bit late since I've clearly already forgotten to update them.  I suck.  Hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow night to take care of that.  My bad.
8/12/2014 9:50 PM
Halfway through the non-conference slate and forty-three teams are still undefeated while thirty-two are winless.  Seems like a high number for perfect records, but maybe I'm imagining things.

Last Night
#8 North Carolina Wesleyan 72   Wooster 66
Clearly NC-Wes are a bunch of cheaters, I think that's pretty hard to argue against.  At least we closed the game in the second half, the visitors were up by 13 at the break.  NC-Wes and nastynick held solid at #8 in the rankings while Wooster and their forgetful coach fell to the others receiving votes section.  Boo.

Also considered: #4 Occidental held off Wittenberg 53-48, #9 Emory got a big road win at #25 Hamline 83-72, #14 Chapman held off a late charge to down Wentworth Tech 65-62, #6 US Merchant Marines cruised past Texas Lutheran 81-54, and #10 Bowdoin got past Austin 72-65.

Sim blowout watch: Marywood managed a decent cover against #18 Ramapo 48-85.

#4 Occidental (5-0)(dtm1500) at #14 Chapman (4-1)(shine06)
The So.Cal and Northwest conferences meet up tonight in the only game between ranked opponents.  shine won the only previous meeting between these two but the visitors are favored by a point in this one.

Also considered: #6 US Merchant Marines at Suffolk, #7 Hiram at Webster, Ohio Wesleyan at #12 Hendrix, Millsaps at #13 UMass Dartmouth, #17 Palm Beach Atlantic at Dallas, Mt. St. Joseph at #18 Ramapo, and #19 Newbury at Christopher Newport

Sim blowout watch: East Mennonite is getting 40 points at home against #25 Hamline.
8/12/2014 10:16 PM
The shiny new replacement hard drive for my laptop got delivered today so if installation goes smoothly tonight, the dynasty rankings will be updated.  Cross your fingers.

Last Night
#12 Occidental 50   #11 Chapman 51
We got a rather low scoring affair in this one as the home team played slow-down to good results.  They were up by 6 at the break and maintained their lead the rest of the way.  Occidental finally closed to within 2 points around the two minute remaining mark, but after a series of traded turnovers and missed shots Chapman made two clutch free throws with seven seconds on the clock.  They proved to be clutch indeed when the visitors sank a 3ptr with a second left to give us our final 1 point margin.  Chapman and shine bumped up a few spots in the rankings after the big home win while Occidental and dtm fell out of the top ten after their first loss.

Also considered: #5 US Merchant Marines got past Suffolk on the road 59-49, #4 Hiram out-Gorloked Webster 72-54, #8 Hendrix downed Ohio Wesleyan at home 77-65, Millsaps knocked UMass Dartmouth from the rankings with an impressive 73-54 road upset, #14 Palm Beach Atlantic edged Dallas 72-67, #16 Ramapo took care of Mt. St. Joseph 65-51, and #15 Newbury did the same to Christopher Newport 59-44.

Sim blowout watch: East Mennonite almost got doubled up but they held on for the cover against Hamline 40-74.

#5 US Merchant Marines (5-1)(lynchmob1414) at #15 Newbury (6-0)(dinosaur)
It's Skyline against Great Northeast in one of our two meetings of ranked teams tonight.  The Cadets have rebounded from an earlier loss with four straight impressive wins and will look to keep rolling on the road.  This will be Newbury's first ranked opponent this season so their perfect record will be put to the test.  lynchmob has a slim 8-6 lead in the all-time series and his team is favored by 1 on the road.

Also considered: #7 North Carolina Wesleyan at #25 Baldwin-Wallace, #3 Lynchburg at Rivier, Millsaps at #4 Hiram, Webster at #9 Bowdoin, William Paterson at #17 Whittier, #22 Wooster at Maryville, Aurora at #23 Trinity, and Ursinus at #24 Wentworth Tech

Sim blowout watch: I've instituted a 40 point spread minimum for the blowout watch and no ranked games qualify tonight.  Let me know if I missed one outside the top 25.
8/13/2014 5:21 PM
Guess who forgot to bring home the Windows installation CD yesterday so he could get his laptop set back up properly.  This guy!  But I took care of it today at work and the lappy is all back in business, so that means new dynasty rankings tonight.  Probably.

