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RW- Wayne Rivers
8/4/2005 8:38 AM
Are any rules going to be set out regarding the veto of trades. I know someone brought this up before.

I could trade my best 3 players to an owner, with the understanding that we reverse the trade next season. We could do this every year. Not a lot of fun, but there is the potential.
8/4/2005 12:39 PM
C - Gerry Goyer
8/4/2005 12:50 PM
I'm a little late. RW Duke Harris
8/4/2005 12:56 PM
Brantford will have to find a place for Norris Trophy candidate Bob Falkenberg....and so ends the draft!
8/4/2005 12:59 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By peter_puck on 8/04/2005

Are any rules going to be set out regarding the veto of trades. I know someone brought this up before.

I could trade my best 3 players to an owner, with the understanding that we reverse the trade next season. We could do this every year. Not a lot of fun, but there is the potential.

If it makes you feel better, I've been in progressive leagues for baseball, basketball, and football, and I've never known any two owners to make that kind of trade arrangement. And this seems to be a good group of owners, so I don't think it will start here, either... plus, there's a lot of risk in that type of trade-- what if you give away your best three players and the other owners decides not to give them back?
8/4/2005 1:05 PM
There is a league veto power, at least in season.
8/4/2005 3:18 PM
So, when do we get the league #? I am ready.

8/4/2005 3:19 PM
League number will be posted here sometime between 10 and 11 AM tomorrow. As posted in the discussion thread, this is how we'll match up...

Divisional Groupings

Wales Conference

Flin Flon, MB - jcarver67
Labrador City, NB - jrnyfan01
Opaskwayak, MB - kmakice
Kenabeek, ON - zlionsfan

Whitby, ON - wectina19
Burlington, ON - shaggyno9
Brantford, ON - cpetsche
London, ON - godboy

Chibougamau, QC - xpoemtl
Halifax, NS - steev
Roberval, QC - evil_twin
Antigonish, NS - mgm0461

Campbell Conference

White Horse, YK - ooooohdoggie
Saskatoon, SK - pxb006
Alert, NT - sakabakbrg
Maple Creek, SK - 65marlin

Skookumchuck, BC - masquerade
Kamloops, BC - chazzzzzz
Salmon Arm, BC - bigbadgreen1
Drumheller, AB - aginor

Westbank, BC - dairn
Duncan, BC - ntbaer
Victoria, BC - peter_puck
Chilliwack, BC - allecto
8/4/2005 3:29 PM
8/5/2005 10:30 AM
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9/21/2005 12:03 PM

Bill Masterton ( A response to a post in our owners forum.)

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy HistoryBR
Had expansion not taken place in 1967, it is unlikely Bill Masterton would ever have played in the National Hockey League. After playing junior hockey in St. Boniface Manitoba, a neighbouring community to his Winnipeg hometown, Bill attended the University of Denver, earning his master’s degree in finance while playing hockey.

A true star in the college ranks, Bill Masterton was an All-American, and most valuable player in the NCAA tournament of 1961. Masterton played in the Montreal Canadiens system, but retired in 1964 in order to work for the Honeywell Corporation in Minneapolis and play as an amateur for the United States National team.

But the Minnesota North Stars bought Masterton in June 1967, and he joined the fledgling Stars in training camp that fall. On January 13, 1968, Bill Masterton was bodychecked by two Oakland Seals’ players after passing the puck, and fell backwards, hitting his head on the ice. He was carried off the ice unconscious, and never awoke from his coma. Two days later, on January 15, Bill Masterton died, the first on-ice casualty in NHL history.

To commemorate the perseverance and dedication to hockey embodied by the 29-year old NHL rookie, the NHL designed the Bill Masterton Trophy for presentation to the NHL player who exhibits the same qualities as Bill Masterton.

The first winner of the Masterton Trophy was Claude Provost, following the 1967-68 season. No player has won this trophy more than once.

