I wont be as entertaining as some others but just give some of my thoughts on the teams. I will eval at 2 players, then 4 and the final.  The 4th round evals will be in this color

dh555 - Dwight Howard, Charles Barkley, Anthony Mason, Dana Barros, Sidney Moncrief, Leon Powe, Roy Tarpley
DH seems to like to get two first round picks, not sure if its brought him a championship yet.  But I could be wrong.  Obvious rebounding and eFG but now needs to watch the TOs and fouls. Pretty nasty pair...

Like the Mason pick, love the Moncrief pick.  This team is going to get to the line a ton and rebound a ton as well.  They are going to turn it over a ton too but it shouldnt stop this team from making the playoffs

steelers821- Artis Gilmore, Julius Erving, Paul Pierce, Charles Oakley, Don Buse, Jerome Kersey, Paul Milsap
Not a fan of Gilmore just don't like how is numbers come out, personal opinion.  Dr J I feel like he should be involved in more championships but doesn't seem to make it.  In the end not thrilled with the pair but we will see what the next two rounds bring

Not feeling this team.. the assists and threes are a little light, the fouls and TOs are a little high.  I don't get the Kersey pick.  Not a playoff team in IMO

banditone - Penny Hardaway, Shawn Marion, Jack Sikma, Connie Hawkins, Vince Carter, Jordan Farmer, Spencer Haywood
Two great picks.  Since the last SIM engine tweak Penny has slowly made it up to upper 2nd round pick status and well deserved.  Shawn Marion is a great role player that gives you some flexibility. Good start for Banditone.

Well is was a great start but came to a grinding halt with Sikma.  Connie used to be a constant in these leagues but fell out of favor, actually not a horrible pick.  Especially if you put Marion at the 2 and Connie at the 3.  But Sikma, even though he has a cool shot, is not cut out for a draft league.

Um Jordan Farmer is a nice back up PG, Vince Carter is nice scorer pick up for the 5th round but Spencer Haywood? Yeah I think Banditone is headed back to the lottery

maglor1 - Bill Russell, Scottie Pippen, Marques Johnson, Jerry West, Paul Gasol, Terrance Jones, Dee Brown
Always torn about Bill Russell great rounding but its a sin that he not at least 90D.  Also you have to be careful about your distribution of usage because you dont want him taking took many shots.  Pippen is a Swiss army knife does every well and is a winning player in the SIM

So right now Scottie Pippen is your primary scorer and Jerry West is secondary.  Not sure if I like that, yes you have a great defensive back court but just doesn't feel right scoring wise.  Jerry West will never get to the line like he does in IRL and Scottie is an OK scorer..  Don't think you have enough to make up for their deficiencies

Maglor seemed he didn't want to pick Pau Gasol but think that was a very good pick for this team.  You have pretty good rebounding, so your didn't need a stud in that department but he's gives you scoring, assists at the PF, good defense and a very clean game.  Terrance Jones and Dee Brown are capable backups.  I see this as a playoff team.  One main reason is the very low fouls vs. how much they get to the line.  .067 fouls per minute and they have 2772 foul shots.  That spread is pretty awesome.  

eleibowitz - Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Walt Frazier, Larry Sanders, Robert Parish, Andrew Bynum and Jamario Moon
Wow can't believe I have these two on one team.  Incredible flexibility, just need to draft some defense

Frazier wasn't my 1st or 2nd choice AK47 and Anthony Davis was but he was my 3rd choice so I can't complain.  Filled a need with Sanders, defense and rebounding.  But will need to get another good big man in the 6th round.  No risk, no rewar

Well I got my rewards in Robert Parish and Andrew Bynum  Now I need to figure out how to put them together.  I really want to use Parish's stud scoring season but it will break one of my own rules regarding usage, the starting team will have a total of 17 usage points on the floor. So I need to figure that out.  Bynum has some great backup seasons plus Ill keep that good scoring season away from some owners.  Jamario Moon is a low usage, low foul, high defense with some rebounding and threes.  He will help with my roster build with a few good usable seasons

longtallbrad - Dwayne Wade, Marcus Camby, Terry Porter, Amare Stoudemire, Charlie Edge, Andrew Bogut, Chris Andersen
Two real solid picks.  Dwayne Wade is a one man wrecking crew and very easy to build around.  Not too early for Camby, he bring great rebounding and defense with a very clean game.  With Camby he gives you a lot of flexibility and with Wade's usage that's a big help.

