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I have no idea how this is going to go, but I'm a huge fan of tracking threads and I've noticed there aren't many in the world of GD. I was in HD for a while before the game passed me by thanks to numerous unnecessary updates, tweaks, and relaunches. However, I tried the new GD and really enjoyed it in D3. I've moved up and want to see how this would work at D2.

Washburn-Topeka has long been a very solid D2 program. The Ichabods have made the playoffs in six straight years (even with Sim AI at the helm last year), and the team looks strong this year. We went 3-0 in three exhibition games, for whatever that's worth, and it looks like another good season is in store.
8/23/2014 1:31 PM
A quick look at Washburn-Topeka's recent history:
Season Coach Overall
90 hrtvandrew 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 NR      
89 Sim AI 12-2 7-1 8-0 4-1 23
88 pakeli 9-5 6-2 5-1 4-3 29
87 kensei44 15-1 9-0 7-0 6-0 8
86 polarsi 14-2 7-1 4-1 8-0 12
85 polarsi 13-2 7-1 8-0 4-1 16
84 polarsi 11-3 6-2 5-1 6-1 23
83 polarsi 9-4 5-3 4-3 5-1 38      
82 polarsi 11-3 6-2 5-0 6-2 23
81 polarsi 9-4 5-3 5-3 4-1 36  
8/23/2014 3:48 PM
Next up is a little information on the nine recruits I've brought in. I'm done for this recruiting period, and I'm pretty happy with the guys I got.

QB William Miller
School: Lakin HS Hometown: Lakin, KS (310 miles)
393 Rating
6'3" 199 lbs

Athleticism 18
Speed 24
Durability 40
Work Ethic 54
Stamina 29
Strength 45
Blocking 8
Tackling 25
Hands 26
Game Instinct 59
Elusiveness 33
Technique 32

The quarterback crop seemed like a disappointment to me, and this was the best I could do. We've only got two QB's, and one is graduating after this season. Miller is pretty much immobile, but I love his game instinct and he's at least got OK arm strength. I'm going to try to redshirt him so he's a bit more developed once he becomes the backup next year.

Potential: "I think his growth potential is pretty average - nothing special."
8/23/2014 4:01 PM (edited)
WR Edward McKenzie
School: Hampton-Dumont HS Hometown: Hampton, IA (287 miles)
569 Rating
6'2" 226 lbs

Athleticism 49  
Speed 56  
Durability 47  
Work Ethic 56  
Stamina 37  
Strength 45  
Blocking 52  
Tackling 29  
Hands 63  
Game Instinct 44  
Elusiveness 52  
Technique 39  
Edward McKenzie is one of a few recruits I battled pretty hard for. Ultimately, I got him after promising him a start next year (as a sophomore). He's got all the tools to be a really successful receiver going forward.

Potential: "He's got the potential to improve his game a lot over 4 years with us."
8/23/2014 4:08 PM (edited)
WR Howard Leon
School: Valley HS Hometown: West Des Moines, IA (203 miles)
578 Rating
6'0" 208 lbs

Athleticism 42
Speed 69
Durability 57
Work Ethic 34
Stamina 58
Strength 44
Blocking 46
Tackling 26
Hands 63
Game Instinct 42
Elusiveness 40
Technique 57

I nailed down Howard Leon early. With only four wideouts on the roster, we needed depth. He won't develop into a superstar, but he's a high-floor player who should be a solid part of the offense.

Potential: "He's made good strides towards reaching his potential over the past couple years."
8/23/2014 4:13 PM
OL David Hilton
School: Emerson HS Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK (266 miles)
429 Rating
6'7" 318 lbs

Athleticism 53
Speed 12
Durability 47
Work Ethic 49
Stamina 56
Strength 56
Blocking 50
Tackling 12
Hands 11
Game Instinct 38
Elusiveness 12
Technique 33

The one battle I lost this time around was for an otherwordly offensive lineman who would have easily been a three-year starter. This was my back-up plan. David Hilton isn't a blue-chipper, nor will he turn into one, but he fills a need, as I have three seniors who are graduating after this season.

Potential: "I think his growth potential is pretty average - nothing special."
8/23/2014 4:22 PM
DL Charles Johnson
School: Bloomer HS Hometown: Bloomer, WI (471 miles)
548 Rating
6'4" 308 lbs

Athleticism 29
Speed 34
Durability 55
Work Ethic 54
Stamina 41
Strength 64
Blocking 37
Tackling 64
Hands 30
Game Instinct 63
Elusiveness 38
Technique 39

And now things get good, as I'm really, REALLY excited for my five defensive recruits. I got in a prolonged battle for Charles Johnson, and I'm thrilled to have him. He's going to be a fantastic player, as he'll improve a lot over four years. I see him as a rotational player this year before starting as a sophomore, and I can't wait to see him develop.

Potential: "He's got the potential to improve his game a lot over 4 years with us."
8/23/2014 4:29 PM
DL Charles Pratt
School: Holdrege HS Hometown: Holdrege, NE (218 miles)
510 Rating
6'4" 323 lbs

Athleticism 42
Speed 25
Durability 35
Work Ethic 54
Stamina 59
Strength 65
Blocking 19
Tackling 62
Hands 24
Game Instinct 30
Elusiveness 33
Technique 62

My other two defensive line prospects were much cheaper than Johnson was, and this is the second one. Charles Pratt's game instinct needs to get better, but it will, and every other aspect of his game will be very sharp by the time he's done here. I didn't promise him a start as a sophomore, but he's another guy with the capability to start for three years as part of our defensive front.