Steve Yzerman in 2003 Pat Lafontaine in 1995. Phil Kessel in 2007

2006-07 Kessel, Phil Boston Bruins
2005-06 Selanne, Teemu Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
2003-04 Berard, Bryan Chicago Blackhawks
2002-03 Yzerman, Steve Detroit Red Wings
2001-02 Koivu, Saku Montreal Canadiens
2000-01 Graves, Adam New York Rangers
1999-2000 Daneyko, Ken New Jersey Devils
1998-99 Cullen, John Tampa Bay Lightning
1997-98 McLennan, Jamie St. Louis Blues
1996-97 Granato, Tony San Jose Sharks
1995-96 Roberts, Gary Calgary Flames
1994-95 LaFontaine, Pat Buffalo Sabres
1993-94 Neely, Cam Boston Bruins
1992-93 Lemieux, Mario Pittsburg Penguins
1991-92 Fitzpatrick, Mark New York Islanders
1990-91 Taylor, Dave Los Angeles Kings
1989-90 Kluzak, Gord Boston Bruins
1988-89 Kerr, Tim Philadelphia Flyers
1987-88 Bourne, Bob Los Angeles Kings
1986-87 Jarvis, Doug Hartford Whalers
1985-86 Simmer, Charles Boston Bruins
1984-85 Hedberg, Anders New York Rangers
1983-84 Park, Brad Detroit Red Wings
1982-83 McDonald, Lanny Calgary Flames
1981-82 Resch, Glenn Colorado Rockies
1980-81 Dunlop, Blake St. Louis Blues
1979-80 MacAdam, Al Minnesota North Stars
1978-79 Savard, Serge Montreal Canadiens
1977-78 Goring, Butch Los Angeles Kings
1976-77 Westfall, Ed New York Islanders
1975-76 Gilbert, Rod New York Rangers
1974-75 Luce, Don Buffalo Sabres
1973-74 Richard, Henri Montreal Canadiens
1972-73 MacDonald, Lowell Pittsburgh Penguins
1971-72 Clarke, Bobby Philadelphia Flyers
1970-71 Ratelle, Jean New York Rangers
1969-70 Martin, Pit Chicago Blackhawks
1968-69 Hampson, Ted Oakland Seals
1967-68 Provost, Claude Montreal Canadiens


An annual award under the trusteeship of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association to "the National Hockey League player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey."

Bill MastertonThe Forgotten Habs - Claude Provost

12/2/2005 4:27 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By ooooohdoggie on 7/27/2005
Thanks kmakice, Eric Nesterenko was on my short list.

3/13/2006 10:40 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By ooooohdoggie on 7/27/2005

Best defensive forward in the NHL, maybe I should consider this. On a different note, O-Pee-Chee cards of players not appearing in the Topps sets. Information in French as well as English. The 69-70 Eric Nesterenko was one of the few I had. A class mate was able to buy some while visiting the Detroit area.