Understand LTB was trying to pick quickly and chose Terry Porter.  It's little surprising considering you had Wade but you pick Amare.  He's an awesome scorer but his rebounding is a little light.  Camby is a nice complement to him.  Now I'm assuming LTB is going with his high usage, eFG year so the pick for SF will be critical.  Need to find the perfect player, hopefully that player is around when LTB picks late in the 5th round.

Good pick in Charlie Edge and looks like Chris Andersen may back him up.  This is another playoff team, I don't think you'll regret your Amare pick once the season starts. This is an another playoff team, strong defense and well balanced line up. 

smokey57 - Kevin Garnett, Oscar Robertson, Wes Unseld, Bob Lanier, Chris Dudley, Alvin Robertson, Earl Watson
Don't like Kevin Garnett, his offense is horrible and very expense to boot.  Yes he has brings a lot to the table but you don't want him as your primary scorer.  The Big O doesn't solve that.

An old school team except for Garnett.  Feel like they all should be wearing Chuck Taylor's.  They will be a force on the boards but again Garnett is your lead scorer.  In the end its diminishing returns on boards.  Looks like Smokey will be heading to the lottery.

They are going to knocking each over to get that rebound!  Everyone is crashing the boards!  But even with rebound overload, he doesn't help.  Its like too much usage, diminishing returns for all that rebounding.  Oh and Kevin Garnett is your lead scorer, not a playoff team.  Now if Smokey wins his division or even squeaks into the playoff I'm sure I'll hear about it..

mikee1Tim Duncan, Andre Drummond, Andrei Kirilenko, Ray Allen, Arvydas Sabonis, Goran Dragic, Lamar Odom
Decent start for Mikee have a strong front court but nothing like DH's.  Timmy has three good seasons use.  Drummond I'm think he might of been taken a little early, there are other players that think would of fit Timmy better.  But Mikee is one of the better owners, I'm sure he has a plan

Love Kirilenko he's a very rare commodity in the SIM.  He can do it all with 100D and cover all 5 positions plus have good rebounding and assists. with a clean game.  His eFG is low but who cares.  Ray Allen used to be a 2nd round pick but with the emphasis on defense he has fallen out of favor,  but still a strong offensive threat.  This is turning into a good team but not a championship team IMO

Nice picks in Sabonis and Dragic, I think Dragic will start be coming a more common pick in the latter rounds.  Love Sabonis offense and rebounding plus hes a great back up for Timmy's minute shortened season.  Not sure where Lamar Odom fits here but he has a lot of good seasons.  The team has solid numbers in all areas.  This is a very solid playoff team.

jhsukow - Stephen Curry, Jason Kidd, DeAndre Jordan, Tree Rollins, Blake Griffin, James Worthy, Tony Parker
Steph Curry 1st round?  He's a had a great year but not that good.  Jason Kidd and DeAndre are nice role players but will need to see more before I can evaluate this team.

So Blake Griffin is going to be your primary scorer?  I'm not sure that's going to work.  Tree has is positives but he fouls a lot, 322 fouls in 2100 minutes. And not sure where the Tony Parker pick fits in. Don't think this team is making the playoffs

98average Ben Wallace, Kevin McHale, Ron Harper, Terrell Brandon, Norm Nixon, Hot Rod Williams, K. Washington
Big Ben always a solid pick and McHale with his high eFG make this a good combo.  But with McHale I don't really like him at the 3 so IMO you would need a strong rebounding SF now.  

