Exclusive Ownership List of Champions Topic

Season League # Champion Team Name Finished Cap
EO1 21226 davis 7/14/2003
EO2 21716 antonsirius 8/8/2003
EO3 24910 davis 10/29/2003
EO4 26833 antonsirius 1/11/2004
EO5 29445 mudyhelmut FunkyDrummer 3/30/2004
EO6 32078 shaybee 7/5/2004
EO7 34341 whiteslave 9/26/2004
EO8 36546 jwinston Hands of Stone 12/29/2004 100
EO9 39716 Area51man 3/25/2005 80
EO10 43243 eastvanmungo Killed at Resaca 6/18/2005 80
EO11 46254 eacadca 9/14/2005 100
EO12 48953 joeyb5408 Soft Tossers 12/3/2005 80
EO13 52468 Cardinal_Fan Really bad eggs 3/9/2006 100
EO14 55000 pineriders Shut Up Randy!!! 5/9/2006 80
EO15 57746 mensu1954 7/29/2006 100
EO16 59758 dtzoog Wang Dang Doodle 10/21/2006 100
EO17 61703 donburgh The Smiling Hungarians 1/5/2007 80
EO18 63858 steelerstime whoooo caressssss 3/28/2007 100
EO19 67597 davis My Fellow Comericans 8/18/2007 80
EO20 72393 mensu1954 EO XX - All Retired Guys! 2/9/2008 60
EO21 74996 newarkwilder sons of the silent age 5/14/2008 100
EO22 77687 AllSox County Crazies 9/6/2008 80
EO23 79529 spinaldog Bad Idea Jeans 11/30/2008 100
EO24 81254 northof49 24 Hours of LaMans 2/23/2009 120
EO25 82962 just4me Baltimore + Clinchfield = Love 5/23/2009 100
EO26 84545 Cardinal_Fan 90 Minute IPA 8/18/2009 100
EO27 86518 skunk206 MXC Mine, My Own, My Precious 11/28/2009 100
EO28 88136 vinous Exclusive Members 3/9/2010 100
EO29 89515 skunk206 MXC Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine 5/30/2010 90
EO30 90778 skunk206 MXC XXX It's Not Just For Porno Anymore 8/18/2010 100
EO31 92257 skunk206 MXC The D Team 11/30/2010 120
EO32 93508 micki Burlesque Virgin 2/20/2011 100
EO33 94667 schwarze Dead Guys with Range 5/15/2011 variable
EO34 95789 bbondsmvp Shirking the Long Ball 8/2/2011 100
EO35 97405 dorkster Lactating Lilliputians 11/22/2011 100
EO36 98800 thebubbaq The Expo Say 2/24/2012 100
EO37 99884 dippedncrack inator's inator 5/13/2012 100
EO38 101018 mllama54 25 for 162 8/7/2012 100
EO39 102026 skunk206 MXC Gator and Catfish and Garr 11/24/2012 100
EO40 103187 skunk206 MXC Sexy Sax Men 1/21/2013 variable
EO41 104412 skunk206 MXC Seriously, Who's on First? 4/25/2013 100
EO42 105437 elleryq Duke Alexander of Georgia 7/23/2013 100
EO43 106750 batandball Just Mine 11/23/2013 100
EO44 107658 spinaldog Buster & Bucky 2/21/2014 variable
EO45 108445 dcmatcheck All Hands on Deck 5/3/2014 100
EO46 109198 mllama54 EO in Kauffman 7/22/2014 100
EO47 109999 skunk206 MXC Klaus and the B Team 10/10/2014 110
EO48 110837 skunk206 MXC Costa Del Pratt 1/1/2015 100
EO49 111496 jbussey Schoolboy King 3/15/2015 105
EO50 112198 thebubbaq Cy Morgan Spiced Rum 5/28/2015 100
EO51 112894 halo23 Master Dangle 8/13/2015 100
EO52 113584 EasyE7273 Not Playing w/ a Full Deck 11/8/2015 100
EO53 114436 sudsy11 Noodle King 2/14/2016 100
EO54 115080 pstuts73 Titcomb Cannonballs 5/2/2016 100
EO55 115714 bigmc Killing Time 7/19/2016 variable
EO56 116345 skunk206 MXC It's a Boy 10/3/2016 100
10/12/2016 10:01 PM (edited)
EO Owner lists by season
EO1 - 21226 EO2 - 21716 EO3 - 24910 EO4 - 26833 EO 5 - 29445
davis -champion antonsirius - champion Area51man antonsirius - champion antonsirius
barracuda3 Area51man
