Can I make the D-III playoffs? Topic

I have done the math correctly, I think.  My team is Ohio Wesleyan in Warner.  I am currently #33 WIS.  I just lost my only conference game today so I am not in the championship tonight.

There are 19 automatic bids, I'm assuming.  I have calculated that there will be 3 teams from outside the WIS top 32 that are guaranteed to win tonight, so that means the 13 at-large teams will come from spots all the way up to WIS #29 and no higher.

If ALL the higher WIS-ranked teams tonight, I could land smack on #29.  Here are the 4 game I think could do it.

Huntingdon beats #32 New Jersey
Husson  beats #28 Albion
Wisconsin Platt beats #30 Wisconsin Stout
St. Olaf beats #29 Aubsburg

Since I'm not playing and those 4 teams could drop below me in WIS, would I get the final playoff spot at #29 is WIS rankings?  Humor me, this is my first year and I have no idea how this works.

8/4/2014 7:08 PM
This is the attention to detail that makes for a great coach. It sounds like you should make it. But if you don't, keep at it.

You should be able to move up to D-2 after this season, which gives you more opportunity for customizing your team. I would encourage it. 
8/4/2014 7:21 PM (edited)
Thanks for the encouragement, bj.  From browsing around the forums I sense the frustration of the more experienced coaches who seemed to like coaching at D-III all the time.  Whether I make it or not, I'm pretty sure I want to stick with this team for just one more season.  I will have my entire O-line returning and two stellar RBs entering their senior season.  

I am looking forward to D-II, though.  I see the micromanagement possibilities and I LIKE IT.  I've been playing Banished non-stop for the last 3 months and its all about numbers. 
8/4/2014 7:26 PM
bj is are right on the bubble and it could go either way.  Even if those four teams lose, they might not drop below you.

But this game is all about numbers....many, many numbers.  So good luck and keep at it.
8/4/2014 9:07 PM
Jojo I'm in the same boat as you right now. I'm ranked #35 and after the cc games I'll be on the bubble. Whenever you do jump up to d2 look at the gsc conference. We need more humans and the ones in place are pretty dang good.
8/4/2014 10:54 PM
Will do.  I'm thinking I will like the human competition more.  Having an empty conference is boring, and the other two human coaches don't seem to be chatty at all.
8/5/2014 5:54 AM
And it all seems to be going well except for the Huntingdon/New Jersey game.  Hey, wcochran....snap out of it!  64 yards in the first half?  Half a yard per rush?  Is Jake Locker your primary back?  Step it up, bro.
8/5/2014 5:59 AM
And New Jersey gets the win with a field goal as time expires....drat.  Why do I have the feeling that will leave me at #30 in the WIS and one spot out of the playoffs? 

Maybe if that loss drops Huntingdon from 27 to 30 or higher I still have a shot.  We'll know in a few minutes, I guess....

8/5/2014 2:36 PM
Well, that was less suspenseful than I anticipated.  None of the teams in the 27-32 range that lost actual dropped at all.  I ended up dropping two spots in the WIS to #35.  No playoffs for me.  Perhaps next season. 

As for moving up to D-II, will ALL the open coaching spots be within my reach, or is there a tier system that would preclude me from being considered for the choicest jobs in D-II?

8/5/2014 3:10 PM
With the season you had, I would guess that you would be eligible for any spot in D2.
8/5/2014 3:18 PM
Not so sure about that. You missed the playoffs after all. My advice to you is to pick up the best D2 team possible that has had a human coach for the past few years and you should do fine
8/5/2014 5:20 PM
Jojo I'm with you. I was the second team out of it. My fault really I needed a stronger SOS.
8/5/2014 5:28 PM
Unfortunately, as in real life when a new coach comes in, there's not much I could do about the schedule.  I think I've set it up to where I can take one non-conference loss and go 7-1 in conference and still be an easy shoe-in.  Just gotta beat 2 out of those 3 top 50 teams I scheduled (at least, from what I've seen of their returning players, they SHOULD be top 50).   I'm about 70/30 on staying for one more season in D-III.
8/5/2014 9:18 PM
Can I make the D-III playoffs? Topic

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