Terrell is a good player in the SIM but I think you don't want him as your predominate scorer.  I mean yes he has a very clean game with good D and assists but lead scorer I'm not sure about that.   Ron Harper is a player I thought about draft many times but just never fit my team.  Mainly because he doesn't shoot any 3s from the SG position.  This team has a real lack of threes but its not as important anymore in the SIM but you still need some.  Saying all of this what this team does have its very clean game.  Not a lot of TOs and Fouls, so that could override all of this and be a potentially dangerous team but its hard to make a team like this with the bench

High defense and low TOs.  But the Nixon and Kermit picks make the TOs substanially higher. Without them the team was under 12 TOV with them they are over 13. Still no threes to speak of but a highly efficient scoring team nether the less.  This team could be dangerous.

slymonium - Chris Paul, Bill Walton, Shawn Kemp, Steve Nash, Kenneth Faried, Kris Humphries, Jameer Nelson
Nice pair, have the feeling Sly is going for a high assist team.  Two very efficient players and clean players to boot.  Interested to see what Sly does next

Yep a high assist team.  Kemp and Walton is a scary front court but Kemp does foul a lot everyone else doesn't so should be OK.  Just got to watch the reserves.  Nash is a incredibly efficient player, just no rebounding or D.  But Paul rebounds like a SG and has the D to cover for Nash.  Just need a SF to pull it all together

Great pick in Faried and two draft league regulars in Humphries and Nelson.   The fouls are under control only issue I see is the starting 5 have pretty high combined usage total of 18 points (guess at which seasons Sly pick).  Sly may have to the play with this team as the season goes along.  But this should be a playoff team.

jkaye24 - David Robinson, Kevin Love, Gerald Wallace, Fat Lever, Bill Bridges, Ryan Anderson, Anderson Varejao
D-Rob is of course a great player but SIM wise you need to pair him with the right players (him more than others IMO, in regards to offense).  And I don't think Kevin Love is it but Mr. Clean could prove me wrong.  Plus he such a liability of defense you have to make sure he's covered at all times, he can make Denis Rodman look like Micheal Jordan.  

Fat Lever!  I actually like Fat but just wish his eFG was a little higher.  Question is his he jkaye's PG or SG?  If SG that means Gerald Wallace is his SF and if PG and if Gerald Wallace is his SG the assists (I think) is going to be a little low.  As far as pairing with D-Rob, not so good IMO.  You got some great rebounding but now what are your going to do about the offense?  You still need another scorer and now its not as a clean team as it was before.

Not many assists here, just don't like the offense.  You have some coverage for Kevin Love but then you have Ryan Anderson another defensive liability.  Love the Varejao pick but it's not enough. This team won't make playoffs

tricky24 - Karl Malone, Bob McAdoo, Larry Nance, Brent Barry, Nate McMillan, Samuel Dalembert, Joe Dumars
Always wanted to use Karl Malone but never seems to fall to me.  Looks like scorers down low is the theme for this season.  Another nice duo but again not better than DH's.  The latter rounds are critical (well for everyone it is really) for Tricky to produce a championship team

Nance is a nice pick and so is Barry.  This team is starting to shape up and is looking good.  Probably is going to need some perimeter defense, assists and threes.  So that narrows the field for the right PG.

Looks like a pretty decent team but not liking the Dumars pick.  Think there was better options out there.  But the low TOs and fouls with Malone's scoring this team should be in the hunt

logainAlonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Anthony Davis, Clyde Drexler, Derek Harper, Charlie Ward, D. Roundfield
Love Mourning extremely effficent scorer and great defense.  A little light on the boards but Mutombo will help with that.  Also between these two they have over 11% in blocks.  Good luck getting your shot off in the paint.

This is a great looking team, more blocks, defense and scoring with Anthony Davis at the 3 and Drexler with his clean game.  This team looks like to be one of the favorites so far

Like Derek Harper in the SIM but don't like him on this team.  I would of gone with someone with more assists and less fouls.  Charlie Ward is a nice pick but Dan Roundfield has 358 fouls in 2500 minutes.  Logain stated he had a lot of fouls, well now he does.. I've seen teams overcome this but now puts the damper on being one of the favorites.

natenoy - Kevin Durant, Jerry Lucas, Tom Boerwinkle, Rajon Rondo, Clifford Ray, Kyle Korver, Paul George
News Flash!  Nate takes Jerry Lucas and the sky is blue!  KD tier 1 scorer at 56% eFG, that's pretty awesome.  And Jerry Lucas? Well I think Nate can extoll his virtues better than i can..

