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Quote: Originally Posted By funkadelic on 3/31/2005

I'd like to enter my team, but I am unclear now on how many players were drafted for me. Do I still need to pick six players?

Detroit acquired 4 players total, in the first 5 rounds of the draft, trades had the California Angels end up with Detroit's 3rd Round Pick.
Round 1 -7. Tigers by 2 - Bill Buckner - OF( Detroit Tigers - funkadelic )

Round 2 -11. Tigers Von Joshua - OF( Detroit Tigers - Funkadelic )

Round 3 -11. Tigers by 1 - George Brunet - P ( Detroit Tigers - Funkadelic ) California Angels acquiired Detroit's pick in trades

Round 4 -11. Tigers by 12 midnight EST -Dan McGinn -P( Detroit Tigers - Funkadelic )

Round 5 -11. Tigers by 8:00 -Bill Landis -P( Detroit Tigers - Funkadelic )

3/31/2005 1:34 AM
1970 Detroit Tigers keeper list:

1B Norm Cash

1B Donn Clendenon

C Bill Freehan

OF Tony Gonzalez

P Dick Hall

P John Hiller

OF Al Kaline

P Mickey Lolich

2B Dick McAuliffe

P Denny McLain

P Don McMahon

OF Jim Northrup

OF Mickey Stanley

INF Tony Taylor

P Tom Timmermann

P Earl Wilson

released: Mike Kilkenny, Fred Lasher, Tom Matchick, Jim Price, Don Wert

retited: Ed Charles, Dick Radatz, Joe Sparma, Dick Tracewski, Tom Tresh

1970 Draft Additions : Bill Buckner - OF, Von Joshua - OF, Dan McGinn -P, Bill Landis -P

3/31/2005 2:19 AM
My last five picks:

3b Bill Sorrell

ss Marty Martinez

2b Juan Rios

ss Tommy Dean

p Davre Leonhard
3/31/2005 12:15 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By Necki on 3/26/2005

The Orioles select Steve Barber (p) and am now done drafting

Quote: Originally Posted By bowlum on 3/26/2005
steve barber is on the cards team .. he was protected (why i not sure but i did protect him) site mail sent

Tentative End of Draft

* Baltimore Orioles - Current World Series competitors - Need to replace the St.Louis Cardinals Steve Barber with an available Player.

* Rick Austin - P selected for the Orioles to replace the Steve Barber selection.
3/31/2005 2:39 PM
Rick Austin - P selected for the Orioles to replace the Steve Barber selection.
4/5/2005 4:56 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By ooooohdoggie on 4/08/2005
Quote: Originally Posted By ooooohdoggie on 3/12/2005

What is the AAA situation for 1970?

Twice we changed as we went along during the 1969 season.

We were not given the low ratings Seaphil requested for our AAA prospects, penalizing those who prepared a team with a high value given to Real Life At- Bats and Innings Pitched. The group decided to get the season underway and not wait for a fix from administration.

Later we reversed the deadline for using AAA prospects.The stretch run was going to be prospect free, that was changed.

Being discussed in league pages now
Unless we decide on something else, we're using the original rules (which were lower quality players with no IP/AB or deadline requirement).
4/8/2005 5:45 PM
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5/5/2005 3:30 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By goldman23 on 3/24/2005Oakland Selects RP Paul Edmondsen
February 13, 1970- Paul Edmondson, who pitched a two hitter in his debut with the Sox in 1969, is killed in a car crash in California.
6/5/2005 2:53 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By goldman23 on 3/24/2005
Oakland Selects RP Paul Edmondsen
February 13, 1970- Paul Edmondson, who pitched a two hitter in his debut with the Sox in 1969, is killed in a car crash in California.
12/15/2005 10:26 AM
4/28/2007 2:42 AM
9/8/2007 3:18 AM


Theme League Information
Theme Title:1984 BIG LEAGUEFounder:sjstapletonSummary:VIEW
Description:1984 season highlights 1. Cub Rick Sutcliffe is the only Cy Young winner who began his year with another team, as he went 4-5 with Cleveland, was traded, and went 16-1 with the Cubs. 2. Met Dwight Gooden is the National League ROTY, as he sets new rookie K record with 276. 3. Tony Armas of Boston leads the major league in homers (43), RBI (123), and total bases (339). 4. The Tigers win 26 of their first 30 games, and 35 of their first 40 -- best starts in MLB history.