Potential: "He's got the potential to improve his game a lot over 4 years with us."
8/23/2014 4:33 PM
DL Charles Hamlin
School: Sparta HS Hometown: Sparta, WI (422 miles)
555 Rating
6'5" 318 lbs

Athleticism 49
Speed 33
Durability 45
Work Ethic 42
Stamina 57
Strength 51
Blocking 34
Tackling 62
Hands 19
Game Instinct 72
Elusiveness 44
Technique 47

Completing a freshman defensive line class consisting entirely of recruits named Charles, Charles Hamlin is a smart player who I got for cheap. He's not as strong as the other two, but he's athletic and can still hit. I did need to promise him a start as a sophomore, but that shouldn't be an issue.

Potential: "He's made good strides towards reaching his potential over the past couple years."
8/23/2014 4:52 PM
DB Scott Kendall
School: Cambridge Community HS Hometown: Cambridge, IL (329 miles)
534 Rating
6'3" 218 lbs

Athleticism 48
Speed 77
Durability 24
Work Ethic 32
Stamina 44
Strength 27
Blocking 19
Tackling 56
Hands 52
Game Instinct 40
Elusiveness 59
Technique 56

We finish the incoming class with a pair of defensive backs I really like. Scott Kendall is lightning-quick, and I got in a brief battle for him. I had to promise him a start as a sophomore, but that won't be an issue at all. I have high hopes for him, and once the rest of his attributes catch up to his quickness, he could be REALLY good.

Potential: "He's got the potential to improve his game a lot over 4 years with us."
8/23/2014 4:58 PM
DB Raymond Gorman
School: Inola HS Hometown: Inola, OK (200 miles)
581 Rating
6'1" 188 lbs

Athleticism 52  
Speed 68  
Durability 45  
Work Ethic 44  
Stamina 55  
Strength 55  
Blocking 15  
Tackling 39  
Hands 55  
Game Instinct 34  
Elusiveness 61  
Technique 58

Finally, Raymond Gorman is another guy who could be an impact player down the line. I wish his tackling and game instinct were both a little bit better, but he's an excellent prospect otherwise. I didn't have to promise him anything, but I could've promised him a start as a sophomore given that our secondary has a bunch of seniors.

Potential: "He's got the potential to improve his game a lot over 4 years with us."
8/23/2014 5:09 PM
Schedule so far:


Date Opponent Record WIS SOS Coach vs. School Spread Result  
8/20/14 Ithaca 4-1 48 80 Sim AI    -31.5 3-73 W
8/21/14 Emporia State 1-4 84 35 Sim AI 31-4  -17.5 10-32 W
8/22/14 SW Oklahoma-Weatherford 3-2 62 62 Sim AI 3-0  -14.5 10-48 W


Date Opponent Record WIS SOS Coach vs. School Spread Result  
8/27/14 at Fort Valley State 3-2 88 64 dwezil1 3-1  -15.5 81-3 W
8/28/14 Clarion 0-5 91 30 sirgulley 3-0  -30.5 9-40 W
8/29/14 at Mansfield 2-3 56 34 fotman 1-2  -18.5 38-12 W
8/30/14 #19 Kentucky State 5-0 19 113 tlreese77 2-2  -2.5 37-33 L
8/31/14 at Michigan Tech 4-1 38 92 irishparadox 4-0  -0.5 30-10 W

WIS #12, Press #11, Coaches #14. Good season so far; only setback was a four-point loss to a really good team.
9/1/2014 1:46 AM
Five more wins, including a 16-10 squeaker over then-#19 Cheyney today, and we're now 9-1. We have three games left, all against mediocre Sim teams. Barring a huge upset, we'll run the table in-conference and head into the conference title game.

WIS #17, Press #16, Coaches #19.
9/5/2014 3:23 PM
We ended the season with three blowout wins over Sims. WIS/Press/Coaches #14, and we get 10-3 Central Missouri State in the MIAA Conference Championship game tomorrow.

For as long as we're lucky enough to still be playing, I'll do some brief summaries of the teams we're playing against. Central Missouri State is good (WIS #40), so it would seem like we're going to the tournament regardless, but this would be a nice win if we could get it.

Team link:
Coach: trajon12 (First season)
Record: 10-3 (7-1)
WIS: #40
Press: #38
Coaches: Not ranked

CMSU has a pretty well-rounded offense. Two of their running backs have double-digit touchdown totals, and four players have 55 catches or more. They do a nice job of mixing runs and passes, and they've scored 50 or more points twice in their last four games. Of their three losses, two have come to teams who would probably make the playoffs if they started today (#17 Cheyney, #30 Ashland).

We're favored, and we probably should be, but it won't be an easy game.
9/8/2014 9:19 PM
After a 50-9 win where our defense shined (allowed 230 total yards, forced two turnovers, and produced a safety), we made the tournament as a #3 seed. We now face #24 Stonehill, and here's a look at our first-round opponent.

Team link:
Coach: jojomojo (First season)
Record: 12-2
WIS: #24
Press: #23
Coaches: #25

Stonehill likes to throw the ball, and they've got the quarterback and receivers to do that effectively. Their starter, David Francis, has thrown for 3,779 yards, 36 touchdowns, and three interceptions. However, their best player is probably running back Carl Green, who has nearly 3,300 total yards (2,114 rushing, 1,154 receiving) and 27 combined touchdowns.

They ran roughshod through their conference (a very good one) in the regular season, going undefeated in NE-10 play before losing in the conference title game. The only common opponent we share is Northwest Missouri State, who we both crushed (Stonehill won 33-7, we won 52-20). Every game from here on out is going to be tough, and WIS actually has Stonehill as a 3 1/2 point favorite.
9/9/2014 3:32 PM
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