Last Night
#14 US Merchant Marines 43   #8 Newbury 54
Like last night, our featured game was a low scoring one with both teams playing slowdown this time.  The home team was up by just 1 at the half but they locked down the defense after that and held the Cadets to just 19 points in the second half.  Newbury and dinosaur stayed perfect on the year and moved up into the top ten with the win while the Marines and lynchmob drop almost ten places with their second loss.

Also considered: #6 North Carolina Wesleyan got past Baldwin-Wallace on the road 80-70, #3 Lynchburg took care of Rivier 59-45, #4 Hiram coasted past Millsaps 96-66, #7 Bowdoin edged Webster 51-46, #17 Whittier got a double-digit win against William Paterson 69-58, Maryville nipped Wooster 54-52 with a bucket in the final seconds, #22 Trinity handled Aurora 67-46, and #21 Wentworth Tech pulled away from Ursinus 78-64.

Sim blowout watch: Nope.

#1 Menlo (7-0)(dgravs) at #7 Bowdoin (7-0)(miccon1982)
We have four games between ranked teams tonight but it's hard to pass up the top ranked team visiting another undefeated top ten team.  Menlo has been on a tear so far with their closest margin of victory being 24 points, but this will be their first ranked opponent so the difficulty is about to jump up.  Bowdoin hasn't been scoring as much as the visitors but they've kept winning and have looked just as impressive.  This is the first meeting between these two and the visitors are favored by 3.

Also considered: #4 Hiram at #19 Willamette, #11 S. Vermont at #6 North Carolina Wesleyan, #10 Hendrix at #20 Bridgewater, #14 US Merchant Marines at Dallas, #15 Emory at Dominican, and #17 Whittier at Suffolk

Sim blowout watch: Albion comes through for us to make sure we have a blowout game as they're getting 62 big points hosting #12 Ramapo.
8/14/2014 4:46 PM
Two games left in non-conference and we're down to twenty-two undefeated teams and only fourteen without a win.  And don't worry, I haven't forgotten the dynasty ranking update, didn't make it all the way through last night but I'll finish tonight or tomorrow morning.

Last Night
#1 Menlo 73   #15 Bowdoin 54
Our top-ranked team played a solid first half and owned a 4 point lead at the break.  Then they came out in the second half and kept up the offensive pressure and locked down the defense, they quickly extended the lead to double digits and never really looked back.  Forcing twenty-four turnovers is a pretty good way to win basketball games.  Menlo and dgravs stayed perfect and atop the rankings while Bowdoin and miccon fell into the teens with their first loss on the season.

Also considered: #3 Hiram got past Willamette 87-75, #6 North Carolina Wesleyan defended the home court against #20 S. Vermont 83-72, #7 Hendrix broke triple digits and downed Bridgewater 101-91, #9 US Merchant Marines got the road win at Dallas 70-60, #10 Emory beat Dominican 87-77, and Suffolk upset #24 Whittier 74-70.

Sim blowout watch: Albion threatened an outright win but fell just short of the upset, losing to #14 Ramapo 72-80.

#4 Lynchburg (8-0)(googs04) at #7 Hendrix (8-0)(carson333)
Another really nice battle of undefeated top ten teams tonight with the Old Dominion visiting the University conference.  Both teams have already downed at least one ranked team so both teams are tested and ready.  googs won the only previous meeting of these two and the visitors are favored by 1.