no owner list available no owner list available bdg no owner list available bbracey
bgreenblatt bdg
cambo bgreenblatt
cubs_8 calhoop
czucco czucco
davis - champion davis
donburgh evil twin
fniguy22 hawkeye4077
hawkeye4077 hut
hut iclgriz
iclgriz jjper1
ilyas joeyb5408
jbatt4 macsnight
joeyb5408 mcauley
manowar mudyhelmut - champion
mcauley norm
mosh6800 Oli35
norm pflippa
shoefull1 shredder
syndicate skoufax32
thebrethren syndicate
tjkummer zubalas
EO6 - 32078 EO7 - 34341 EO8 - 36546 EO9 - 39716 EO10 -43243
shaybee - champion Area51man ajwalton Area51man - champion Allsox
bgreenblatt bgreenblatt Bootone Area51man
no owner list avaiable biglenr calhoop BrianCampos bigbear51
bullet6464 dasp calhoop bigmc
calhoop donburgh davis bigtime16280
davis dufferman donburgh BrianCampos
donburgh EasyE7273 epc0023 calhoop
dufferman hut hut davis
EasyE7273 joeyb5408 je3rd donburgh
hawkeye4077 jsturgis5866 joeyb5408 eastvanmungo- champion
hut jwinston - champion JohnGPF epc0023
jayisgreat newarkwilder jsturgis5866 hut
joeyb5408 norm jwinston jkorn
jtl3961 Oli35 mosh6800 joeyb5408
macsnight pstuts73 norm jsturgis5866
newarkwilder randallball northof49 newarkwilder
nordawg rolocc pmars2001 norm
norm saffron randallball northof49
Oli35 shredder RoyalOkie Oli35
randallball skoufax32 sanjose slim pineriders
rolocc slim senior shredder RoyalOkie
specsman specsman skoufax32 shredder
syndicate syndicate slim senior skoufax32
whiteslave - champion timmys24 syndicate sonoran fox
EO11 - 46254 EO12 -48953 EO13 - 52468 EO14- 55000 EO15 - 57746
Allsox Allsox Allsox Balker AllSox
Area51man Area51man Balker bigmc Area51man
Balker Balker bigmc calhoop Balker
bigmc bigmc bosoxfan Cardinal_Fan bcoop11
calhoop calhoop Cardinal_Fan - champion donburgh bigmc
dalailama12 donburgh donburgh dtzoog Cardinal_Fan
donburgh eacadca EasyE7273 EasyE7273 donburgh
eacadca - champion EasyE7273 fabulous fire13 dtzoog
epc0023 gogoyubari ilyas jkorn eastvanmungo
flbarons joeyb5408 - champion joeyb5408 joeyb5408 fire13
gogoyubari jsturgis5866 mensu1954 jsturgis5866 joeyb5408
hut maddog162 muttman kronkite jwinston
jsturgis5866 mensu1954 newarkwilder maddog162 kronkite
macsnight newarkwilder norm mccarrick6 mensu1954 - champion
newarkwilder norm northof49 mensu1954 newarkwilder
norm northof49 Oli35 newarkwilder norm
northof49 pineriders pineriders norm pineriders
pineriders rowesings RoyalOkie northof49 shredder
RoyalOkie RoyalOkie schwarze pflippa skoufax32
schwarze shredder seamar_116 pineriders - champion spinaldog
shredder skoufax32 skoufax32 RoyalOkie Tucker T's
skoufax32 spinaldog spinaldog skoufax32 wisguy
spinaldog The Taint vinman300 spinaldog wportal
ThaReverend wisguy whiteslave wisguy zackaryl
EO16 - 59758 EO17 - 61703 EO18 - 63858 EO19 - 67597 EO20 - 72393
AllSox AllSox AllSox AllSox AllSox
Area51man bigmc bigmc Area51man boclaird
Balker BrianCampos boclaird boclaird calhoop
bigmc Cardinal_Fan calhoop calhoop Cardinal_Fan
Cardinal_Fan donburgh - champion Cardinal_Fan Cardinal_Fan davis
donburgh dtzoog crustydoc davis - champion donburgh
dtzoog - champion eastvanmungo donburgh donburgh dtzoog
eastvanmungo EasyE7273 dtzoog dtzoog EasyE7273
EasyE7273 fire13 eastvanmungo EasyE7273 jkorn
