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Last December, after WIS rolled out GD 3.0, I ran my first poll on our impression of GD. That poll produced a score of 2.65 stars out of 5. In March, after a few seasons more of playing - I ran the poll again and the score was 2.57 out of 5.

It's time again after 3.1 has rolled through to get another pulse. 

Hope to get 100 votes.

Poll results for Summer 2014 - Looks like the score this time was 2.83 out of 5. Some props go to the bells and whistles, but still not enough real meat on the bone to please those looking for improvements in the game play itself.

8/8/2014 3:49 PM (edited)
Please rate your opinion of the new 3.1 version of Gridiron Dynasty!

Votes: 122
(Last vote received: 10/24/2014 10:38 PM)
8/2/2014 12:39 PM
SIMS still play way over their actual strength, but other than that I can't complain.
8/2/2014 6:12 PM
They need to bring back injuries and get rid of the "starter" nonsense, but overall this is still a great game. (My vote = 4 stars)
8/2/2014 6:48 PM
Screw the injuries. I don't pay good money just to have my team take a dump with 3 players out and 3 players playing sub par from injuries. When one injured player gets the cure an other one goes down. A vicious cycle that never ends.  It is always the best players or first string players that get 100% of the injuries. None of the second stringers or scrubs ever get heart. 

No SR. I have been playing this game for 8 years and am glad that the injuries are out.

8/2/2014 8:12 PM (edited)
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It's 2014 and we still have issues from 2012 to get worked out. That's why I give it a lower rating.
8/3/2014 12:09 AM
Enough of rating the game; let's rate WIS itself. I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't been in the dark like this since Katrina...

Votes: 70
(Last vote received: 10/24/2014 10:39 PM)
8/3/2014 2:59 AM

Over 1,000 carries in 15 games for a RB who started with a 57 stamina. Until they do something about stamina, I will continue to drop teams - am down to 2 now and considering going to one.
8/4/2014 6:35 AM
Posted by treyomo on 8/4/2014 6:35:00 AM (view original):

Over 1,000 carries in 15 games for a RB who started with a 57 stamina. Until they do something about stamina, I will continue to drop teams - am down to 2 now and considering going to one.
Only 67 carries a game. He doesn't get tired or injured. Wow good job WIS.

I hung around for  2 years during 2.0 hoping they would put back out a great game. I was wrong. They put out 3.0. Then aside from some UI changes 3.1 was no better. After 5 and a half years of playing GD I no longer have any teams under any of my accounts. No intention of returning either. Eventually I will be cutting down to 2 HBD teams as well, I have a team that should dominate so I'm not ready to quit that game yet. But I'm not thrilled with the efforts of WIS.

8/4/2014 7:57 AM (edited)
4 stars only because there aren't enough human players.  That would definitely make it more interesting.
8/4/2014 8:37 AM
The game itself is still fun. But i would have stuck with version 1 or even 2 .  I thought they were better as a game.
   But what they failed to bring back and I fear they never will is what made the game great and fun to me which is the enthusiastic participation of the Massive amount of Participating Coaches - Where there was actually a Waiting List to get a team(you might wait a season or two before an opening) and the GD Forum was Always humming(with both informatiive posts and controversial diatribe that I could jump in and fight it out for my opinion or sit back and watch others spew their BS).
         I kinda think it's like that author who said something like "You Can't Go Home Again" ; or something like that.
                   IMO for the best GD experience now, join a conference that is loaded with humans; preferably one where you have GD buddies that you can shoot the breeze with !  It is rare but can be done.

8/4/2014 9:53 AM
How long has it been since WIS Customer Service responded to your ticket?

Votes: 23
(Last vote received: 8/19/2014 10:50 PM)
8/4/2014 10:37 AM
I gave 4 stars. I DO believe injuries should come back and stamina should really matter. As a coach in the real world I can promise you that those 2 things would make GD a lot more realistic, but I do believe it's the best version yet and I've player 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 & 3.1...
8/4/2014 11:32 AM
Huh ? What's GD Customer Service ? :)
8/4/2014 1:35 PM
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It's time again - Let's rate GD! RESULTS ARE IN! Topic

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