Also considered: Norwich at #5 Earlham, Texas Lutheran at #8 Newbury, Rivier at #9 US Merchant Marines, #10 Emory at Christopher Newport, #12 Chapman at Austin, and #15 Bowdoin at Transylvania

Sim blowout watch: Poor winless Rose-Hulman Tech is getting a hefty 77 points as they travel to take on undefeated #13 Stillman.
8/15/2014 3:22 PM
Hmmm, I just noticed that the writeup I did yesterday didn't post for some reason.  That's a bunch of crap.  Well, I'll rewrite something up and repost it then post today's stuff.  As a side note, the dynasty rankings have finally been updated.
8/17/2014 9:39 PM
Ok, let's try this again.

Last Night
#3 Lynchburg 72   #12 Hendrix 62
The visitors were up by 4 at the break and despite repeated runs by Hendrix, Lynchburg was able to maintain the lead the rest of the way.  The lead never got more than a couple baskets and the home team was always in it, but Lynchburg made their free throws in the last minute or so to sew up the road victory.  Lynchburg and googs stayed perfect and moved up a spot in the rankings while Hendrix and carson fell out of the top ten after their first loss.

Also considered: #5 Earlham got past Norwich at home 76-66, Texas Lutheran got a tip-in with nine seconds left to upset #14 Newbury 68-66, Rivier got the road upset over #10 Merchant Marines 64-60, #7 Emory pulled away from Christopher Newport 90-77, Austin scored a home upset over #19 Chapman 66-58, and Transylvania joined the upset parade by downing #22 Bowdoin 61-50.

Sim blowout watch: Rose-Hulman couldn't prevent triple figures but they still covered against #20 Stillman 63-101.

#21 Hamline (8-1)(foofighter13) at #6 North Carolina Wesleyan (8-1)(nastynick60)
Two games with ranked teams in the last night of non-conference play and we'll go with this one with two one-loss teams.  These two have never met before and the odds-makers are giving the home team a 2 point advantage.  mmmmmmm ham...

Also considered: #15 US Merchant Marines at #8 Palm Beach Atlantic, #1 Kenyon at Bowdoin, #2 Menlo at Wentworth Tech, #4 Hiram at Johnson and Wales, #14 Whittier at Grove City, and #17 Occidental at Christopher Newport

Sim blowout watch: Hunter is a fat 87 point home dog as they host #12 Stillman.
8/17/2014 9:59 PM
Time to recap the final night of non-conference play.  And I noticed the box score link in the previous post only is on the first # on that line, for some reason it's not letting me fix it.  Boo.

Last Night
Hamline 84   #6 North Carolina Wesleyan 94
NC Wes suffered through a poor shooting first half which resulted in the visitors being up by 8 going into the locker rooms.  But the home team turned things around in the second half by almost doubling their output  and going ahead for good just six minutes into the half.  NC Wes and nastynick finished the non-conference season with just one loss while Hamline and foofighter dropped into the others receiving votes section after their second loss.

Also considered: #10 US Merchant Marines made just enough free throws to edge #8 Palm Beach Atlantic 64-62, #22 Bowdoin upset the former top ranked #4 Kenyon 62-52, new #1 Menlo stayed perfect with a 72-61 win at Wentworth Tech, #2 Hiram cruised past Johnson and Wales 111-73, #13 Whittier got a road win at Grove City 69-59, and #9 Occidental got the rare 4pt play with just two seconds left to force overtime and then pulled away from Christopher Newport 75-66 in OT.

Sim blowout watch: Hunter finished non-conference without a win but at least they covered against #20 Stillman 62-94.

Enjoy the off night everyone.
8/17/2014 10:11 PM
Tremendous job with this 
8/18/2014 2:01 AM
Thanks kbc, always good to hear that people are actually reading all the nonsense I put together.  Alright, time to kick off the conference season, good luck everyone and enjoy beating up on your conference-mates.

#24 Chapman (9-2)(shine06) at #1 Menlo (10-0)(dgravs)
We head out to the Northwest conference where our new #1 team hosts a ranked divisional foe to start off the conference slate.  Menlo rolled through the non-conference games unscathed while winning every game by double figures.  Chapman was ranked #1 to open the season only to suffer an early loss but have rallied back into the rankings, and they even got an extra game last night to get even more practice.  We'll see if the eleventh game gives them an advantage tonight, the series is tied at three wins apiece and the home team is favored by 8.