fire13 jsturgis5866 EasyE7273 fire13 joeyb5408
flyingman kronkite fire13 jnewfry just4me
joeyb5408 lenbo1212 jsturgis5866 kronkite limboman
jsturgis5866 macsnight kronkite lenbo1212 markbl
jwinston maddog162 lenbo1212 markbl mensu1954 - champion
kronkite mensu1954 mensu1954 mensu1954 moethedog
maddog162 newarkwilder newarkwilder muttman newarkwilder
mensu1954 norm norm newarkwilder norm
newarkwilder northof49 northof49 norm northof49
northof49 pineriders pineriders northof49 nyy71523
pineriders rowesings schwarze pineriders parking31
RoyalOkie sjh0825 skoufax32 shatjc pick1or2
skoufax32 skoufax32 steelerstime - champion spinaldog rbow923
spinaldog steelerstime The Taint The Taint spinaldog
Tucker T's Tucker T's Tucker T's woodmonster The Taint
EO21 -74996 EO22 - 77687 EO23 - 79529 EO24 - 81254 EO25 - 82962
AllSox AllSox - champion AllSox AllSox AllSox
bardin boclaird bigboy63 Bilfert boclaird
boclaird calhoop bkingston boclaird Cardinal_Fan
calhoop Cardinal_Fan boclaird Cardinal_Fan cctigerfan
Cardinal_Fan daddyzander bookism cctigerfan dolphinsfan
davis davis Cardinal_Fan creed29 donburgh
dilligafdbp dilligafdbp creed29 DarthDurron dontburnearl
donburgh donburgh daddyzander dolphinsfan EasyE7273
dtzoog dtzoog donburgh donburgh goergaiap
EasyE7273 EasyE7273 dtzoog EasyE7273 jbap17
fire13 ff09 EasyE7273 goergaiap just4me - champion
hut hut goergaiap jbap17 lenbo1212
ilyas ilyas hut lenbo1212 mensu1954
just4me lenbo1212 ilyas mensu1954 mosesherzog
lenbo1212 mensu1954 just4me newarkwilder newarkwilder
mensu1954 newarkwilder lenbo1212 norm norm
muttman norm mensu1954 northof49 - champion northof49
newarkwilder - champion northof49 newarkwilder pineriders parking31
norm oskies norm schwarze pineriders
northof49 pineriders northof49 spinaldog spinaldog
pineriders shibby4201 paul33329 splitter24 The Taint
spinaldog spinaldog pineriders The Taint thehuseman
The Taint The Taint schwarze thebubbaq Tucker T's
twerms wportal spinaldog - champion wink0094 tycho88
EO26 - 84545 EO27 - 86518 EO28 - 88136 EO29 - 89515 EO30 - 90778
bardin believeit believeit believeit believeit
believeit boclaird boclaird boclaird bighappyguy
boclaird BullMoose Cardinal_Fan Cardinal_Fan bighooze
Cardinal_Fan - champion Cardinal_Fan dolphinsfan davis boclaird
cctigerfan dolphinsfan Donburgh Donburgh calhoop
dolphinsfan EasyE7273 EasyE7273 EasyE7273 Cardinal_Fan
EasyE7273 ff09 ejstockman halo23 dolphinsfan
eschwartz67 halo23 ff09 jbap17 Donburgh
Giants62 hoopsrus gerlin88 just4me EasyE7273
halo23 jbap17 halo23 lenbo1212 halo23
jbap17 just4me jbap17 mensu1954 jbap17
just4me lenbo1212 just4me mllama54 just4me
lenbo1212 mensu1954 lenbo1212 mookie1968 lenbo1212
mensu1954 newarkwilder mensu1954 newarkwilder mensu1954
newarkwilder norm mllama54 norm mllama54
norm northof49 newarkwilder northof49 newarkwilder
northof49 pineriders norm pineriders norm
pineriders scrimy northof49 schwingkid northof49
tdoak sionnach99 pineriders skunk206 - champion pineriders
The Taint skunk206 - champion skunk206 The Taint skunk206 - champion
thehuseman TRrrr Tucker T's Tucker T's The Taint
TRrrr Tucker T's tycho88 tycho88 Tucker T's
Tucker T's tycho88 verbal kint verbal kint tycho88