Tom Boerwinkle the original point center but now no defense down low unless you get a SF that can cover PF/C.  But it appears Nate is not believing in defense and taking the contrarian view but I don't think that's going to work.  Rajon gives you D but only in the backcourt.  Looks like another high assist team but your going to need some 3s.  We will see what Nate does in the 5th round

So I'm assuming Paul George is your starting SG. And with the high assists your hoping you'll get eFG bump on George  Maybe.. And with George you have some defense in the PF/C.  Clifford Ray adds rebounding and Korver high eFG threes.  This all rests on how George responds to the high assists, boom or bust.

thomcat - Shaquille O'Neal, Chauncey Billups, Tyson Chandler, Chris Mullin, C. Weatherspoon, A. English, R. Robbins
Shaq Daddy and Mr. Big Shot! Great combo, great inside outside game between the two.  Super efficient and clean.  Little light on rebounding but that can be easily rectificed

Two great picks, think Thomcat getting Tyson at the end of the 3rd round was a steal.  Love the high eFG Chris Mullin just a great offensive efficiency.  But this team is missing some defense unless he goes with the Tyson 90D season.  But we will see what thomcat cooks up

Weatherspoon was a great pick, its you can get that type of rebounding, very clean play and defense at the SF spot.  Love Red Robbins pick as well. But the Alex English pick I don't get and to pass over the 57% eFG Mullin..  English will kill this team he never performs in the SIM like he does IRL.  Maybe Thomcat just is overthinking.  But the future is cloudy for this team now but still has a lot of potential.

tarheel1991 - Dennis Rodman, Donyell Marshall, Manu Ginobili, D. Nowitzki, Maurice Cheeks, E. Bledsoe, Al Horford
Tarheel picked the best role player is round 1 and one of the best in round 2.  Now with his Ginolbli pick, he will need to piece this team together.  This could be a great team...

Manu is of course a great pick, like Tarheel said so many season makes him easy to plug in.  I think Nowitzki and Ewing are pretty close offense wise, well that 54% eFG Nowitzski.  Don't blame him for taking Nowitzki, Ewing does foul a lot and he does have Rodman so you can with a guy like Nowitzki.  As far they team as a whole, looking pretty good.

Tarheel said its not as easy to build around Rodman anymore, I have to agree.  I've tried Rodman once and its was a disaster or maybe i just suck building a Rodman team.  But this is good team it does lack threes and I would use a less minutes Cheeks myself but that my own opinion.  Should make the playoffs and with Tarheel managing the team who knows they could go all the way

felonius - Michael Jordan, Elton Brand, Mookie Blaylock, Patrick Ewing, Swen Nater, Cory Alexander, Marcin Gortat
Could be another great team, Felonius got his offense now.  He can focus on the rest plus doesn't hurt to have two 90+ players that can cover all 5 positions between them

Blaylock is a great pick, 3s plus low TOs and fouls with some defense.  I don't understand the Ewing pick, you now have too much usage on the floor.  MJ is 6 points, Elton is 4 points and Mookie is 2.  So you have 12 points of usage then you add Ewing which is another 6 which makes 18 and you still have one more player.  You really shouldn't be more than 16.5.  You painted yourself into a corner Felonius. 