1/9/2008 8:29 PM

1970 Big League from WhatIFSports E - Mail
In the National League, Chicago Cubs could not handle NY Mets in 5
In the other matchup, Atlanta Braves lost to San Francisco Giants
in 4 games.
In the Patriot League, Oakland A's was defeated by Baltimore
Orioles in 3 games
and in the other bracket, New York Yankees took
care of Cleveland Indians in 4 games.
In the NLCS, San Francisco Giants was overpowered by NY Mets in 7
While in the PLCS, New York Yankees swept Baltimore Orioles in 4
In the World Series, NY Mets outlasted New York Yankees in 6 games.
National League East
Atlanta Braves (99-63) ... Owner: jwilli7122 (3111)
NY Mets (97-65) ... Owner: ceez (-1330)
Pittsburgh Pirates (91-71) ... Owner: jeff4noles (-11166)
Philadelphia Phillies (61-101) ... Owner: seaphil (-2894)
National League Central
Chicago Cubs (114-48) ... Owner: ooooohdoggie (1412)
Cincinnati Reds (94-68) ... Owner: Saffron (20912)
st. louis cardinals (80-82) ... Owner: bowlum (1956)
Milwaukee Brewers (47-115) ... Owner: jptrainwreck (7547)
National League West
San Francisco Giants (91-71) ... Owner: ctibb (1872)
Houston Astros (82-80) ... Owner: Robin4 (4443)
Los Angeles Dodgers (80-82) ... Owner: dpuccio (1931)
San Diego Padres (51-111) ... Owner: Schlemiel (5335)
Patriot League East
New York Yankees (100-63) ... Owner: jlot10 (2004)
Baltimore Orioles (99-64) ... Owner: necki (2044)
Boston Red Sox (84-78) ... Owner: specsman (-42435)
Washington Senators (70-92) ... Owner: xfl outlaw (-234)
Patriot League Central
Cleveland Indians (93-69) ... Owner: Cicero (3177)
Minnesota Twins (60-102) ... Owner: cardinaldave (2593)
Chicago White Sox (58-104) ... Owner: occsid (-23246)
Detroit Tigers (34-128) ... Owner: funkadelic (329)
Patriot League West
Oakland A's (102-60) ... Owner: goldman23 (5331)
California Angels (97-65) ... Owner: sjstapleton (897)
Kansas City Royals (90-72) ... Owner: sinatra (3098)
Texas Rangers (71-91) ... Owner: shadow35 (2718)
Check your team management center for the league's MVP, Cy Young and
Fireman Award winners.

4/20/2008 11:47 PM

Received:12/26/2008 7:04:00 PM
Subject:Big League World Series
Message:I am trying to compile all the world series winners (and losers) from the Big League as I begin documenting the history of the league, which is now in our 20th season (1988)

This mail has been sent to all current, and as many past owners that I could remember. I have tried to compile each teams ownership lineage, but know I have missed a few (at least).

In the 1987 World Series, the Royals (rls1) won over the Padres (gonoles777).

If anyone receieving this has either won, or lost, in a BL World Series, please let me know when and against whom.

much thanks,


Quote: Originally Posted By rls1 on 1/05/2007

Owner History
NL East
Atlanta Braves: jwilli7122(1969-present)
New York Mets: ceez(1969-present)
Pittsburgh Pirates:jeff4noles(1969-75);bowlum(1976-78); happyhours(1979)
Philadelphia Phillies: seaphil(1969-1974); bloodfreak(1975-1979); seaphil(1980-present)
NL Central
Cincinnati Reds: Saffron(1969-present)
Chicago Cubs: ooooohdoggie(1969-present)
St. Louis Cardinals: bowlum(1969-75); jeff4noles(1976-present)
Milwaukee Brewers:
NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers: dpuccio(1969-present)
Houston Astros:
San Francisco Giants:
San Diego Padres:
AL East
New York Yankees: jlot10(1969-present)
Boston Red Sox: specsman(1969-present)
Baltimore Orioles:
Washington Senators:
AL Central
Cleveland Indians: Cicero(1969-present)
Chicago White Sox: occsid(1969-present)
Minnesota Twins: cardinaldave(1969-present)
Detroit Tigers:
AL West
California Angels: sjstapleton(1969-present)
Oakland A's: goldman23(1969-1977); heybatr34(1978-present)
Texas Rangers: shadow35(1969-74); flbarons(1975-76); Shaftmonster(1977-present)
Kansas City Royals: sinatra(1969-71); rls1(1972-present)

12/30/2008 5:47 AM
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