tycho88 unrulydog vinous - champion ybjsports verbal kint
EO31 - 92257 EO32 - 93508 EO33 - 94667 EO34 - 95789 EO35 - 97405
believeit believeit bbondsmvp bbondsmvp - champion bargearse
boclaird boclaird boclaird boclaird bbondsmvp
Cardinal_Fan Cardinal_Fan calhoop buddhagamer believeit
czucco Donburgh Cardinal_Fan Cardinal_Fan boclaird
dolphinsfan EasyE7273 Donburgh donburgh bottomlee
Donburgh fortywins dougsisk fire13 Cardinal_Fan
EasyE7273 halo23 halo23 halo23 donburgh
jbap17 jbap17 jbap17 jbap17 dorkster - champion
just4me just4me je3rd je3rd halo23
jvt87 jvt87 just4me josiah31 jbap17
lenbo1212 lenbo1212 lenbo1212 jvt87 je3rd
mensu1954 mensu1954 micki lenbo1212 kbosch
mllama54 micki - champion mllama54 mensu1954 lenbo1212
newarkwilder mllama54 newarkwilder micki mensu1954
norm newarkwilder northof49 mllama54 mllama54
northof49 northof49 pfattkatt newarkwilder newarkwilder
pineriders pmars2001 pmars2001 northof49 northof49
pmars2001 shawbigred rbkluger skunk206 schwingkid
schwarze skunk206 schwarze - champion spinaldog skunk206
skunk206 - champion spinaldog skunk206 The Taint spinaldog
The Taint The Taint spinaldog tridentric thebubbaq
Tucker T's Tucker T's The Taint Tucker T's truemen
tycho88 tycho88 tycho88 tycho88 tycho88
verbal kint verbal kint verbal kint verbal kint verbal kint
EO36 - 98800 EO37 - 99884 EO38 - 101018 EO39 - 102026 EO40- 103187
bbondsmvp bbondsmvp bbondsmvp baines03 bbondsmvp
believeit believeit believeit bbondsmvp boclaird
bheid408 boclaird boclaird bheid408 buddhagamer
boclaird cmb0315 cmb0315 biglenr calhoop
dolphinsfan dippedncrack - champion dippedncrack boclaird cholatse
donburgh donburgh donburgh cholatse creed29
halo23 halo23 halo23 Donburgh dippedncrack
jbap17 jbap17 jbap17 halo23 dlchow
je3rd je3rd je3rd hoopsrus Donburgh
jkorn josiah31 josiah31 jbap17 jbap17
josiah31 justinlee_24 lenbo1212 jkorn je3rd
lenbo1212 lenbo1212 mensu1954 just4me just4me
mensu1954 mensu1954 mllama54 - champion lenbo1212 lenbo1212
mllama54 mllama54 newarkwilder mauldawg mensu1954
newarkwilder newarkwilder pfattkatt mensu1954 mllama54
northof49 pfattkatt rbow923 mllama54 newarkwilder
pfattkatt skunk206 skunk206 newarkwilder pfattkatt
skunk206 spinaldog spinaldog pfattkatt ratioman
spinaldog The Taint The Taint reddtrain schwarze
thebubbaq - champion thebubbaq thebubbaq skunk206 - champion skunk206 - champion
toddcommish toddcommish toddcommish spinaldog spinaldog
tonyp28 tycho88 Tucker T's The Taint The Taint
tycho88 uptowngbv tycho88 Tucker T's Tucker T's
verbal kint verbal kin verbal kint Yankeejoe5 tycho88
EO41 - 104412 EO42 - 105437 EO43 - 106750 EO44 - 107658 EO45 - 108445
bbondsmvp bbondsmvp batandball - champion batandball Area51man
boclaird beauchamp bbondsmvp boclaird batandball
brocktoon93 boclaird boclaird BullMoose boclaird
cards84 brocktoon93 BullMoose calhoop BullMoose
cholatse cholatse cholatse cholatse cholatse
daddyzander dcmatcheck dcmatcheck dcmatcheck dcmatcheck - champion
dcmatcheck dlchow dippedncrack Donburgh donburgh
dippedncrack donburgh dlchow gbakker gbakker
donburgh elleryq - champion donburgh halo23 georgiap
eastvanmungo gbakker gbakker jbap17 halo23