So you have 21 points of usage in your starting lineup.  The old says not enough shots to go around applies here. There's no penality per se but you will see a drop off in production.  Gortat and Alexander are great subs.. Not for all I know you could prove me wrong but what I see is a fast start and a fade back to the pack for Felonius.  And it won't be Seble doing it

pennslyvania - K. Abdul-Jabbar, Bobby Jones, Serge Ibaka, Emeka Okafor, Mark Price, Brandon Rush, Jason Terry
Kareem one of the best centers in the game/SIM.  Bobby Jones?  A good player but a late 2nd rounder?  A little early for my taste but its not too much of an overreach.  Will need some threes and mid range scoring since they are both 60% plus paint scorers.  But I'm sure Pennsylvania can work that out

So 4 front court players?  I guess you think there's plenty of good backcourt options later in the draft?  So I guess Ibaka would back up Jones with Emeka and Kareem?  Or is there some other master plan?  Because that's the only one I can think of

So you got your backcourt in the later rounds and you did a good job. Price and Terry gives you a few options to play around with and Brandon Rush is a real good clean  threes shooter with a little defense.  Now I believe this team is playoff worthy

amerk1180 - Moses Malone, Kobe Bryant, Mel Daniels, Kevin Johnson, Cedric Maxwell, Chris Gatling, Muggsy Bogues
Moses is great and will clean up some of Kobe's misses but this is too early for Kobe.  They were plenty of better scorers available but Kobe has surprised before. Another question has anyone won a championship in DH or ODL with Moses?  I can't think of a time but again I could be wrong

Just don't like this team Mel Daniel is a stud rebounder and Kevin Johnson is a real good PG/scorer.  I just don't like how it all fits together, just not feeling it.  Maybe its because of the Kobe, Moses combo.  Or that KJ and Mel are both below 70 defense, so you have one 90 and one 80.  Its not enough for a $52m league.  But again I could just be dead wrong

Some nice picks but I feel there's not enough defense for a $52m league.  Cedric is a real efficient scorer from the SF and Gatling does the same in the post.  Haven't seen Mugsy awhile in the draft leagues but there's nothing wrong with the pick.  But regardless I believe its enough to get into the playoffs

sixernuggets -
Wilt Chamberlain, John Stockton, James Harden, Willis Reed, A.C. Green, Rick Barry, Jon Barry
Well can't go wrong with these two.  The rest we will see, Wilt is not easy to build around. 
But Stockton is a great start

You have a 68, 60 and 58 eFG for this team. Of course I'm assuming these the ones that you are taking, you could be using the 13-14 James Harden also.  Of course that going to make a huge difference in how the team is evaluated.   The lower usage Harden, you probably don't have enough usage, use the other Harden you do and he is the best over 27.2% usage guy available (if there's someone else I can't think of it right now).  So I can't give a complete eval at this point

Sixers is using the 13-14 Harden, AC Green and Jon Barry are good picks, dont like Rick Barry but its not going to hurt the team that much.  Very good team it has it all and Nate has proven that this Harden can lead your team to the finals in ODL.  Don't want this team in my divison.

scudmissle - Lebron James, Gary Payton, Horace Grant, Carlos Boozer, Bo Outlaw, Jamaal Tinsley, Andray Blatche
Lebron is an easy pick, 30% Usage with 60% eFG is sick.  With Gary Payton you don't get that type of production but you get everything else for what a PG can give you.  He's not the most efficient scorer around but with Lebron your secondary scorer doesn't have to be

Great pick with Horace Grant and Boozer.  You have James and Grant to cover for Boozer's horrible defense but he gets great rebounding and good scoring for a tier 3 guy.  And Grant very versatile and good rebounding with little fouls and TOS. So far so good Scud

Little surprised Scud is not playing Grant at the 3 but this is a good team regardless.  This team should be in the playoffs.  Bo Outlaw and Tinsley are great role players, Andary Blatche never used him in the SIM and he fits well with the team.

mcdarsh - Joakim Noah, Tracey McGrady, Josh Smith, Chris Webber, Danny Green, Jose Calderon, Grant Hill
Awesome Noah point center season and a volume shooter in McGrady.  These two together frankly I really don't know.  Will need to see more..