3/13/2006 10:58 PM

07/23 16:12peter_puckshaggy, I forget to put the draft picks in the second time. It was the identical trade again. I was going to proposal it 15 times. Might try something different
07/23 16:01shaggyno9By the way, my team's not that good this year...I suspect the entire PoW is tanking! :)
07/23 15:59shaggyno9I'm confused! The second trade had nothing about draft picks. To my mind it was three good players for nothing. This is why I vetoed trade two and not trade one and I don't normally believe in vetoing. As for watching the grass grow...I find it's too costly to trade picks away in this league...you get bumped to the back of the draft, it feels to me like losing multiple picks instead of 1.
07/23 15:37peter_puckBut it's not much fun when you're not really trying, and defeats the pupose of being in a league. Anyway, hard lessons learned. But I really am screwed with my goalie GPs.
07/23 15:37peter_puckJust to share my thinking that I sitemailed to an owner. I made a big mistake but it's too late. I should have drafted a decent goalie, kept Billy Carroll and drafted for the present. I could have had another good season. The field isn't very strong this year (or reasonably balanced). Compared to last season, I thought my 51 mill. team going into the draft wasn't going to cut it and after next year , I'll have practically no players .
07/23 15:26zlionsfanpeter, I vetoed the first trade because I felt it was one-sided, as I did the second trade, and I'm not going to be drawn into your attempts to make this personal. If you offer a trade that I consider to be balanced, I'll approve it. If not, I'll veto it.
07/23 15:26tony_oThis is all I'm going to say on the subject before I return to my alter-ego of a**hole GM of Athalmer. I can understand why the trade was vetoed. It believe the biggest reason is that it forces other contending teams (Burlington, Duncan et al) to get into a similar "arms race" to keep up. These type of trades don't really make a bad team good (my team IS pretty good) but they make a good team into the favorite (or close to it.) Now can we get back to the game?
07/23 15:12peter_puckmarlin, if I did a similar trade with tony down the road you could say there is collusion, but as I said, I have never traded with tony before. Your rule proposal is a good one, but since there are only 6 or 7 owners who trade, they have to trade with each other. Might as well ban trading altogether.
07/23 15:09pxb006The only issue I had with the first trade was that not only were you giving him 3 choice players, but 2 draft picks for the 1st and 2nd rounders. I wouldn't have vetoed otherwise.
07/23 15:06peter_puckpxb, I had not read your apology when I responded. Withdrawn
07/23 15:04peter_puckmarlin, I did not make one trade in my 2nd championship season and had all my draft picks this year. I haven't made a trade in 2 seasons. And I have never traded with tony before. How about banning trading altogether. At least then it's not biased. I'm contented to go with my drafting and coaching ability.
07/23 14:59peter_puckThanks for the personal insult pxb. Your strength of character has been noted. The irrelevant issue of cash in trades has being around since season one, and I believe you were here.
07/23 14:5665marlinMaybe we should limit draft picks involved in a trade to 1 per team per year. That would at least let me feel a bit better about trading draft picks, and rectifying the imbalance I especially see in this trade where a team is giving up all their good current players to 1 team for future draft picks, thus the continual flip flop of good team / bad team / good team that happens between two willing trade partners. That would be a compromise to my choice of not including draft picks at all!!!
07/23 14:53pxb006Sorry Peter. My last post was uncalled for. This is one of those times when you wish there was a delete button.
07/23 14:38pxb006I think the question is how long have YOU been here. 12 owners can't be wrong. Try to make a fair trade and it won't get vetoed. You taking the place of duguaydr as the whiny ***** this year?
07/23 13:56peter_puckOkay thanks, now I understand the issue. tony was reluctant to give 2 good picks for 3 players with little future, and since I'm looking 3 seasons down the road, my 4th and 5th next season were of little value to me.
07/23 13:11ntbaerPeter, I echo chris' comment about the one-sidedness of the deal. If tony had thrown in a player of some value or even more draft picks, I would have let the deal go.
07/23 12:58cpetschePeter, I don't think it's my responsibility to help you fix it....and it appeared one-sided for the bounty of immediate help that tony_o would be receiving, in exchange for futures....so perhaps the imbalance between what he's getting now and what you'd be getting in the future was too much in the minds of many of the owners.
07/23 12:44peter_puckYou're not helping me fix it. To which side was it one-sided. I'm afraid I'm in the dark.
07/23 12:26cpetscheC'mon peter, the veto power is there for a reason, I'm certainly the vetoing of the deal had nothing to do with the parties involved...most of the time I don't even pay attention to WHO is making the deal; I'll look at WHAT they're dealing. I would think that most owners, when choosing to veto or not, look at a deal like this. I really don't think we're out to get you. In this case, the deal you had with tony_o looked very one-sided, and was likely vetoed on that basis alone.