gbakker halo23 halo23 justinlee_24 jbap17
halo23 jbap17 jbap17 lenbo1212 jkorn
jbap17 lenbo1212 jbussey mensu1954 justinlee_24
jvt87 mensu1954 lenbo1212 mllama54 lenbo1212
lenbo1212 mllama54 mensu1954 pennsylvania mensu1954
mensu1954 newarkwilder mllama54 pfattkatt mllama54
mllama54 nmchnv pfattkatt reddtrain reddtrain
newarkwilder pfattkatt reddtrain rickysdad44 rickysdad44
pfattkatt rickysdad44 rickysdad44 RWHAY RWHAY
rickysdad44 sinfonian11 sinfonian11 sean102385 schwarze
simisox skunk206 skunk206 skunk206 skunk206
skunk206 - champion spinaldog spinaldog specsman spinaldog
spinaldog The Taint The Taint spinaldog - champion The Taint
The Taint truemen yargespd1 The Taint Tucker T's
EO46 - 109198 EO47 -109999 EO48 - 110837 EO49 - 111496 EO50 - 112198
Area51man bgreenblatt bgreenblatt beachhouse bgreenblatt
bgreenblatt boclaird boclaird bgreenblatt boclaird
biglenr cholatse cholatse boclaird cholatse
boclaird dcmatcheck dcmatcheck cholatse djraym
cholatse djraym djraym djraym DoctorKz
dcmatcheck DoctorKz DoctorKz DoctorKz Donburgh
ddodge02 Donburgh Donburgh donburgh EasyE7273
djraym EasyE7273 EasyE7273 EasyE7273 ghsisler
Donburgh jbap17 fire13 halo23 halo23
ghsisler jkorn gbakker jbap17 jbap17
grayfoxx jvt87 jbap17 jbussey - champion jvt87
halo23 lenbo1212 jvt87 jvt87 Lenbo1212
jbap17 mensu1954 lenbo1212 lenbo1212 mensu1954
jkorn mllama54 mensu1954 mensu1954 mllama54
lenbo1212 mpitt76 mllama54 mllama54 pstuts73
mensu1954 nikospade newarkwilder pstuts73 reddtrain
mllama54 - champion pstuts73 pstuts73 reddtrain rickysdad44
rbow923 rbow923 reddtrain rickysdad44 RWHAY
reddtrain reddtrain rickysdad44 RWHAY schwarze
rickysdad44 rickysdad44 RWHAY skunk206 skunk206
RWHAY RWHAY skunk206 - champion spinaldog spinaldog
skunk206 skunk206 - champion spinaldog tridentric thebubbaq - champion
spinaldog spinaldog The Taint Tucker T's tridentric
Tucker T's Tucker T's Tucker T's tycho88 Tucker T's
EO51 - 112894 EO52 - 113584 EO53- 114436 EO54 - MLB115080 EO55 - MLB115714
Area51man Area51man Area51man Area51man batandball
bgreenblatt boclaird boclaird boclaird bigmc -champion
boclaird cholatse cholatse cholatse boclaird
cholatse dcmatcheck dcmatcheck djraym cholatse
djraym djraym djraym DoctorKz dcmatcheck
Donburgh DoctorKz DoctorKz Donburgh djraym
EasyE7273 Donburgh donburgh EasyE7273 Donburgh
ghsisler EasyE7273 - champion EasyE7273 ghsisler EasyE7273
halo23 -champion halo23 ghsisler halo23 ghsisler
jbap17 jbap17 halo23 Javeo364 halo23
jvt87 jkorn jbap17 jbap17 Javeo364
lenbo1212 jvt87 jvt87 jvt87 jbap17
mensu1954 lenbo1212 lenbo1212 lenbo1212 jvt87
mllama54 midknight midknight midknight lenbo1212
ozomatli mllama54 mllama54 mllama54 mensu1954
pstuts73 ozomatli ozomatli ozomatli midknight
reddtrain pstuts73 pstuts73 pstuts73 - champion mllama54
rickysdad44 reddtrain reddtrain reddtrain ozomatli
RWHAY rickysdad44 rickysdad44 rickysdad44 pstuts73
skunk206 RWHAY skunk206 skunk206 Relkcirts
spinaldog skunk206 spinaldog spinaldog rickysdad44
tridentric spinaldog sudsy11 - champion steve9955 skunk206
Tucker T's tridentric tridentric tridentic tridentric
wildbillhagy Tucker T's Tucker T's Tucker T's Tucker T's
EO56 - 116345
skunk206 - champion
Tucker T's