Well I've seem more.. Love the Webber pick, don't like the Josh Smith pick.  Only redeeming quality that McGrady usage is so much more than Smith's hopefully it will take away shots from him.  I guess mcdarsh is hoping the higher assist numbers will pump up his eFG.  I'm not sure that will help it

This team maybe could make the playoffs but think Josh Smith is the anchor that brings the team down. Unless the assists kick in and really up his eFG.  Like Nate's team boom or bust

vancem - Hakeem Olajuwon, Buck Williams, Deron Williams, Kawhi Leonard, Nick Anderson, T. Murphy, E, Ilyasova
Not sure what to make of this team, to me it looks like a team that barely makes the playoffs.  Hakeem a great as he is IRL is a TO and Foul monster in the SIM.  Oh wait they say that about Buck Williams as well.  Deron and Kawhi are nice picks but don't think its going to save this team

Im confused about this team, he chooses Kawhi and then Nick Anderson?  So Kawhi is playing the three?  Not enough rebounding still a lot of fouls.  Vancem has built a lot of great teams but this is not one on them

9/1/2014 7:53 AM (edited)
8/24/2014 10:50 AM
Excellent!  Please keep 'em coming, eleibowitz.
8/24/2014 6:02 PM
Garnett's offense is "horrible"? Not sure I see that - his big-money seasons (my favorite season of is actually pretty far down the list of his seasons in terms of price) are barely over 50% efg, true, but he's a great FT shooter for a big man. How is it much different than having Wade, Kobe, etc as a lead scorer?
8/25/2014 10:45 AM
Hmm, tarheel with Rodman, Donyell and Ginobili so far.  No offensive superstar, but three great building blocks for a $52 mil draft league.
8/25/2014 11:22 AM
Posted by tarheel1991 on 8/25/2014 10:45:00 AM (view original):
Garnett's offense is "horrible"? Not sure I see that - his big-money seasons (my favorite season of is actually pretty far down the list of his seasons in terms of price) are barely over 50% efg, true, but he's a great FT shooter for a big man. How is it much different than having Wade, Kobe, etc as a lead scorer?
He's low eFG but doesn't get to the line that much even if he does shoot a good %. Both Wade and Kobe are tier 1 and 2 scorers who get to the line.  Garnett is a tier 3 who doesn't.   Maybe its just me because i never had a success with him, blame the arrow not the indian.  lol

8/25/2014 11:57 AM
.44 att per minute at mediocre efg is tough (he's like a tweener, not high enough volume to get the "not doubled" boost, but high enough that on any given play he's likely to rob someone else of a shot)
8/25/2014 12:18 PM
So if I've got this right, so far logain has netted Mourning, Mutombo, Drexler and Anthony Davis.  Not a bad return on the trade, especially since the two third round picks arguably could be legit selections in the bottom half of the second round.  A nice defensive front line, and scads of blocks to start out with.
8/25/2014 1:34 PM
Yeah, the one thing I couldn't get is ELITE EFG%. So I had to build a little differently. I tried to move up to make sure I could get one of Nance/Davis/Ibaka.. and then Nance and Davis were both sitting at my pick anyway. 

So far I think I like this team but I always like my teams better than they play in the league.
8/25/2014 1:50 PM
Updated through 2nd round, will pick up again starting in the 4th round
8/25/2014 4:35 PM
Did you forget about me? I know the so far my drafting has been off a bit. Should have taken Manu over Deron Williams but didn't have the courage.
8/25/2014 6:08 PM
no courage... no eval... 
8/25/2014 6:20 PM
Posted by vancem on 8/25/2014 6:08:00 PM (view original):
Did you forget about me? I know the so far my drafting has been off a bit. Should have taken Manu over Deron Williams but didn't have the courage.
All these trades are screwing me up. Ill get you soon
8/25/2014 6:31 PM
mcdarsh - Joakim Noah, Tracey McGrady
Awesome Noah point center season and a volume shooter in McGrady. These two together frankly I really don't know. Will need to see more..

It's going to get weird. I expect to be a first round selection come division draft time.
8/25/2014 6:50 PM
With the poor defensive rebounding issue, mediocre defensive draft staples in the 3rd round and no picks until 113 I stunned myself and took Kawhi Leonard to pair with Deron Williams in the back court.
8/25/2014 8:29 PM
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