07/23 12:08peter_puckxpo, the second trade is intended to be exactly the same trade. What was your objection? I'm genuinely puzzled. I was would have done the trade if i were in tony's position, and I of course agreed to it also. How do I fix it???
07/23 12:03peter_puckAwww....zlionsfan, I'm sure your insulting comments and vetoing the defending champion out of hand is the your sad frustrated attempt at getting me to quit the league. But we're not all sore losers. It would take a lot more than my being blackballed by half the league and being crippled under a different set of rules than everyone else to put me down to your level. I feel for you. Sincerely
07/23 11:51xpoemtlI very reluctantly vetoed the first one, but I don't understand the one thats pending now. Did you guys forget to include draft picks?
07/23 11:49peter_puckuh.....the cash is required for the trade to work in the sim. The sim doesn't know that we are trading draft picks in a progressive league. It treats it like any one season league. How long have you been here?
07/23 08:43zlionsfanI prefer tall fescue myself. It does better in dry, hot weather.
07/23 08:13pxb006I personally thought that both trades were very one-sided. This time around, you're offering 3 realy good players at the end of their careers for cash??? What good does that do in this league? BTW, my grass looks great!
07/23 06:31ooooohdoggieACTIVE PROGRESSIVE LEAGUERS HERE. THE REST JUST DRAFT AND WATCH THE GRASS GROW. 12 vetoes, must of looked like a dandelion or crab grass. I did not veto, but it is kind of funny, except that are defending champion peter_puck is upset.
07/22 23:25zlionsfanI imagine you'll have the same problem with the trade if you try it a third time.
07/22 20:45tony_oCrazy like a FOX!!!
07/22 17:29vegcityWhat is it with teams in the swamp? tony_o and Lou are equally crazy.
07/22 13:20tony_oATHALMER COACH MAGNUSON DEMOTED TO ASSISTANT COACH, TONY-O TAKES OVER...AGAIN!! Swamp Rats GM Tony-o has taken over behind the bench in Athalmer dispite his club being only one point out of first in the West. "Our record on the road has been less then satisfactory and I think we need to shake things up" said Tony-o. It is felt Tony-o retained the services of Magnuson as he is still under contract.
07/22 12:53wectina19What the excuse this time tony. ;)
07/22 12:48shaggyno9Thanks!
07/21 14:56tony_oOops accidently sat out Middleton against Burlington!
07/21 08:03aginorWith regards to the Athalmer's GM Statement, Drumheller's coach Moose Vasko said "Did he say something or is he just talking again?"
07/20 21:08ntbaerWhen asked about the perceived lack of talent on his roster by Althalmer Tony-O, Duncan head coach Doug Favell responded, "That guy talks a lot; gives me a headache."
07/20 19:08peter_puckthanks e_t
07/20 18:11bigbuzzI am still reeling from the hatred directed at yours truly.
07/20 16:35tony_o"BEING SECOND TO DUNCAN IS UNACCEPTABLE.": When Athalmer GM Tony-o was asked by a reporter how he felt about his team this year, Tony reacted; "We've had a pretty good season but we should, we have more talent then any team in the league. I look at Duncan's line-up and know that most of those guys wouldn't make our club, same thing goes for Burlington and Drumheller. That we have three losses shows a lack of commitment in our coaching staff and our players."
07/20 08:16zlionsfanBack-to-back wins over Burlington and Athalmer ... looks like our plan to reverse the play-by-play before it gets submitted has worked. Too bad two of the next three are on the road!
07/19 16:45goonerLook out shaggy, you're up against the Swish in a couple of days. And we've already beaten the notorious Swamp Rats! (though that's one of the only wins we've had lately...)
07/19 15:09tony_oVICTORIA (7) ATHALMER (7)
07/19 14:48tony_oCOUGARS GIVE RATS A DOSE OF REALITY!: In a game that Athalmer head coach Kieth Magnuson called "our worst effort of the year defensively!" Defending Crown Royal champs Victoria showed Athalmer they can still compete with the best of them. "They played like champions" said Rats captain Rod Langway. Rat's GM Tony-o had a different opinion "We beat ourselves! Our goaltending was brutal and we gave up too many chances against a slow team!"
07/19 14:39shaggyno9This is strange, my two losses so far this season are to Whitby and Kenabeek. Hope I don't play London anytime soon!
07/19 12:14peter_puckTomorrows headlines in Althalmer: "COUGARS GIVE RATS A DOSE OF REALITY"
07/18 23:27aginorLMAO!! Oh by the way, why is Denis Savard amount the league leaders in Penalty Minutes!
07/18 18:34tony_o"BAD BLOOD BETWEEN ATHALMER AND UNITY?": Although this is the first game between Athalmer and Unity, outspoken Athalmer GM Tony-o could not hide his dislike for Unity President and GM Bigbuzz. "Bigbuzz and I have coached and managed through the minors against each other for years and I never liked the guy. Yeah he's had a lot of success but he burns his players out! Trust me his players hate his guts!" Tony-o then asked this reporter "this is off the record, right?"
07/18 18:19tony_oRAT'S REBOUND IN HORNE LAKE: After a sub par performance against Maple Creek in which coach Magnuson blasted his charges referring to them as "over priced and lazy" after giving up the tying goal in the last minute of play and then losing in OT. Athalmer rebounded on the road shutting out the Hangovers 4-0. "The defence needs to be more consistent but Sevigny was the best goalie in the league tonight" said Magnuson.
07/18 16:10ntbaerPeekay, I wonder who won the heavyweight fight between Denis Savard and Tomas Jonsson in our pm game?

7/23/2007 5:44 PM
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