Has anyone pulled down D1 recruits to D3? Topic

That first message is a no-go from the coach call.  You can never pull a kid down when the coach gives you this message.
8/6/2014 6:52 PM
Posted by jdno on 8/6/2014 5:17:00 PM (view original):
this kid is off-limits to you, you are not on his backup list.  Move on before you waste all your money on him with evals.
8/6/2014 8:31 PM
Yeah my bad, I agree.  Those are more negative than the usual SV messages you get as a backup option.

Always always do a coach call before sending SVs to make sure you're a backup.

8/7/2014 9:56 AM
Hey "O", you've got 6 messages telling you your not going to get him no matter how much you spend. One Coach call for $10 at the start would have saved you a lot of money and grief. You need to move on and salvage what you can. Just remember never put in recruiting effort without starting with a Coach's Call. Good luck to you.
8/7/2014 11:41 AM
you can send a coach call or a phone call to the player. in either case, the message tells you definitively if you can recruit the player or not (except maybe some weird bug but lets ignore that for now, its rare). some people find the phone calls easier to understand, some find the coach calls easier. pick one and go with it - and if you are ever unsure about your response, you can ask here or you can send another call for a different response (and then you'll know what the first one meant, too). ALWAYS spend the 10 dollars before trying to pull down a player, to make sure he is a viable target. occasionally veterans will mention pulling a guy down in the first cycle, but just ignore that, its ultra risky and totally not worth it in most situations.
8/7/2014 12:14 PM
yeh it was a stupid mistake, I sent phone calls to coaches to every major player I was going to go hard after but him, I guess I just forgot and assumed I did thinking I needed more scouting trips to get better responses since it was said more scouting trips may be needed, really going to kill my class this year, thanks everyone for the replies, hopefully I can turn it around with the advice and next season recruit a better class.
8/7/2014 3:10 PM (edited)
 Meece just did it this season at C+ Hilbert . He pulled a guy from DI Washington St. 

Ned Faller 
8/9/2014 2:22 PM
I just got one who was 518 OVR.
4/27/2016 11:12 PM
damn going back far for this :D

how's his potential for a D1 player, I assume 10 miles away.
4/27/2016 11:18 PM
Probably WE and DU around 80 too I bet. Can still be a great pickup but that is high for a D1 kid
4/28/2016 12:56 AM
I had one just recently finish his career. Started as a 504 and I cannot remember the distance, but I thought it was 70 miles. He was by far my best option going into the recruiting season, better than all D2s and 3s.


As far as ranked players I have never received a positive response from any of them. I did, however, have a ranked JuCo player drop to my D-3 screen on my Castleton St. team.

4/28/2016 5:01 AM
Posted by jdno on 4/28/2016 12:56:00 AM (view original):
Probably WE and DU around 80 too I bet. Can still be a great pickup but that is high for a D1 kid
STA and DUR are near 80, WE is only in the high teens.


He'll be a solid D3 player but the D2 guys stayed off him because of his red 41 ATH, I think. He is blue in LP,REB,DEF and SB. Those cores will all be near over above 80. He'll be a be a very good D3 player.
4/28/2016 5:53 AM
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Has anyone pulled down D1 recruits to D3? Topic

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