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11/1/2011 4:55 PM
We just wanted to let you know that we have updated the main navigation to work with iOS 5. If you guys see any issues please send in a support ticket so that we can fix it.

11/14/2011 3:42 PM
HBD Update Details:
  • Next starting pitcher designation will now take off days into account .
  • Newly designed Playoff Bracket page.
  • Tryout Camp position players have been added.
  • Active/Inactive is now a toggle rather than a two click action.
  • Futures game selections will now be based on projected overall rating rather than stats.
  • Probable Lineup for the next scheduled game has been added to the franchise profile.
    • This feature can be accessed by either clicking the "Probable Lineup" link on the World Office homepage or by opening any franchise profile and clicking the "Lineup" menu choice on the left hand side.
  • Free Agent demand reduction logic has been improved.
  • Deactivating a player during Spring Training will now remove the player from the Spring Training roster.
  • AI demotions now take Rule 5 status into account
  • Row highlight color has been dimmed by 15%
  • Minor Bug fixes
We have some larger items we would like to focus on for a future update. We have yet to decide what that is going to be, but we will surely keep you posted. In the meantime, please swing by the developer chat tomorrow and ask some questions and keep posting in the suggestions forum.

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10/25/2012 5:00 PM
In addition to the small update Patrick mentioned above, we are preparing a larger marketing campaign for Hardball Dynasty to coincide with the end of the World Series.
As you've probably noticed, we made some adjustments to the World Center page to make it a little easier for a new player to get into HBD.
We've also lowered the price of the first season to $4.95!  So, if you have any friends, co-workers, etc., that have been on the fence about trying the game, please let them know of the price drop.
As an additional thank you to all our current and former players, we've introduced a $5.00 off promo for HBD that everyone can use on their next purchase.  (it expires on 11/30/2012).  The promo code is "KUNGFUPANDA".
We have more in the works beyond today's update and the marketing campaign. We are currently working on a huge update to our SimLeague Baseball game. Included are engine improvements, fixes and additions. These will be brought into HBD before the revamped SimLeague Baseball game is released.
Finally, we'd like your input on some HBD marketing. Please vote here.
Thank you,
Tom Z
1/14/2013 3:00 PM
HBD universe,

We released an engine update today that will be in effect with the next round of games.

To view the complete list of engine enhancements, please click here.

We hope you enjoy the improvements!
4/23/2015 12:31 PM (edited)

We released a minor update this AM. It includes:
  • Inbox page - ability to move up/down messages as well as delete and move to the next message
  • Edit Rosters page - any player involved in a pending move is now highlighted for better tracking
  • Edit Rosters page - position player and pitcher sections now include a player count total, as well as pending change totals
  • Players can now be classified via their Player Profile. We left this vague, so it can have different meanings to each owner.  A player can have no classification, red, orange or green. Once classified, a colored dot will appear to the left of the player on all pages. This can help you better track prospects, rule 5 draftees, diamonds in the rough, etc.  Easy to use, carries with you from season-to-season and whether player is on your franchise or not.
  • Added options column to all views on Edit Rosters page
This is the start of more frequent updates. We have more on the horizon and will be attempting to push an update every other month.  Future updates will have a bit more depth.

We hope you find these updates useful. We continue to monitor suggestions in the forums and submitted in tickets.

Thank you!

5/7/2015 3:19 PM

The next HBD update is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29th. It's a biggie and is focused primarily on making the Amateur Draft less formulaic and eliminating the trend of Advanced Budgets being set to $0. Here's what it will include:

  • Owners will only be able to view historical ratings for players within their franchise. If the player isn't in your organization, you'll only be able to see Current Ratings, Projected Ratings and other rating changes from the current season.
  • Prospects (until signed) will only display projected ratings instead of both current and projected ratings.  This change was necessary to best accomplish the next item...
  • A new, fuzzier projected rating system will be introduced for high school, college and international scouting.*
  • International prospects will now hit the market with low demands, so supply/demand can better dictate the player's skill and so that bonus demand can no longer be used to infer player quality*
  • Diamonds in the Rough logic has been improved so that there will be fewer, yet more impactful player bumps.
  • A few other prospect-player development adjustments we'd prefer not to explicitly detail.*
  • Hall of Fame Voting page has been revamped
Items with asterisks will take effect no sooner than Tuesday, May 26th and only after a world begins its newest season (i.e. when schedule is generated).  Put another way, if you are at the all-star break in your 12th season, you won't see the changes until you begin season 13.

All other items will take effect immediately on Tuesday, May 26th.

We're sure this question will be coming, so we'll answer it now:  we will not be lifting the maximum budget change of $4M from season to season.

This update will most likely cause some debate, so we wanted to get the info out early. We'll be monitoring the HBD forums until the release to follow along with concerns, questions and feedback.

Thank you
5/26/2015 9:43 AM

The May 26th Hardball Dynasty update is now live.

In addition to the items spelled out in the post above, the Budget Analysis page has also been adjusted so that only the Player, Prospect & Coach Payroll are available for other franchises.

One big question we wanted to answer from the lengthy forum topic discussing the update - Advanced Scouting Budget continues to only affect projected ratings for players that have been signed by a big league club.  High School, College and International scouting continue to impact what prospects are discovered and their projected ratings.  One suggestion made by users was to have Current Ratings also affected by Advanced Scouting Budget. We'll be giving that some consideration.

We have another update planned within the next month that will introduce different player development and injury recovery patterns.  

We hope you enjoy the changes to the game and we'll continue to listen to feedback.

Thank you

7/28/2015 12:00 PM
Now that most worlds have rolled to the next season where the new logic from the May 26th release is in place, I wanted to provide a general overview of how the new scouting system is working since we've been receiving some customer support tickets from folks after their Amateur Draft.
In the old system, the accuracy of all the scouting departments was the same (driven by budget amounts, of course).  A high school scout (with a budget of $10M) would be about as accurate as an advanced scout (with a budget of $10M).  If you had $10M budget for both your high school scouting and your advanced scouting and you drafted a high school prospect, his projected ratings would not change much when you signed him.
In the new system, the accuracy of the high school, college and international scouting departments is now different and less accurate than the advanced scouting department. And because current ratings are no longer visible for prospects, scouts can now under project a prospect's ratings. This means the shift in projected ratings once a player enters your advanced scouting department can be potentially larger in the past.
This also means the Amateur Draft will be less formulaic.  Budgets still matter very much, but there is more variability.  Can you occasionally have a scout be way off on a player with a $15 budget? Sure, but it'll be less likely than if you had a $10M or $5M budget. But it also means your scout may be wrong in a favorable way as well.
Hope this helps explain what you may have experienced (or what may lie ahead).

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