Also considered: #12 Hendrix at #7 Emory, #17 Trinity at #20 Stillman, #4 Kenyon at Ohio Wesleyan, California Tech at #13 Whittier, Johnson and Wales at #14 Newbury, Sewanee at #15 Ozarks, and Oberlin at #22 Wooster

Sim blowout watch: St. Joseph's is getting 52 points at home hosting #16 S. Vermont and four other sims have spreads in the 40's.

Austin (7-3)(ricosuave21) at Texas Lutheran (6-4)(ajlillie)
A solid cross-divisional game over in the American Southwest conference between teams that have been hanging around in the others receiving votes section.  ajliiillililiiilliiilliiiilliilliiiliiie (I always have trouble typing his name) leads the series 6-4 but the visitors are favored by 2.
8/19/2014 12:08 PM (edited)
I usually have a good matchup against ricosuave21! And I don't think you've ever published a post with my username spelled incorrectly. Keep up the good work!
8/18/2014 11:04 PM
Copy-Paste: the internet author's best defense against user name typos.

Last Night
Chapman 48   #1 Menlo 65
Chapman's slowdown tactics worked pretty for the first half as the teams went into the break knotted at 28.  Menlo's fastbreak eventually broke loose though in the second half and they racked up 37 points to pull away for the conference opening home victory.  Menlo and dgravs stayed undefeated and atop the rankings with the win while Chapman and shine dropped into the others receiving votes section after the loss.

Also considered: #7 Emory managed a surprisingly easy win over #23 Hendrix 77-63, #12 Stillman edged Trinity at home 79-74, #3 Kenyon pulled away from Ohio Wesleyan 70-58, #8 Whittier cruised past California Tech 87-67, Johnson and Wales knocked Newbury from the rankings with a 85-71 road win, Sewanee did the same at Ozarks 87-76, and #15 Wooster held off a late charge to down Oberlin 67-60.

Sim blowout watch: St. Joseph's scored enough to get the cover against #19 S.Vermont 49-82

ITaLRbHAGotN: Texas Lutheran was obviously inspired my continued ability to correctly spell their coach's name since they took a small lead early in the first half and maintained it the rest of the way to finish off a nice double-digit victory over Austin 78-68.  As an experiment, next time they play I'll advertise it as rigowave31 vs aj1i1i1111ie and see if that has an effect on who wins.

Bridgewater (9-2)(diamond24) at #4 Lynchburg (11-0)(googs04)
Next up is the first of two meetings between divisional rivals in the Old Dominion conference.  Both teams won their conference opener but this one is an important game as these two figure to be the competitors for the East division crown.  googs has all six wins in the all-time series and his team is favored by 6 at home.

Also considered: Oberlin at #3 Kenyon, #11 Palm Beach Atlantic at Piedmont, #12 Stillman at Southwestern, #15 Wooster at Ohio Wesleyan, #19 S.Vermont at Norwich, Ozarks at #22 Dallas, #23 Hendrix at Louisiana, and Grove City at #24 Wittenberg

Sim blowout watch: Redlands is getting 65 points on the road to #8 Whittier while Thiel is a 62 point home dog against #6 Earlham.

Dominican (9-2)(dusterj05) at Webster (5-6)(mschulte24)
Over in the St. Louis conference mschulte has owned this divisional match up for a while but this year is looking up for Dominican as they have the better record and are favored by a single point on the road.  Is this their long-awaited chance to slay the Gorloks?
8/19/2014 4:51 PM
Seble should just pay you to do this in every world. Seriously, it's needed. Are you listening seble?
8/19/2014 11:41 PM
Agree with @kbc!  Pseudo's work on the forum is awesome.  
8/20/2014 4:00 AM
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