10/12/2016 10:04 PM (edited)

The next few posts are explanatory notes. If anything is confusing, or you would like more info, please sitemail or post here.

How I found stuff

There are three main ways that information currently in the chart (and the owner lists) were compiled.

1.)    For leagues from EO27 onward, I was able to use the forum threads, which go back five years. Fortunately, I am in the habit of recognizing the champ of the season that is wrapping up. This helped a lot.

2.)    By using the Champs tab on the gray bar visible on Team Management pages, I used a process for tracking down leagues by owner name. I will explain this process below. This method will be used to confirm any findings that we reach here.

3.)    By using my old computer, I was able to pull owners lists for most seasons through EO25. They can be seen below. I suspect these will be crucial in helping to track down answers. I also found some bonus material. For seasons 10, 12, 13, 16 and 17, I copied the final standings on to the Excel workbook that I used for that league. Since that revealed who the playoffs teams were, finding the champ became much easier. And since jsturgis5866 had the habit of putting the cap into his team name, we even have that info for 10, 12, and 16.

9/1/2014 2:55 PM

What I hope to accomplish

My goal is to identify who won every EO league that we’ve had. In finding the owner, we will also get the league number and the date that the league completed. If we do that, I will be thrilled. Team names would be nice to know too, but for leagues completed prior to 4/16/2007, we only have our memories to go on, so that may not be possible. The salary cap history would be a nice bonus, but I’m not concerned if we get that or not.

9/1/2014 2:55 PM

How to see what past leagues were

On the page of any of your current teams, click on the Champs link that is immediately to the left of the sitemail link In the pop-up that appears, choose any month; if you are searching for an owner, it doesn’t matter which one. In the next pop-up that appears, to search for an owner, set Year and Month to All and League Type to Theme League and enter the owner you wish to search. Put the following link into your browser….


...change the league # to the one you want to view...

(Thanks JohnGPF)

You will only see the league title, founder, and description, not the final standings, but that’s good enough for us. It’s a tedious process, admittedly, and if anyone knows a better one I’m certainly open to it. OTOH, you may see leagues that bring back memories of your own.

9/1/2014 2:56 PM

My personal EO history

In order that everyone knows what general EO knowledge I have, here is my personal EO experience. I played in EO1, missed EO2, played in 3 through 6 (running one of them, see below), ran every league from 7 through 25, took a break from WIS during 26 and 27, played in 28, then resumed commissioner duties in 29, which I still hold.

Oh, yes, I remember that like it was yesterday!

The Excel workbook for the first league, EO or otherwise, that I was ever did is labeled EO4. I have always remembered it as EO4. I knew mudyhelmut had won that season, so I searched his championships and finally came upon the league…Exclusive Ownership 5! A brief sidebar is in order: I ran the draft, but following schwarze’s example in EO1, did not play in the league. Davis was the commissioner of record, therefore. My first reaction was that davis entered the wrong season. (I mean, it was my first league, right? I HAD to know what I was talking about!) But, in consideration of the dates of the nearby leagues, I have decided that unless other evidence comes to light, that league is indeed EO5.

The mystery league

But at least I had a number to work with in that case. I also have an Excel workbook of an EO league that I did not run. The title of workbook is simply Exclusive Owners. By searching through the owners in the league, I have determined that it was EO3, won by davis. (An extra benefit of this search is that I found davis also won EO1.)

9/1/2014 2:57 PM
Sitemail list:

syndicate;thebubbaq;The Taint;Tucker T’s;tycho88;verbal kint;vinous;whiteslave;wisguy;wportal
9/1/2014 3:02 PM
I began with Season 27, so you've got all my championships accounted for.  I have no knowledge of seasons prior to 27.
9/1/2014 3:16 PM

Sent you what I could find on the following seasons:

8, 14, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26

Hope it helps,
9/1/2014 5:33 PM
By virtue of sharing season completion emails that he has available, Eric (EasyE7273) has singlehandedly cut the number of unknown champs from 13 to 5. This is a cache of information that is far beyond what I could have hoped for from any single owner. I'm just amazed right now. These champions have added to the chart

EO8  jwinston
EO14 pineriders
EO18 steelerstime
EO21 newarkwilder
EO22 AllSox
EO24 northof49
EO25 just4me
EO26 Cardinal_Fan

We're left with seasons 2, 4, 6, 11, and 15.
9/1/2014 8:32 PM
Using the hunt and peck method via the search link posted above, I was able to find:

EO15: MLB57746, mensu1954, 07/29/2006, $100M cap (via theme summary)

The standings are not available according to the info on the screen.

9/1/2014 9:54 PM
I can't remember when I first started playing, but I've saved the standings email from every league I've ever been in, might take me some time to sort through and figure out which ones are EO leagues, but I think I started playing around season 20, so I may not be much help. 
9/2/2014 12:08 AM
EO15 is confirmed. Also, and again thanks to Eric, we also have salary cap data stretching back to EO8.
9/2/2014 7:48 PM
I've nailed down EO11. Eacadca won it on 9/14/2005. The league number was 46254 and the cap was 100 mil.

Down to the last three, 2,4, and 6. These are gonna be tough.
9/2/2014 8:08 PM
I used to print out (on PAPER!) all results of my theme leagues... and because I'm a pack rat I don't think I've thrown any away, yet. I'll look and see what I can find.
9/3/2014 3:59 PM
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